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Problematic Transaction with user LeoDoll - RESOLVED

Mar 23, 2010

    1. This is the first time i make this but is because this situation is surpasing me.

      Sunday early morning ( DoA time ) i received a message from LeoDoll interested in one head i have for sale on the marketplace. I told her that was available and told her the total ( total that is on my thread sale as well without charging any paypal fees at all ).

      She messaged me back nicely that 67 $ were 49 € and as a favour she would pay me in € cause with both are from Europe. I emailed her back nicely telling her that this would be great and after that i went to check for the correct exchange amount at Paypal's site and at Xe.com. The 67 $ were 50,89 € back then and yesterday as well. So i send her a message telling her that in € she would have to pay 50,8 €.

      Next day when connecting to my msn i saw that on the main page of hotmail i had some messages, i went to check and i found that she had paid me 49 € and not 50,8 €.

      Then i went to DoA to check my messages and i found one message from her telling me that she did a mistake and only sent me 49 € and that when was i about to send her her head.

      I got somekind shocked because in this kind of situations the normal thing is not assume that i will send the head without telling me nowhere on her message that if she had to sent the rest of the money to me ( i do myself it even if is less than a $ and not assume by myself that i won't have to sent the rest of the amount to the seller ).

      So, trusting that was a mistake i refund the money to her to get the correct amount for the head ( as all the sellers have done with me when the amount was wrong by one or another reason and i never got mad, i smiled back and sent again the money without any problem at all ).

      The case is that this buyer answered me back in bad banners and so rude telling me that i refunded her money for 1,5 € and she was angry because she didn't have her money nor the head, and she would have to wait till 3 days to have her money available again on Paypal.

      I remember that in my case, everytime i was refunded, Paypal gave me the money instantly and i hadn't have to wait for three days to have it available.

      Shocked by her rude answer i messaging her back telling her that to refund money was what sellers do in these kind of situations to save money. Telling her that paypal charged me 2,02 € for the 49 and that i would have been charged 2,1 € for the 50,8 €.

      To receive 1,8 € would have cost me another 1 € because of paypal fees and if i haven't refunded her money she would have to pay for it ( using personal payment ) cause for me it's not the same to cover 2,1 than 3 €.

      That she couldn't sent the amount she wanted if not what sellers ask on its thread sale. And that i had no problem at all in waiting three days till Paypal returned to her her money.

      Her answer to my message was a menace, telling me in a bad manners that DoA rules doesn't allow to charge paypal fees to buyers.

      So feeling its true intentions i let her know that anywhere on my thread sale nor on my private messages said that i was charging any fees to the head nor the shipping and if she had the intention to put me a negative feedback because asking for the right amount she couldn't.

      Told her i woudn't put a negative feedback but neither a positive feedback, just no feedback. I just wanted to life in peace.

      She still messaged me back again in rude manners telling me that all was for 1,5 € ( were 1,8 € and she still was always telling 1,5 €) and she was angry cause she didn't have nor her money nor the head.

      I messaged her back telling her again that when she pay for the head i would send the head to her but if she doesn't want the head anymore for me it would be perfect, cause i was having all that headaches and getting on my nerves just because she were messaging me back again and again with rude words and rude manners, menacing me, assuming i was about to send the head without asking for the rest of the payment and on top of that blaming me for not having her money without understanding that she was spoiling me all the time just because i wanted the right amount and nothing else. ( It's not a big amount but i won't gave her the rest of the payment as a gift because of her rude behaviour towards me ).

      She still messaged me back again telling me that i was crazy and that i was surrealistic and tragedic and again in rude manners.

      She got on my nerves and my patience cause she was still arguing with me just because i wanted to receive the right payment and she was still blaming me for not having her money nor the head in a rude manners. And all of this knowing that Paypal refunds money instantly ( at least to me, always ).

      I see no end to this situation cause i can't break our contract by myself if she doesn't tell me she doesn't want the head and she is still messaging me back again and again telling me in rude manners the same and the same once and another.

      It's the worst transaction ever on my years here on DoA. I've never been involved in this kind of situation. A buyer who press me for asking for the right amount again and again without receiving it and without the possibility of breaking the deal because she doesn't want to.

      I just want this to end. I just want her to pay me in $ without pressing me all the time again and again with her messages or releasing me from selling her the head.
    2. I not pay yet you because I not riceved yet the payment in my paypal account!!!
      Yesterday I not read your pm because I work all day!

      I dont understand you why you open a topic!! O_o
      Sorry if I tell you but you're very crazy.

      I dont seek the time when I pay you and I closed this story!
    3. sorry for my bad english language..
      I'm not menace person!!
      I'm angry because I prefer send another (second) payment for the plus 1,80!
      Now I'm not arrived yet the refund on my paypal account! :(
      When arrived I pay soon, I tell this in my last pm!
    4. Chyna, paypal will refund the money where it was taken from, so if LeoDoll had not transferred the money to paypal, but had them take it from her credit/debit card or bank account they would refund it there, it won't be instant for her, it will take a few days for it to get back to where it was taken from. She is saying she will pay you, but she can't get the money you refunded yet, once she does, she will pay. It just sounds like a miscommunication to me. You both had the best intention. Some unintentional mistakes were made on both ends, but I think it will all work out for you both. Just give LeoDoll the few extra days to receive the money she refunded and I'm sure she will pay.
    5. Buble Gum Goth, i use creditcard to pay all my payments and i got my refund instantly but that's not the point cause this is not because she hasn't paid to me instantly.

      It's not that i'm not willingly lo let her pay for the item, i told her in the very first message that i didn't have any problem in waiting for her but she still continued menacing me and speaking back to me in a bad manners.

      As you can read on her first message here she also tells me i'm crazy.. and i've been suffering this kind of things since the very fist message i got from her. She doesn't stop telling me things like that.. molesting me all the time. She says here that she was about to send the rest of the payment willingly but not in any of her messages to me when messaging by private, just was blaming all the time because she didn't have money nor head.

      And i was tired because since the very first time i told to her that there wasn't any problem at all. That i would wait for her payment without any problem. And she continued pressing me and pressing me ...
    6. Edit: i've been told that this user, have had this kind of problems before by private. Uses to send less money to sellers but then sellers doesn't put negative feedback because of fear.

      So.. now i feel more worried.
    7. chyna ~ Please pm a mod when you have resolution so that this thread can be unlocked and you can update it. Thank you.
    8. I'm sorry for my first post..I dont tell you "crezy".. :(
      But I'm mistaken!

      I pay this mornig when arrived the refund on my paypal account! ^^
      I send you 67 $ and I send you a pm, too!

      Please tell me if all are right! :)
      I'm very afraind for this.. ;_;
    9. Don't worry LeoDoll ^^ it's fine now. You're welcome every time you want ^^.

      Ok... time to put a happy ending to this matter ^^.

      LeoDoll, after all of this earthquake, was so nice and polite in everyone of the messages i received from him. Paid without any problem and I'm more than sure he will be so nice with everyone in future ^^, that he's not going to have any problem anymore ^^ with no one.

      I will leave him a good feedback also as a way to show him that all this madness never happened. A new beginning ...

      Thank you so much sweetie ^^ !!