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problem with Museumbizzaro - RESOLVED

Apr 15, 2010

    1. I never thought I'd be opening a thread here, butI'm having a problem with Museumbizzaro with a transaction.
      He put up for sale a soom Rex at $650 with pants boots underwear, and proposed articulated hands for $100 more. His announce said it was brand new.

      We found an agreement of $750, paypal fees and shippings included. Then he tells me he doesn't have the original box and certificate (he's lost it).

      On the 3rd of march, we agree on me paying $700, and paying $50 as soon as the certificate will be sent to me.

      So I paid $700 on the 4th of march. He doesn't send the doll right away pretexting that the money is not on his account.

      On the 13th of march, I warn him that if he doesn't send me the doll, I'll open a topic on DoA and will contact Paypal.

      On the 15th of march he eventually sends the doll, but tells me at that moment that he has lost a part of the hands, and that he has ordered for me.

      I receive the doll on the 26th of march, and of course, the hand is impossible to use.

      On the 27th of April, I tell him I've received the package, and ask for what he has ordered for me and when I'll receive it. No answer.

      On the 30th of march I ask again. Still no answer.

      On the 1st of April I ask again and tell him that if he doesn't answer I'll send an email to paypal. Still no answer.

      On the 4th of April I send an email to paypal, and half an hour after, I receive a dry answer, but saying he will solve the problem.

      At this point, we still haven't found a reasonnable agreement to close the problem. He tells me I owe him $50, and wants me to send the doll back with my own money !

      He declares he cancels Soom's order and that I will not get the missing piece !

      I conclude that he doesn't want to solve the problem, and ask from him a partial refund so that I can order the missing part of the hands myself.

      I don't want to send the doll back, I just want to find an agreement so that I can get articulated hands that I can use, referring to his sales topic and to what I bought.

      He doesn't answer my mails, sent me hands I cannot use and refuses to meet his responsabilities.

      Since the 9th of April, I have absolutely no answer.

      I don't know what to do, please help us finding a solution
      I've kept a copy of the topic sale announce and of all our mails, I can show them if it's required.

      Thanks for helping"
    2. Museumbizzaro was last on the forum 8APR. He is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Ok thank you Zagzagel.
      I hope that he is going to appear itself to resolve this problem and find a solution
    4. I am really relieved. Museumbizarro sent me a refund.
      He found a good solution. The problem is finished.
      I consider this closed transaction and in good conditions. Thank you