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Resolved Problem with wniny - RESOLVED

Mar 13, 2011

    1. I hate to do this but I feel that this is my best option here...

      I sent a PM to wniny about the puki-puki lily she had for sale on the 5th of january. We agreed on a 1 week layaway with $40 upfront and the rest $90+ $18 in shipping on the 12th. She says it was shipped with priority mail.

      Everything started out well actually. After I paid for my order, she got back to me on the 14th to let me know it was shipped and it would only take a couple weeks to get here. I asked if she had a tracking number for me and I didn't really hear from her until the 19th. She apologized for responding so late and told me that when she shipped my doll that they did not give her a tracking number nor did they give her the paper work to fill out the value of the package. I thought this was a bit weird but I figured it would be ok since so far she had been good about getting back to me on time and telling me shipped the box out so soon.

      About a month goes by and Every Friday I keep her updated but there was still no package. I had asked her on the 8th of Feb if she could talk to her post office to see if there is anything they can do and on the 11th she tells me that there was a snowstorm in the area and that it had been closed. Its ok, these things can happen and she tells me she will try to go in the next day and see what she can do.

      A week goes by and I ask her on the 18th if there was any info from the post office and I mentioned that I was getting worried. There is no reply and on the 23rd I told her that I've not heard from her in almost two weeks and that she needed to respond to me soon or I would have to file with paypal because of the claim deadline.

      The next day ( the 24th ) she tells me that she has been on holiday and that was why she could not respond. She told me that there wasn't anything the post office could do but that she hopes things work out well. I said maybe we need to start talking about when to consider it a loss and how we would deal with refunding. I get no answer.

      I send her a message on the 1st of march to tell her that the longest I'm willing to wait is the 12th. No reply from her still. :/ .

      I remind her again on the 7th but there is still no reply. On the 9th I saw that she had been online and posting on the forum so I asked her why she has been ignoring me and if she didn't give me a reply within a day that I would post a paging thread. I tell her that I was more than willing to work this out with her.

      She does pm me the same day like I asked but says shes not ignoring me because shes just thinking of what to do. ( Really, a simple" let me think it over" would have made me feel better instead of silence. :/ ) She says theres no way for her to know if I really got the package or not and that DOA says shes not responsible for lost packages. She also says she has a receipt so that means it really is lost and apologizes again.

      I told her I did not agree with what she said. That in the same thought , I have no way of knowing whether she sent it out to start with either because I had no tracking. I said I should have asked if the shipping included insurance and that I would have accepted this as a loss on my fault IF I had a tracking number because then there would have been a way to prove it was sent and lost.
      Because I'll take responsibility for not making sure I asked for it to be insured, I said I would accept a refund for half the amount. I think she is also part to blame for not making sure she had the tracking and the paper work filled out. If the doll where to show up, I would gladly do the right thing and give back the money.

      Its been 3 days since I sent her this PM but theres no answer. I'm just not at all happy with this transaction so far. At first she was great with getting back to me on the messages but now its such a pain to get her to answer me.
    2. wniny was last on the forum 9MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Just to note that there is still no contact from wniny whatsoever and I haven't gotten anything in the mail either.
    4. Wniny sent me a PM today to say she has not been online because shes been sick. She said she would speak with me this weekend about the situation. Guess I'll see what she has to say .
    5. Wniny sent me a refund for $80 so I think we can close this thread now.