Problem with StarFlakes about SHIPPING - RESOLVED

Sep 22, 2009

    1. Hello, I have a problem with StarFlakes about shipping.

      I bought a Tender Lahoo head from her thread @ the MP here :

      It was listed there (now already taken/edited by her and doesn't show in that thread anymore but still shows on the title), and the price was $180 or best offer.

      After several PMs, I agreed to pay her $207 for the head = $180 for the head itself + $20 shipping fee by EMS + approx. $7 PP fee. I sent the payment on September 19, 2009 by Paypal to her account = She agreed to ship it by EMS with tracking numbers and insurance.

      Today, she told me she went to the post office and the staff there told her THEY COULDN'T FIND MY COUNTRY ON THE EMS DATABASE, which is FULL CRAP (sorry my language) because I have received stuffs sent from America before using EMS, and my other head (currently with dr. Seiji) would be sent by EMS on Friday! She said she has SENT THE HEAD USING REGULAR MAIL, which is DANGEROUS for the head itself, and I had paid her for the EMS shipping!!!!!!

      I am writing this here because I need a solution! The head was sent by regular mail, meaning she doesn't have ANY PROOF that it's sent, and if it goes missing, what should I do? My money is already sent to her! And what will happen to the head? Regular mail is dangerous for a doll! What if it gets broken on the way here? It will take a month or so before it will here...


    2. Forgot to mention : I live in INDONESIA and WE HAVE EMS here.
    3. I'm talking to her about this on PM. This is way out of hand. She made this complaint and a paypal dispute for a refund only like a minute after I told her I shipped the package, but that it was by first class mail.

      I never once denied her any kind of refund, she just went all out on all kinds of disputes. :(

      She didn't at all try to solve this or discuss it with me at all before hand. I accept responsability if something happens but this was a bit childish on her part. I'm honestly hurt..

      And i'm really sorry Fran, but your just terrified me... I have never gotten disputes or reports like this in my life...
    4. I did it as fast as I could to solve the problem. Like I said before, the fastest the better. You sent the doll NOT by EMS, as we have agreed before. You rushed it. You didn't even think about going home first and asked me whether it'd be okay to send it without EMS.

      I told you to change it today. Because it's still TUESDAY there where you live. You can still go to the post office and change it. But you don't. You keep replying to my PMs and don't go. Now it'd be impossible to go back there and change it, because it's already too late.

      You have broken our agreement (sending it by EMS). If you are terrified, then I am, too. It's $207 we're talking about here, and a Limited Head, too. If I had known that the head is going to be sent this way, I'd NEVER had bought it from you in the first place.

    5. To StarFlakes : Try to go back to your office again tomorrow and ask them. You owe me that much. I will not ask for that $10 difference in shipping fee. Use it to go back there and ask. If they still claim they can't ship it by EMS, but they give you the package, then take back the head home and PM me. Thank you.

      But if you can't get the head back from them... then please read the agreement below :

      If I receive the head then I will take that disputes down (both of them) and explain to the mods and Paypal that they have been cleared/resolved. But until that time, the disputes will stay open, I'm sorry. Your post office (stupid, yeah, they are idiots) staff told you it will arrive in 7-10 days, so let's see if that's true. Even though I honestly think it won't arrive here. If it doesn't, then please, do refund me. I will NOT use that money and will hold it. I can hold it for 1 month, because that's how long a regular mail usually takes. And if the package gets here within a month, I will return the payment to you, without PP fee, however, because you do owe me almost half of the shipping fee. That is, if the head gets here without any damage. If the head doesn't get here within a month's time, or damage has been spotted, I will return it to you, but you must pay for handling and shipping fee. Because once it's here and I open it, there's no way I can return it in its original package. It has to be repacked.

      This is a promise, and I hope you will agree to it. Please mods, take note of this and don't close the thread for a month. I want all of you mods to be able to witness that I will hold the refund for a month or until the package gets here. I am a good Ebay seller with positive feedbacks, I don't lie, but I am easily scared. If I don't act fast, then it will be too late. And I don't want to be too late. I've had enough bad experiences with shippings other than EMS. Thank you.

    6. Just an update. As promised, I waited 10 days for the item. And it's now more than 14 days already. The item has not reached my house at all. As it was sent NOT by EMS, there's no tracking numbers or insurance involved. I claimed for a refund. Paypal would be looking into this. I really don't think your receipt will help. It will not help find the item right now. If it's lost on its way here, it's because you chose the wrong shipping method. >.>

    7. Don't make that face at me like I'm the enemy and your trying to be a sneaky little... well I wont say. But obviously I'm mad at you and I'll tell you why.

      I'm honestly not trying to win anything. Have your money, I'm perfectly glad taking it finally. You know why? Because I'm a GOOD person and not a monster out to steal your money like your trying to make me look out to be.

      All this massive public drama dancing your doing instead of being an adult and just talking to me. I would have refunded you 100%, and MUCH sooner! But no, you have no patience, no trust, and nothing better to do. Good riddens to your money either way. I honestly hope you had a blast stabbing at my reputation over a mistake.

      Lying to paypal saying I sent the package to you by priority mail when I said many many times I sent it by first class mail? Sweet move right there, but whatever. I know that doesn't help me any. I'm not trying to win.

      So don't go tease about paypal not favoring my side because of the receipt. I don't want them too. Because either way you get your refund, don't you see that!? Are you blind??

      The item is appearently still in transit it says. If its lost, its both our loss but mainly mine. You can always buy another one off someone else with more experience, I can't.

      If you get My T.Lahoo head at all in the mail though, your taking a photo of it and sending it straight back to me. No questions asked, no excuses, and no If, Ands, for Buts. I don't want anything to do with your money.

      And by the way... I truely did have good intentions... I even slipped a little free gift into the package... though you probly wont believe that and you will now probly never see it... For all I know, you probly think I'm just a lying bitch.
    8. I know how my posts sound, but I'm emotional about this still too. You right the receipt can't track where the package is but it can say when it has been delivered I believe...

      This doesn't however change the fact that I'm angry about what you did on your end...
    9. I just want to make it clear.
      1. You can't count weekends as working days.

      2. I AM worried and suspecting a scam from the buyer. If she lies about not getting the doll head in the mail.
    10. Now why would I lie about not getting the head? I'm not that kind of person. You are the one who can't be trusted in the first place. I asked you to send the head using EMS with tracking numbers and insurance, but you went ahead and sent it by something else WITHOUT my consent. And now you're asking me to BELIEVE you? How could I believe a seller like you? I have been honest and sent you my money, and believed that you would send the head using EMS. I even gave you 1 more day to ship it because you said you have to take care of other things...! If Paypal refunded my money, I'll be glad to STICK to the arrangement that I will keep the money for 30 days. IF the doll head gets to me in 30 days, I'll send you back the money without PP fees. Because I DO want the head and I've been looking for it for a long time and saved money for it. BUT if the head is lost in the mail (doesn't get here in 30 days), OR it gets broken in the mail (because it has no insurance, there can't be no money returned), I will take the money... And send you the broken head. OF COURSE I will take the photos of the package to let you see it, damaged OR not. Can't you see that it's your fault? It's always been your fault. You said EMS and then you sent by something else. Even though the option has a number, it's NOT a tracking number. It's just a RECEIPT number. And it will NOT tell you where the head is, or when it will arrive. I consider that REGULAR mail. As opposed to registered mail.

    11. Okay... Let's see your PM to me :

      What ticks me off :

      1. ...EMS to a town/city?! Even the stupidest post officer knows that INDONESIA is a country! And when shipping by EMS, Internationally, they should LOOK FOR COUNTRY NAMES. NOT CITY names!

      2. 7-10 days for delivery... Bull. Even EMS from America takes 14 days or more to arrive here. I know that because right now I'm waiting for 2 other packages from America, and they're sent by EMS.

      3. You DID NOT EVEN MENTION that the shipping fee was LESS than what I have paid. Did you do that on purpose?

    12. I CAN be trusted because I KNOW I can be trusted. :( I'm not a certian kind of bad seller, I just am NEW to all this and I made a mistake but I didn't like suddenly being reported everywhere. I was scared to death and hurt alot. I had 100% no idea you would flip out like a crazed person about it. But I guess I give too much credit to some people.
      (This is not an excuse denying responsability for my mistake, it is my reason to defend my reputation and for being claimed untrustworthy. I have Definitely learned my lesson.)

      I Did tell you the cost was less and offered you the difference. I just forgot to add it in the first PM (It was in the second ), didn't mean I was never going to mention it right away. I have my own challenges with memory and I forget to add or say things that I should say the first time. But once again you would just think I was lying some more.

      I would repeat myself thousand times that I am a Honest, Good, Loyal, Trustworthy person and Friend, who is only human in the end, and humans make mistakes.

      But that would be awkward and you'd probly never believe it anyways...


      I'll stick to the agreement, but to be honest, I hardly want anything to do with you money anymore... I would wish to just demand the head right back to me once it reaches you, but we will see, since it is up to you at this point.

      However, I don't care if it takes 2 more days or 2 more months until the head arrives to you. If you deside to keep it, you can pay $150, no paypal fees. If you deside you don't want it for whatever reason, you send it back to me regardless of how long it took to arrive to you.
    13. Just to let you know that this morning I got a call from the Central Post Office that your package has arrived. For some reasons, it's now confiscated by custom, and I'm required to go down there for a statement. I can only go there on Saturday, and I'll keep you updated on the condition of the item. It's been 17 working-days since you sent it, and more than 21 days counting weekends. But I'm just glad it got here anyway. I hope it's still in good condition, and I'll let you know as soon as I get him out of custom. *_*
    14. Oh god, not customs x-x I'm definitely sorry for that.

      I'm relieved to hear its there at least and not lost. Thanks for letting me know.

      I really hope its not damaged in any way as well.
    15. Yes... I hope so, too. :...(
      And then we can clear this all up and be friends again. :D
      At least he's here... Kanpai~! :pcake
    16. Clearing this all up and being friends I'd like very much D: that would be so much better for us both

      And I'mma scared custom will make you pay something to get the package. But then again I've never experienced customs with anything I've gotten so I wouldn't know, just stuff I have read.

      At least you got your money back if you do have to pay anything to customs.
    17. The head has been received~ ^^ The box was crushed and the bubblewraps missing... The head is dirty~ T^T But otherwise, it's in a good condition! I have cancelled the PP claim and please, mods, close this dispute~!! I will PM Starflakes... ^^ Thank you~!!