Problematic transaction with Lady_chance (Resolved)

Mar 29, 2007

    1. I am troublesome with situation is and for it I publicize it. I bought to garment a Lady_chance. I paid, since we agree, on March 17. She said she will send the garment as prompt as possible. One week happened without receiving news. I wrote to her, she answered that she was sick and that probably she would send it on Monday 26. I sent the private one on Monday that did not answer. I sent another today the one that answered with more excuses not to do in sent, promised that if she does not send it on Friday she will return the shipping to me. ¡She has been already eleven days old to send it! and still she continues saying probably I will send it such a day. (sorry by my poor english U_U).
    2. News

      29/03/07 Waiting. Last night, march 28, I asked her to return my money, she answered saying that she would send the garment. Today, march 29, she wrote to me to say to me that she did the shipping, and already she provided it to me.

      10/04/07 Waiting.

      13/04/07 Received package
    3. I hope you get it soon ; ;
    4. I also, thank you :atremblin
    5. It really wasnt very long you had to wait tho, I know you are keen to get your garment but if she was sick, which happens, that wasnt very long to wait at all.
    6. Perhaps to you you seem to him, but I am based on two things:

      1 After the payment it simply disappeared. There were no more post office his until I began to ask.
      2 I accepted his first excuse, but not consequent them.
    7. I was out with the flu for seven of those eleven days, and the person who usually takes me to the PO went out of town without warning- and still isn't back, I had to ask my mother to let me be late to school so she could take me. I really am sorry. I wasn't aware you'd asked me to return your money, or I would have- the message was difficult to understand. I don't know if we're allowed to reply to these things, but I'd at least like the opportunity to defend myself. Also, I don't have a message from Monday.
    8. I believe that is correct that you of your part of the history, both we have an opinion in the matter.
    9. ^^ Thank God you are better now lady_chance, if you have sent her the package provide her an identification number so she will be sure that your words are true .. and both of you will have what you want ^^.

      At least i think if i had been in your case ... i would have sent a message to her when i got sick ^^ .. so this way.. she would have a little more faith on you ^^.
    10. In hindsight, yes, I should have sent her a message, but I was mostly concerned with hiding under my covers for as long as possible. ^^; I've already sent her the tracking number, too, and the package should be there in a couple of days.