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problems with elfgirlkaname - RESOLVED

Sep 21, 2010

    1. I really hate to do this, as elfgirlkaname seems very sweet, but at this point, I'm beginning to worry.

      In early July I contacted elfgirlkaname about commissioning an outfit for my Obitsu boy. She agreed to work on it and, since she had a minimee head that needed a face-up, we decided to do a straight trade, my face-up services for her sewing, both of us siting a 2 week turn around time in our commission threads.

      I recieved her MNM head and finished it well within the 2 weeks after receiving it. She was happy with the work and quickly approved the preview photos.

      However, I am still waiting on the outfit. For a while, she had kept me updated, appologizing and saying that it was almost done, but that she had been busy sculpting a BJD.

      The last time I heard from her was August 21, when she said she'd be sending the shipping money for the head as well as progress photos of the outfit. I've recieved neither. I've tried contacting her a couple of times since then and see by her profile status, that she has been on DOA, but she hasn't returned my PM's.

      Again, elfgirlkaname seems very nice, but I've had her head here for over 2 months now and haven't seen any evidence of the outfit and would just like the transaction finished as soon as possible.

    2. elfgirlkaname was last on the forum 18SEP. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. hi sorry ive been a jerk lately..
      im not usually like this :|

      and Im sorry that you had to page me

      I think at this point I will payfor the faceup and shipping

      and ship to you what I have of the outfit, the jacket is the only thing left, and when I have that finished I will ship that to you also

      and I will finish the jacket asap

      I'm very sorry i havent replied to your pms ... I have no excuse, i don't know why I didnt ><

      does this sound ok to you?
    4. Thank you for getting back with me and for the offer to pay for the face-up work. However, I'd simply like to finish the trade as we'd arranged if that is at all possible.

      I've replied to your PM :)
    5. sent out the outfit today ^_^
    6. I recieved the outfit today and have sent out the face-upped MNM head.
      I'm happy to say that, although elfgirlkaname dropped the ball a little on this transaction, once she was paged and communication resumed, she was very good about answering PM's and was prompt about finishing and shipping her end of the trade.
      Consider this problem happily resolved :)