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Resolved probleme from ebay

Sep 20, 2006

    1. X was paid for mohair blue wig via ebay, she have recieved

      X want another color , the mohair PINK wig via ebay !She buy the another wig (the pink) but the postal service is late and i payback the pink ! (because she was dispute via paypal) and give me a lot of mail and pressure...

      in my head, i keep my pink because, it is more easy to sold...

      X received the pink mohair and want exchange without my permissions...

      what is happened... i want keep back my wig pink (i have paid back for the pink and a lot of fee via ebay)

      and on ebay for sold the same without fee (because i haven't got sold), i can't change the colors...

      and i haven't got a lot pink color and it is easily to sold the pink...

      since the start of july, she have got my wig... i haven't got received the wig... and now she said : i have send the blue without my permission...
    2. I bought two wigs from her, blue and pink. She sent out the pink surface mail (I paid more than that), but she didn't tell me that.

      After a few weeks I get the blue one, but a month later I still don't have the pink one. I try to get some shipping info and she starts bombarding me with defensive emails about how she is not dishonest and the post office is the one that screwed up (how she just found that out when I looked into it is a mystery). Well she gets me pretty pissed. I just wanted the two wigs. Not a flurry of defensive emails. I was rude right back to her, which probably didn't help, but I was sick of the emails.

      She flips out some more and then refunds me for one wig and demands I send it back to her (and pay shipping myself) when I recieve it. I say I don't want a refund, I want the wig. Oh no, I have to send the wig back.

      So recently I sent back the blue wig (it was still packaged, and I hadn't used it)via surface mail just like she sent it to me. Now she's flipping out because she sold a pink wig on Ebay without even having it. So she wants the pink one back. I offer to pay the paypal fee for her if that helps (I really don't think she deserves it, but I am getting sick of the email flurry again). Nope. She wants the wig. I said I already sent one, I am not sending the other. I'll pay the difference if you think the pink is worth more for some reason.

      Anyway, I'm not sending her two wigs back. If that makes me a bad buyer so be it. But she behaved absolutely rude right from the beginning just because I asked for tracking information.
    3. I offered to pay her ebay fee, I offered to pay the difference in the two wigs if there is one.

      If she has sold it without having it in her possession, that is unfortunate.

      What I won't do, is send back a second wig. I am sure she'll receive the blue one within the next month (it took 2 months for me to get the pink one via snail mail).

      Another problem is that blue was kept in it's package. It's still new. The pink one can't be resold as new, it's been used, hair products on it and at least once one of my wig-loving cats has run off with it and chewed on it. So, I am sure someone paying for a new wig really doesn't want my hairspray, cat-drool wig.

      I wish she would stop PM'g me with demands every 5 minutes. I think I rec'd 10 PM's from her today so far - three now have threatened me with going to the mods.

      Sorry folks, she is coo-coo.
    4. No she literally lashes out and threatens you. She's threatened me with the mods now 4 times in PM's today. I've received 9 PM's from her before noon, the first three were in a 10 minute period before I had even logged on.

      I don't know if it's against the rules or not to post the PM's here, but I would like to because you'll see I remained perfectly calm and did not insult her through the whole thing.

      If it's against the rules, I won't, but I certainly am willing to send them to a mod as well, since she likes to hold up the mods as something to threaten you with.
    5. Here is our exchange today, which is quite a bit more tame than her emails (I'll post those when I get home). This below is really nothing, compared to the emails she sends. ANd really, the emails I rec'd aren't as bad as some I've seen that she has sent others.

      Den of Angels;http://www.denofangels.com/forums
      Private Message Dump for User Darkrogue; 09-20-2006 12:06 PM -->

      Folder : Inbox

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 10:39
      Title : you have my wig
      you have my wig...

      be honestly please and send me back !

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 10:45
      Title : Re: you have my wig
      this is my very light pink here : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73229...

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 10:47
      Title : ...
      the pink is ordered by another one because ! send me back the pink ! it is the contract
      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 10:55
      Title : Re: you have my wig
      no you have paid on ebay for the blue not for the pink, i keep for me the pink...

      or you paid back this wig...

      about the post, it is a probleme postal in first not me... i have paid back for the pink... send me back the pink ! be honnest !

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 11:08
      Title : Re: you have my wig
      on ebay i can t change the color to said (don't forget, i have paid the fee for nothing)

      i ask to a moderator...

      you have paid for the blue, not for the pink (this color i haven't got a lot, it is easily to sold this color)

      so send me back my wig or payd please...

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 11:09
      Title : Re: you have my wig
      i have never received... and without my accord ! you are not honnest !

      you have this wig since the start of july ! i ask to the moderator...

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 11:19
      Title : Re: you have my wig
      because the dispute via ebay and paypal, i have refund only the pink ! the dispute was only for the pink...

      i haven't got a lot this color, and it is more easy to sold this color...

      it is the contract ! if you want the pink , you must be ask to me for the permission !

      i don't know about the fee... it is so far ! but i have paid because you don't want wait because sometimes the postal service is out !

      From : aishiteru
      To :
      Date : 2006-09-20 11:26
      Title : Re: you have my wig
      via ebay you have dispute for the pink (blue is finish contract)

      and why you don't ask to me ?

      and why i haven't got my wig ?

      I tell to the moderators...

      so, if payd the detriment... but it is not really what i want... i want my PINK wig... i have paydback for the pink ! not the blue !

    6. I believe she sold it recently on Ebay, and is now trying to force/bully me into sending back the pink one. She feels she can do this because she refunded me via the pink purchase and not the blue one. She decided that I HAD to send the pink one back at my expense when it arrived just because she refunded that one. I told her multiple times, I just wanted the wig. Not excuses, not a refund, not a flurry of defensive and insulting emails (I believe I was called a liar and dishonest about a dozen times).

      So bottom line, she refunded one wig and I sent back one wig. If there is a difference to pay, I'll pay it (though it is strange since she doesn't charge differently for colors on this board). But for the amount of pestering and harrassment I've rec'd from her via PM's (you do not need to send a person 9-10 pms in a one hour period) and via emails & pm's previously, I am getting to the point of just tossing up my hands - a wig was sent back in new condition, never used and I am done.

      She wanted it to be the pink one, and that is just not going to happen. Period. End of story. I don't want any further contact with her, other than to verify the shipping address I used.

      I should send the PM's to a mod in case they miss this. I don't think it's right to just hound someone and be insulting like this. To be perfectly honest, from the other emails I am getting, I think she uses the language barrier as an excuse to be insulting and a bully.
    7. i have paid back for the pink, because she haven't got the pink !

      about service postal, i have take a little insurance (i have paid more for the registered mail, it is not cheap), and the first blue, i have offered the shipping... the post office wad said arrive 2 week but they have got errorring... i have to her... i tell wait... she don't want wait !

      she was paid only for the blue : object n°9513424243 ! look the description it is the blue !

      about my mail, i have probleme, that send in double ! i don't why !

      about Darkrogue :

      this is THE LONG STORY :

      in first, here, she want a fur wig, she didn't paid..
      i ask in first for the money, i ask in second for the money, i ask in third for money... she said always wait...

      at the end, i have sell her wig another customers because i haven't got a lot.

      between the time, i value up my price because it is too long to do and finger are red with needle because the fabric is thick.

      one month later about (perhaps more), she want the wig and paid the low price, i have refund soon... i can't explain i have up my price ! it is too difficult to explain i have up my price ! (this is ONLY my real fault). but the price is the same for all !

      after i sell one wig blue on ebay... she get it ! she paid... I have apologize because i have offered the shipping cost ! but she haven't got read the description to wait (until 2 weeks for the shipping), about 10 days later only she writte me because she haven't got the wig...

      after i sell one wig pink on ebay... she said to me : "this wig is my wig that you sell on ebay" ... i have reply, look it is not the same wig, not the same color... and never i sell again something was paid before, i am honnest !

      after she get it again (the pink wig)... i am in trouble... i see she can't read the description, she writte me for nothing (sold twice the same wig), i have wait the money on DOA...

      i can't refused to sold... i think i can have a problem again with her, so i take registered mail (it is not a law price)... but it is more long but the postoffice do a mistake... because they have said : "it was only 17 day to recieved"...

      17 days later, she haven't got the wig... i ask to the post office... they said wait : O.o sometimes are late ...

      I explain at Darkrogue...

      one week later, she haven't got the wig...

      I go to the postoffice again (and again), and i said : "where is the wig"... they phone to central postoffice... and they said : "in reality, it is more long, about until 2 month"...

      i explain to darkrogue... she have do a dispute on paypal... i have refund all...

      i have said, when you recievied the wig, send me back !

      she have recevied in start of july because i have see the wig on her thread : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=73229......

      since the start of july, she have my wig... never she writte me... and now i am in 21th in september...

      and she said i return the blue...

      but i have paid back only the very light pink not the blue... i want the pink ! because the color is rare now... and the customer prefer the pink ! i have paid back for the pink ! the blue is another matter !

      and now she said it is me to send a lot of mail... her, she writte me a lot before... very lot !

      and because, there is an error "server too busy", i send double my mp...

      and i writte because it was my pink wig, i have refund !

      since june, i have paid fee for ebay about the wig... and now it is too much long time to sold this wig again, and it is not the same, and if i change (description and pics), it is more fee because not the same object !

      me, i want my wig pink, now ! she can send back the blue one, i payback ! i don't want no matter with her... she send the twice... and i pay back ! and finish...

      perhaps my english is not good, but i can understand the main thing !

      now, you have got the all and real story... i am not a liar, i am really honnest... I repeat, there are NOT LIES via OMISSIONS !
    8. no ! the dispute paypal is only for the pink ! it is different ! i have said to her, send me back this wig !
      the pink is another item !

      because it is two number different ! and she buyed not in the same period ! she was doing a dispute for the pink because the pink not arrive !
    9. Apparently you are a liar. A huge one.

      I was interested in your wigs, I told you I wanted to get one. I didn't have the money to right away, but I didn't say HOLD A WIG. I paid you when I did have money and then you told me you didn't have it. Then I see it on EBAY that same day. So I buy two wigs, a blue and a pink. The blue arrives, but 17 days later no pink. I get a message back from her that says "don't worry I'll send both", when she notices it's me. The person she told she didn't have those wigs.

      A few weeks and I rec the blue one, but no pink. So I send her a simple message - Hi there, haven't rec'd the wig yet - fyi.

      Then I get series of insults (if anyone wants to see the real emails from her, I'll glady forward them to you) and lies...eventually she tells me it was the post offices mistake, she sent it surface - 2 months. So 40 days go by no wig. So I file a claim to protect myself and offer to pay for it when it arrives. She flips out repeatedly. Tells me I now CAN'T have the pink one and I need to send it back to her at MY EXPENSE when I get it.

      I finally receive it two months after ordering it. And not long ago I put her blue wig back into the mail to her. She'll get it, but it went surface, so like I had to wait, she will probably waiting another month to receive it.

      Her problem is she sold a Pink wig now to someone. A pink wig she does not have. Now she's scrambling to cover herself.

      So stop harrassing me in PM's. The blue wig was sent. I paid for two wigs, you refunded one, I returned one. I don't care which one YOU want. For the hassle and harrassment I've rec'd from you and your pushy behavior, too bad.

      You can not resell a pink USED one, that has been chewed on by my cats and has hair products in it. You would honestly resell that to someone? That's shady.

      You get the blue one. It's sent. End of story. If you think think your lies, bullying and fit-throwing tactics are going to work with me, you are sorely mistaken.
    10. me a liar ? i am not a liar ! i have explain the entire story !

      on doa, you said " X day, i paid"... you repeat that always...

      and the blue arrive in the time ! sometimes, it is arrive late (and sometimes not) but i am honnest ! not you !

      send me back the twice, i refund you ! and finish with you ! it is better for you and me !

      and where is my "blue" since the start of july ? where ?

      PS : and where i am a liar ? it is not the same periode ! and not the same description !

      you embellish the true for you... i tell my real error, not you...
    11. You are nuts. Seriously.

      I didn't send it in July, I sent it last month. As I've told you many times now.

      There isn't anymore to add to this, so you are going to have throw your tantrum solo.
    12. your thread is July... i am not nuts !

      Rinoa : she have doing a dispute via paypal ! i have refund and it is logic to send back the pink wig !
    13. i haven't got not sell ! i have said, i paid back for this object ! the pink
    14. read all story... do not invent something... the blue and the pink is another matter !

      i can't accept to turn against me ! i am a lot of trouble with darkrogue because she can paid in time, she is not read the description, she said wrong !
    15. my only proof : she said : i returned the packet (so the pink) ! after it is another story ! always the customer prefer the pink and i haven't got anymore the pink !

      also, now, send back the blue and the pink... like this it is finish !

      PS : and why she was send last month ? she have recieved since the start of july (look her thread with the pic)

      and why she haven't writte me when it is arriving ?

      it is strange, isn't it ?

      PS 2 : the blue one she have recieveid since JUNE !
    16. No. This is seriously my last response to you.

      The blue was sent back, the pink is USED and somewhat DAMAGED by cats. YOU can not sell that to someone else anyway.

      You refunded one wig, I returned one wig. I don't care which one you prefer back. I don't care that the transaction you refunded was the pink one. I just wanted to get what I paid for and since you refunded me for one wig, I sent back one wig. The pink one was the one I wanted from the beginning.

      So the blue was returned. It went out surface, the way you sent them to me. So you'll just have to be patient. You aren't getting the pink wig back. No matter how many times you demand it. It's not happening.

      Deal with it. I'm done with your childish temper tantrums. You aren't professional enough to be in business period. You're insulting, you're rude, and you flip out like a crazy person when you don't get your way.

      Grow up.
    17. don't insult me... the proof you said anything : you said your cat damaged now... it is really anything at all !

      send back the twice (the damaged too) !

      PS : and where insult you ? you, you insult me (nuts, crazy....)

      PS II (sorry to slow reply)... on ebay you aren't able to read a description, you ordering a wig and not paid, you imply "i sold twice the same wig" on ebay ! you said anything at all !

      PSIII (really sorry for the PS)... you embellish or lie ! what is the number of object dispute ?
    18. another she said anything : i have received the feedback for the blue n°9513424243 since : 13-Mai-06 at 14:49
    19. I am locking this thread. Name-calling is not acceptable. Both of you need to work out this dispute privately.