Problem with MNM Group Order with Mirada and Talasin - RESOLVED

Sep 25, 2010

    1. Ok, this GO for our minimee head started over A YEAR ago, and everyone was so picky the heads were just shipped and received at the end of August. Mirada started this GO, however, Talasin is the member in the US responsible for receiving the U.S. GO members heads and shipping them out to their owners. I have PM'd Mirada AND Talasin, and received no response. I was worried about having the the heads shipped to Talasin because nobody had heard from her in a while, but Mirada assured me everything would be fine having them sent to her. Talasin updated the thread stating she has shipped out heads to everyone who sent her their shipping info, which I have. Her post was on September 10th, and today is Sepbember 24th, that is nearly 10 business days, which means the head should have shown up at my doorstep by now. I really did not want to have to start this post, however, I am afraid I have no other choice. I would like the MNM head I paid for, or I would like a FULL refund. I am not sure if anyone else in this GO has received their heads yet, but I know I haven't received mine, so that's why I am starting this thread. I just want this resolved, ASAP.
    2. Talasin was last on the forum 9SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thanks for letting me know
    4. I just wanted to update that I STILL have not heard from either Talasin or Mirada. I am currently opening a paypal case, this Group Order has taken way too long. I hope to get everything resolved ASAP.
    5. I tried PMing Talasin AND Mirada again with NO RESPONSE, yet again. I'm getting very frustrated >.<
    6. Mirada was last on the forum 22SEP. She is now Being Paged.

      Perhaps you should post some clarifying pms here or explain in more detail who said what, who is owed what, who has paid and who has received and who has not.
    7. Sorry... I'm another member of the same GO. A small flat rate media mailer arrived in the mail today with a MnM head stuffed inside of it. I assume this may be from our GO since that's the only MSD head I have unaccounted for.
    8. Just a note... it was a long GO. We approved pictures on 2/11/10. 3/30/10 we get shown the same pictures with some digital edits as an "update." I'm not sure why they were digitally edited... but anyway again we said, "yes, approve it already!" The pictiures kept showing up again until 6/20. 8/10 we were told the heads were being sent.
    9. that is exactly correct! Thanks Leloi, I have been so stressed about this I forgot to mention that. Have you received your head?
    10. Mirada was last on the forum yesterday.
      Talasin was last on the forum 30SEP.
    11. Thank you, just an update... Paypal won't help because it's past 45 days >.<. I wil post some clarifying PMs when I have access to a computer. I'm on my phone right now, so I can't update at the moment.
    12. I do realise that the situation is not at all pleasant. But at this stage I (as well as you) am a passive observer. We had an agreement with Talisman that she'll be making payment for the order due to the PayPal problems in Russian Federation. Next she offered to send out the heads herself to make the shipment cost lower. Talisman payed for the order. I nearly communicated with Danny and organized the order. But after the shipment and the payment there's not much I can do. Talisman wrote that she has send all the heads to their owners. All the other owners already received their orders. However I constantly write to her and inquire, why is it that you still haven't received the head. I am very sorry it turned out this way, but I can't help with anything else. Talisman seems to be an honest girl. I hope it's just a postal delay.
    13. UPDATE:
      Fortunately, I managed to get my head in the mail today, however, while I do understand where you are coming from.. I did express my concern with having them sent to her in the first place because she wasn't replying to people before they were shipped. This transaction is now RESOLVED, though this was not the most pleasant experience of my life. I will contact DIM and let them know.