Problem with Warumono - RESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

Feb 16, 2008

    1. I have not seen him online for the past week since he has gotten his package from my group order and an unknown person has been using his email to contact me. Supposedly he had sent emails out to people to notify them about her current situation and can't be on the computer. I have never gotten an email and was wondering if anyone else who is in a transaction with him knows about this?

      Warumono is in my DZ group order (been going on since the end of November) and he was doing layaway with me on his part of the order as I offered it to him. We have been keeping contact throughout this entire time on MSN instead of PMs. This whole entire time, he has been very fussy and rude to me when things didn't go his way. I've been also told many things from him that just contradicts what he had previously said and excuses that sound ridiculously absurd. For example, he was in debt but yet he ordered a doll in my group order. It just doesn't make any sense.

      2 weeks before our order is due to arrive from Featherfall -
      He hasn't fully paid me off put he kept pestering me to tell Featherfall to mail out his shipment before he's finished the layaway. He explains to me that his mom thinks he's being scammed and that he can't send me anymore money until he gets his stuff. At this point, he still owed me $96 plus about $20 shipping amount for someone else in the GO. I've already lost my patience with him so I cut him a deal that I will ship out his stuff if he can pay me 75% of the remaining balance he owed me. He didn't agree to it and said that he can do 50% now and 50% after his stuff arrives. I didn't agree to it and said that I can't do it. Regardeless, he immediately sent me $50 even though it was going against his mother and would send the rest to me the week after. He also explains that he'll also lose his job soon because the store he's working at is closing down.

      1 week before our order is due to arrive at Featherfal - He messages me and asks me again to have Featherfall ship out his stuff and promises to pay me the remaining balance when it arrives. I was tired and fed up with him so I just agreed to it because I didn't want to deal with it anymore.

      1 week before our stuff was being shipped out to us - He notifies me that he was in a car accident and that he still plans to pay me when his stuff arrives but the shipping money that he owed me for someone else in the GO will have to wait. I said okay since he still promised to pay me when the package arrives.

      February 11 - This was the last time I had spoke with him on MSN. He messaged me and was extremely rude, accusing me that I had given FedEx the wrong mailing address and yelled at me because he had given me the correct shipping address. I asked him what was happening and if he could explain but he didn't. He only said that he's spoken to FedEx and he'll figure it out on his own then signed off. I was left hanging and confused about the situation. I waited all day for him to sign back online but he didn't.

      February 12 - I got the tracking number for his package from Featherfall so I looked it up and it said "Feb. 11 -Customer not available" and "Feb. 12 - Delivered". It made sense now as to why he was so furious the day before and accused me of giving them the wrong shipping address. Since the package had been delivered and signed for, I figured that he should be calm by now. I waited for him to go online and checked DoA but he hasn't logged on since the day before. I left an offline message on MSN.

      February 13 - I have every right to be suspicious of his disappearance now because it just seems like he's avoiding me. I sent him an email saying that I would like him to pay me the remaining amount he owed me as promised. I get a reply from an unknown person saying that I need to be patient and stop being so rude. I was not being rude in any way as I have been very polite to Warumono throughout this entire time. I replied asking why it wasn't Warumono responding. This person (we'll refer to as a he) went on MSN and said he had gotten permission from Warumono to speak to me. I was told that he is in critical condition so I asked what was happening and he says "Leave him be, he has never been one to not keep a promise. Thing's do happen and I myself may be able to pass his few last dollars on but I would never do so without his permission and while someone is being so very rude and jumping to assumptions and conclusions." I do not know any of the details of his current situation aside from that.

      I was also told that Warumono has sent out emails to several people regarding his absence which I never received. He claims he saw Warumono send out the email to me. I asked him to forward a copy to me and he says that he doesn't have access to that email. I find it very odd that Warumono would use an email that he doesn't normally contact me with to send such an important email.

      I then told him that the last time I spoke to Warumono was when he was being rude to me about the whole FedEx thing. He says that it couldn't have been him because he was in the hospital since the 11th. He insisted that it could've been someone else that he asked to go on her MSN to contact me but it sounded so much like the way Warumono talked. He then tells me that FedEx lied to Warumono and that they never attempted delivery that day. His family had to contact FedEx to deliver the package because they weren't planning to deliver her package that week and blames that there was slacker on the job. I have no idea what this person is talking about but I don't think FedEx would lie about such a thing. Not planning to deliver a package when it is schedule to arrive within certain time frame is just crazy.

      He was on the phone with Warumono and he asked him to send me some money with the available funds in his paypal account. I told him the amount owed was about $60 something, and he claims to have saw him send me about $20 to lower the current amount he owed me. I do not have record of this nor did I receive such a payment. I was told he only had $15 and the rest will have to wait when he is able to access the computer again. I did receive the $15 and that was the last I have heard from this person.

      I know things do happen and if this is true, I'm very sorry Warumono but I am only looking out for myself. Anyone can tell me that they'll pay me and that they are trustworthy but how would I know that you're not going to turn around and never pay me? The timing of your disappearance after receiving the package and being hospitalized has made me think that is not a coincidence.
    2. I have spoken to Warumono's mother over the phone today. She is in fact a female and is not in any life threatening situation or ill. I will resolve this issue with her mother.

      This has been my first and most disastrous transaction... I will never deal with her again because she committed acts of deceit and fraud. What she has done is hurtful and unacceptable.
    3. Forgot to add:
      I have spoken to naitomeadoll (Lynn) and she tells me that Warumono still owes her money and has yet to pay her back. Lynn has been looking for her but was unsuccessful in contacting her online and through email. Lynn tells me that Warumono has also been telling her the same lies that she's told me, acts extremely rude and pressured her into sending her stuff when it's on an unfinished layaway.

      Warumono had changed her email and told me not to tell anyone, no matter who it is. I'm sorry to break this promise but it now makes sense that she changed her email to hide from Lynn. When Lynn had sold a Feilan to someone in England, Warumono was safe keeping the funds until the doll had reached the buyer, then the funds were to be sent to her. Lynn claims to have never received the funds and Warumono's mother has been notified about her situation as well. Warumono's mother will be investigating this matter.
    4. Ayase, thank you for being brave enough to call the mother. Please keep us updated.
    5. Finally i've gotten the time to sit down at a computer [now back at home], my mother did in fact contact me while I was in British Columbia.

      NOBODY emailed me to speak to myself PERSONALLY about the situation, I never said to anyone I was sick nor have I lied in anyway and I' find it quite rude that nobody contacted me personally by an email or something to discuss with me what is going on.

      I had infact told people I was NOT available while I was away dealing with life-situations which occured throughout the year [bank issues, paypal issues, car accident, my grandfather being in the hospital and other things] but I NEVER said I was overly ill myself and I'd never use something that pathetic as an excuse.

      My mother and I as well discussed all of this and she's had email's to her as well.
      Ayase WAS informed that I was paying her back as soon as my paypal had to funds and I had access to a computer with internet.
      The ONLY thing I know of people speaking FOR me are my mother [via when Ayase called] and that I had asked several friend's to check my email to keep me updated on things, if one of them spoke to you AS me or FOR me via messanger or anything WITHOUT my permission [I had not given ANY of them permission] then disregard anything they've said.

      Yes I do understand Ayase is looking out for herself, but she should have contacted me personally. I DID give her my new email address for a reason and if I had any plan's to NOT pay her the small amount left then i'd never have paid at all [I mean honestly, who does that? I sure find that stupid to even consider doing.]

      Also for my own sake, the gender "mishap" is not a lie either. I can explain that another time.
      As for Lindsay, my mother know's the truth behind that story and it has no concern to anyone.

      I am currently awaiting Ayase to contact me personally, until then I will not continue this discussion with anyone whom does not have a point in it.

      I also do not check DoA much if at all, I checked here because of my mother's concerns.
      I also am not upset, so please don't feel that I am. I know i'm not at fault and I know it's a misunderstanding and miscommunication.

      Ayase, from now on contact me personally before jumping to conclusions, i'd very much like to pay you back now that I am back home. [Note that I am most likley leaving Wednesday-Sunday or something as well but that should not be a big deal... I am only saying that incase you expect a response then. [I'll be going to the capital to visit someone for their long weekend]].

      I think that's all I have to say, apologizes for the choppy parts. Kissies ~
      - Rei
    6. The person who signed onto to her MSN to contact me may not have permission to do so but how could it be such a huge misunderstanding if one of your family members was in the hospital instead of you? I was told by this friend that he/she had finished a face-up to give to her as a get well present. None of this makes any sense. I doubt that this friend of hers was actually her friend but her pretending to be that person. I've noticed the similar style the way they both typed and everything just matched up too well.

      She says she has no intent of scamming me for a few dollars but if is just a few dollars, why would she have even need to do all this to lie and try to get away with it? Excuses were made up so that she could delay her payments when she obviously didn't have the money to cover for the couple of dollars.

      Previously in our MSN conversations, she told me she had cancer and it sounded like a lie but then what if it was true? I sympathized her for having such a condition. When we got in an argument about her refusing to pay for the other group member's shipping money, she said she would rather get surgery done then pay the $20 something for that member's shipping. I copied and pasted that she agreed to pay for it and then she says she misread it. I told her it's not my fault that she misread and she says it's not her fault that she has cancer. ---- I had asked her mom about it and she doesn't have cancer. Warumono is offended that I've told her mom of such a lie. I didn't lie because I have proof she's said it. She tells me not to dwell on pointless details to stray away from the subject and doesn't give me a chance to say anything else about it. I've told her that the amount she owed me was $55.24 but she insists that her debt was around $20 when it wasn't because she's supposedly checked her records. I have checked mine too so either she can't count or she's lying to her mom about how much she really owed me. She has yet again refused to pay for another group order member's shipping money as promised before and said that it's not her problem or her mothers.

      She threatened to report me for "going behind her back" in forwarding the message that she's posted here on DoA to Lynn so that she could send it to Warumono's mom. She thinks that I'm doing it to help Lynn "scam" her and her mom for more money. I'm am accused of prying into their business when I have done nothing but inform and update Lynn of my current situation. She is not in any position to tell me what to do. The message she's posted on DoA is for all to see so what is she trying to hide from?

      Luckily, everything is resolved now as her mother had paid off her debt. Her mother had been very understanding and took the time to sort things out. Warumono is irresponsible, immature and clearly not capable of properly handling and resolving this situation on her own as I had to go through her mom to even get anything done. Not only does she continue to be rude and cocky, she acts as if she's done nothing wrong and continues to lie and make accusations that are untrue when I have proof of everything. As for Lynn, her situation is still unresolved and Warumono is leaving today to spend the weekend in the capital. She needs to get her priorities straight because she would've left me to deal with her mom if I didn't call her today to work things out.

      To Warumono:
      I have no intention of having contact with you anymore as everything is done and over with. I am deeply hurt from what you have done yet you continue to lie to me and others. Knowing you, you'd probably retaliate to what I've said here. I don't care what you have to say about this and if you wish to prove your innocence, go ahead because no one believes you. YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY.