Unresolved Problem with StudioPandora'sBones - MP Banned

Jul 24, 2010

    1. We hate to do this, but we haven't heard from StudioPandora'sBones
      Here are the details
      She is hosting a Leekeworld Group Order for 16 of us and herself.
      Order was placed 5/14, on 7/12 she posted the tracking #EM940077064KR
      and that's the last we have heard from her, we have posted in our G.O thread for her, we have PMed her and we have emailed her,
      but she doesn't respond.
      The tracking number shows that it was delivered on 7/15.
      We hope nothing bad has happened to her, up until lately she has run a very organized Group Order, but then she started slacking a bit on the updates. Several of us posted about what was happening with the group order, before she Finally posted this:
      Hey, all. I just got back from vacation and am getting caught up. Please bear with me - I'll try to update everyone later today. Thanks! :-)
      On 7/12 she posted the EMS #, and that's the last we heard from her.
      Thanks from all of us.
      !. is StudioPandora'sBones
      2. Alder
      3. Rikka_Mika
      4. ahyu
      5. wrxgal/Jamie (ZoZ)
      6. Anita in WA (ZoZ)
      7. Melaidhrin
      8. Duckherd
      9. sistercuervo/Deb in Atlanta (ZoZ)
      10. emplousos (Pipos GO items to be shipped w/ Leeke items upon arrival)
      11. Ravyn42
      12. Fashiondollie
      13. Sassy (ZoZ)
      14. sparklypancakes
      15. shaynicolesmom
      17. Jirachi
      18. siriusstar
      19. cancel
    2. StudioPandora'sBones was last on the forum 22JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. No one in our group order has heard from her yet.
    4. I was going to report her to paypal, but I found out that at her request I paid her a personal payment. A lot of people have been asking for this because there are no fees taken out of their money.
      I now think "perosnal payment"s should be banned from DOA, because Now I can't get my money back from paypal, I can't report her to my credit card company, or the police.
    5. I have been trying to contact her for several months myself, but not to receive goods. I have several heads that she had ordered and wanted to combine shipping. They are all packaged up and ready to send to her all I need is the shipping payment and her correct address. I have tried several different methods of contacting her with no success. I will continue to hold her heads as they are hers but I will be moving next month and that will make things a bit difficult in the sense that once I start moving it may take me a while to get them unpackaged from the storage area that we will set up until our house is set up.

      Good luck getting her settled. I do hope she is ok. I have been in several go's with her and it wasn't until a few months ago that she began acting a bit unusual.
    6. I found her Twitter account: last entry was in Feb. She's on Twitter as PandorasBones.
      Also, there is a Kimathy Peterson, linked to the account on Twitter, here: http://pandorasbones.wordpress.com/ ; last entry was in March. Don't know if this can help anyone locate her. Mods, delete this if it's not ok for me to have posted.
    7. I just found a Kimathy Petersen on Facebook; I sent her a message to see if it's her.
    8. Serenityslr
      Ok that's weird, shes paid for the heads and only owes shipping and she hasn't contacted you? What can be going on with her?
    9. I don't know. Her heads are safe and will continue to be. I have the room to store them so I am not worried about that. I would have just shipped them on but I don't know if she has moved or anything like that and I don't want to risk losing them because of something like that. It really worries me about her well being though where she has kind of just dropped off the planet. I really hope she is ok.
    10. Well she was lasting on DOA the 22, and a couple of weeks before that she was posting stuff, so I can't figure why she didn't get back to you.
    11. Mods, is there anything we can do, she's not responding to anything we try. Paypal says it's too long.
    12. The moderators of DoA cannot and do not get involved in Marketplace transactions. Depending upon the amount of money involved in this transaction, the participants may want to consider legal action in this member's hometown. Best of luck!
    13. I just stumbled onto this thread. Seeing as how StudioPandoraBones' was in a GO I ran for a Minimee Brooklyn heads recently, I've been waiting for her to send me her address and the shipping fees so that I could send her head. I hope all these pending transactions get resolved soon.
    14. You too! Serenityslr is also trying to reach her for heads she has bought from a group order. Something has gone wrong for her, I have heard of people not responding to things they owe, but not to things they have already paid for.
    15. Yeah, it's really odd. I hope she responds soon. I'd really like for her to get her head. It feels weird just having it sit around my house. ^^;
    16. This may be of help. If you have not contacted Paypal and filed a claim, you still can. You will need to telephone Paypal and speak to a customer service representative.
      I spoke with a lovely lady in the Paypal claims office, and she suggested that we all file a claim. The automated dispute claim will reject a regular dispute, as the 45 days are over.
      She can file the claim for us. They are looking for a pattern of abuse, and this will be helpful in compiling evidence.
      Here is the number: 1-888-221-1161
      (a U.S. telephone number)

      You will need to go through the "Contact Us" on your Paypal page to get a Customer Service PIN and you will also need to have the order information at hand. I just kept open the transaction page as well as the Contact Us page.
    17. Thank you for this information. I have called Paypal.
    18. Just an update, we found out form Leekeworld that she did indeed order and pay for our items. She still has not responded to any emails or Pms. Most of us have complained to Paypal about her, but no one can get their money back because it has been to long or like me made a personal payment.
    19. I'm going to add my name to the list of those needing to reach StudioPandora'sBones.

      She is a participant in my Summer Glau Minimee GO and has paid for two heads. The order is shipping to me, and I need to reach her to invoice her for shipping so I can send her heads to her.

      I have tried to PM her several times (ever since the head was in modding stages) and have not received a response.
    20. An other two heads! That seems like a lot of ordering and lot of money, I wonder if maybe she is having a crises of some kind?