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Problems on eBay (seller Shootingstarlabel) - Update! Anyone speak German?

Aug 3, 2007

    1. Alright, so on July 7 I won a doll on eBay. He wasn't an excellent price or anything, but I wanted him, so I bid. For the record, the sellers name is shootingstarlabel. Here is the auction:


      Anyway, I just received him yesterday. Now, I understand that the doll came from Germany, but with $50 shipping I would expect that it wouldn't take a month to get here. I messaged her about it two weeks into waiting and she told me (ha-ha) that it took her a week to ship him. Okay. Fine. Whatever. At least he arrived.

      BUT... I open his box (which looks like he's been bent in half and sat on) not to find the perfect doll the auction promised, but a dirty, stained, chipped doll. I understand that this is not a new doll (it's an old F-28, for heaven's sakes), but I've owned and been around enough dolls to know that this kind of damage is not normal.

      List of damage (pictures included bellow):
      -Headcap stained from wig
      -Headcap CHIPPED in the back
      -Blushing rubbed off on the ears and around the headcap
      -Dirty all over
      -Mark on hand

      So I messaged her, telling her that the doll had arrived safely, but that I was upset at the condition. Her auction clearly states that he is in perfect condition. Obviously this isn't true.

      This is the message she replied with:
      I'm happy to hear that he arrived but i write all right in the auction, he don't have some faults and on the head can be some fleaks from the face up, because the face up do by a privat person and i thik this is not somethink what is important. On the heands i don't know why there are fleaks, he leave my home in perfect condition, because he was all time in his box. But this fleaks you can easy remove with nailpolish remover. And he was don't new doll!
      I wish you good time with this special doll and hope you give him a nice and warm home. I'm realy sorry that you wait so long but i will say that my description was courrect.
      Many thanks and greets

      Now, this is totally unacceptable. At the very least I expect a partial refund, seeing as the head is the most expensive part of a Volks doll, and this head is damaged. I will be sending her a message to that extent, including the following pictures.






    2. no where in her auction does it state the doll is in anything besides the perfect condition addvertised.

      second ow, the horrible grammer

      if you are not that attached i'd say see about asking for a refund and sending him back
    3. The sller is in Germany, so sending the doll back would cost quite a bit. I have messaged the seller and started a PayPal dispute for Item Not as Described. I've told the seller that I would be more than happy to take a partial refund and keep the doll.
    4. Did you pay the 4% paypal fee that she asked for? Because she's not allowed to do that (the rules aren't different for Germany, are they?). If you did, I'd definitely put that in the information you enter in your paypal dispute and get that refunded too.
    5. I agree. I bit of marking (the kind that rubs right off with Magic Eraser) would be sort of allowable, but this amount of damage on the doll is excessive (especially on the head: that is ridiculous!).

      It kind of makes me wonder if the pictures were deliberately taken the way they were to hide imperfections. :/

      After seeing your doll, I think I'm going to request pictures of any doll I buy WITHOUT a wig on.

      Please be sure to update your post so we know what the outcome is. I hope it all works out well for you!
    6. Thankfully I did not pay the 4% fee. I just ignored it when paying the total and she never said anything.
    7. I would file a paypal claim immediately for "item not as described" and enter what you think is a fair compromise for partial refund. The dirt can be cleaned easily as said with a magic eraser, and many older Volks dolls came with headcaps with kinks in them, but the fact he has a wig stain and blushing damage by his ears should have been mentioned by all means.

      If the seller does not respond to your paypal claim for a partial refund, I would escalate the claim. I hope this won't affect your feelings for him, I think he's a gorgeous boy!
    8. Update

      She responded.

      So... she never took his wig off -.- I responded with:

    9. How can she have never taken his wig off? O_O Unless there was something holding it on, like velcro, I tend to find wigs drop off all the time....
    10. i don't get how she didn't take his wig off.

      Sorry but i wanted to ask, is the head cap and the head a different colour? In the first 2 pictures, it looks too small for the head of the doll.

      I do reckon you should try to a least get a part of your money back, No way does a volks head should cost that much with so much damage
    11. This entire process might go more smoothly if you can find someone who speaks German. Her replies sound a bit confused as to what it is you want from her, and it just might make both your lives a bit easier.
    12. I'm so irritated right now. Anyone speak German?

      God damnit.

    13. Well, if I may play devil's advocate, $250-$300 seems like a lot of a discount for some dirt, a wig stain, and a chipped face-up. (I can't see the damage at the back of the head clearly and I don't know what was normal there when the doll was made anyway.) The dirt can be cleaned in an hour or so, the wig stain will probably come off with the face-up, and a new face-up is around what? $50, maybe $70 with shipping? If it were me, I'd say a $100-$150 discount sounds more fair.

      Yes, she should have disclosed all these in her auction, and I also find it hard to believe she didn't know there was a wig stain.

      If she's willing to pay shipping both ways (refund what you've already paid, and pay shipping back), I'd say just send it back to her. It sounds like you'll both be happier.
    14. $250 is not a lot to ask back for a doll like that. Those heads can go for upward of $450 in new undamaged condition. The value significantly decreases with damage to the head. The seller will likely try to negotiate the refund amount no matter what Juubei suggests. She is obviously going to be difficult about it so it's better to aim a bit high. She says herself that she paid $1000 for the doll new, Juubei paid $950. A $50 cut is acceptable on a pre-owned doll in new condition but not for one that has that degree of damage and obvious "use".

      Juubs, I'm so sorry babe. I hope it works out for you and that she decides to cooperate. It is NOT right to claim "He is in perfect condition and have no scratches or somethink." and "He come original like in the picture" and send a damaged and soiled item.

      He does have a very cute face. I hope you are able to get it fixed without having to remove it.
    15. Try to stay calm and work things out in polite considering words because I have noticed that many people, when they get really upset over a matter with a doll, end up becoming disenchanted with the doll and selling it, even after everything is solved. Drama around a doll can taint it for both parties.
    16. Well, I have an update. She was unwilling to negotiate with me, so I sent the matter to PayPal. I simply don't feel comfortable sending the doll bck to Germany, even if I do get a full refund. For one, it takes a long time to arrive, and if it is lost or further damaged she may try to cause problems that way.

      She has claimed that she did not realize there was damage because she never removed the wig, and also claims that the doll is still worth nearly $900... I've been trying to explain to her that she won't get NEARLY that for a damged doll, but I believe she thinks I am trying to 'scam' her.
    17. I also just took more pictures and forwarded them to PayPal and to the seller. I took comparisons with a doll in perfect condition :)










    18. Those pictures are great, dear. Paypal will definitely take into consideration the auction (which clearly states that the doll is in perfect, pristine condition), and that the doll isn't.

      What a horrible thing to have happened. I know I would be completely beside myself is something like this happened to me. And he's so adorable, too.

      If you do wind up trying to take the stains off and need his faceup replicated, I'd be more than happy to paint it for you for free, and make it as close as possible to his previous faceup. *hugs*
    19. Good luck with this.....that headcap does'nt even look as though it is the right one. Is there a huge difference in real life or does it just look a different colour in pics? It looks too small too. There is some nasty chipping around the edges - most definitely NOT in perfect condition. I hope that Paypal upholds your claim.
    20. Yes, the difference is there in person as well. A bit odd, isn't it?

      And thank you Kym! <33