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Problem with Thriith - RESOLVED

May 22, 2010

    1. Alright This is just more of a what's up as i haven't heard from the person in 3 weeks and last we spoke they were going to send out the leeke limit-misty wig i ordered as part of a group order.(the items had just gotten to Thriith)

      the last pm i sent was the 30th of april and now Thriith's PM box is full.

      I'm more worried as the other item i ordered a month before arrived to me with no problems.
    2. Thriith was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Oh my goodness! Thanks for opening the thread here, I had no idea my inbox was full o.0

      I do have it here and will stop here to print out your tracking number. I'm sorry for the hold up and have included another wig for you to do with what you wish.

      Your tracking number is: 9405 9036 9930 0015 9906 07

      I've sent it as Priority and with Insurence. I will be dropping it off at the post office at noon [Monday], so it should update on the website a few hours after that.

      I'll clear out my mail box a bit here and PM you my phone number as well just in case <3
    4. Little update: Just dropped off the package at the post office. <3
    5. resloved with item recieved