Problems with Laidoll (Round Two)

Mar 28, 2007

    1. I know there is a thread similar to this started by Ren13 but I wish more people had posted about their problems because I would never have ordered from this company if I knew this would happen. Unfortunately her thread didn't come up until a week after I'd already made my order.

      I was curious, I wanted to see an AF Yin. Of course you can only get them through Laidoll. I ordered by Xi from there in September and in FIFTEEN days he was at my door. Not bad shipping at all.

      This I ordered my Yin on Feb. 3rd. Guess what? He still hasn't shipped. I understand that face-ups take time but even when I ask for an update I am given the run around until I threaten to file a paypal claim. Then suddenly my doll will be sent "next week".

      I emailed Laidoll (with the threat) and recieved a reply on March 16th. They said Ulat (the face-up artist) was working on my boy and they would ship him out the next week. I'd also PMed Change on this board and got a reply March 22nd saying Ulat had not even started my boy. Conflicting stories much?

      I'm at my rope's end. If I don't threaten to file a paypal claim or open a credit card dispute I don't get replies. And when I do it is appeasement that he will be sent "next week".

      I will be unable to recieve postal mail starting in mid April. I stated this and asked if it would be a problem to get him to me by then and was told there would be no problem. April looms closer and so do my $300 doll's chances of getting lost in the mail since the post office here refuses to give packages to people to whom it isn't addressed (a good policy but even if you sign the form they still won't give it to your envoy without a lot of hassle) and I won't be able to get mail to my house due to a rerouting issue.

      So buyer beware. I used to love this company and had experienced and heard nothing but good things. Now it seems everyone is having problems.

      I don't know, am I being unrealistic? Too demanding? I note I've only recieved ONE update in the past 50+ days and that was after threatening to file a paypal claim.

      I'm not worried I won't get my doll. It's just a matter of when. And if I'll even still want him after all this trouble :| . Any advice?

      P.S. If this is in the wrong area, sorry!
    2. I've heard issues about Laidoll before :( if you're almost out of time with paypal file the claim. either they'll refund or they'll get on it right away. If you get it you can always close the claim. Either that or make them send the doll to an address you know you can get it at (or change the name to a person you trust to receive it)
    3. I second this. File a claim anyways.
    4. I think I'm past my 45 day limit with Paypal since I ordered on the 3rd of Feb. So I guess since I paid with a card that also doubles as my debit/credit that I can open a dispute with them.

      Another member on this board ordered an AF Lily with a face up (basically my order but just a girl doll) on Feb. 16th. That order has already shipped yet I can't even get a response from anyone.

      If I'd known about the issues I would have gotten my other choice doll. As it is I'm out over $300 and no one has even bothered to reply to me.

      Guess I'll end up emailing them in Chinese with threats AGAIN or calling. And as much as I hate using the phrase "If I don't recieve a reply in a business day..." looks like I'm going to have to.

      Thanks for the input. Guess I'm stuck causing trouble on this one but this is ridiculous.
    5. Hi Kama!
      I'm so sorry to hear about this... So many people have had bad experience with the individual who is the English-speaking rep for this company.

      I just left this person, Change8023 negative feedback in her feedback thread (for my own experience with her), because while there were plenty of individual posts and threads complaining about Change/Laidoll's bad service, there was nothing in the most important place, her FEEDBACK THREAD.

      So I'd encourage you or someone who's actually ordered from Laidoll (for better or worse) to MAKE A FEEDBACK THREAD FOR LAIDOLL, as I was unable to find one. I would do it, but I don't feel right about it, as I have not ordered from "Laidoll" myself.

      I do hope your doll arrives, the deadline for Paypal Dispute Filing is 45 days.
      First you Open a Dispute, then the seller in question has 20 days to get the item to you, or otherwise fix the problem. If they fail here then you must upgrade the Dispute to a Claim.

      When I filed my dispute with Change, she responded in exactly one hour and five minutes. >_<

      Good luck
    6. I ordered from Laidoll before with no problems. But I'm to the point where I'm never ordering from them again and if anyone approaches me I'd tell them not to do so either. The bad of this far outweighs any good previously.

      It's been 56 days since I ordered. Someone else has gotten her order (which was pretty much the same as mine) and she ordered two weeks after I did.

      Ever since my ability to file a paypal claim has expired I'm getting NO REPLY. And I know the people I've been emailing have access to the internet because they've updated their blog.

      I was willing to believe they were backlogged because of illness. I was willing to believe access to the internet was spotty. But I have been outright lied to by this company about when my doll is shipping, when his face-up is being done and the one time I did get a reply it also apparently was false. If you have no internet access WHY can you update your blog but not respond to paying customers?

      Okay. Ending a rant. Taking a deep breath. I really wanted this doll and Laidoll was the only way to get him. But now I'm severely worried that if I finally get him I'll hate him because it took this long and caused this many issues.

      As it is I'm out $300+ (that could be used for upcoming events OR to buy another doll from a better seller), getting no reply to my emails and completely up the creek without a paddle.

      I contacted paypal and they said my claim had been "registered" but wasn't "viable" because I'm past the 45 day limit. So I don't know what to do short of filing a claim with my credit card company and I doubt they'd do much at this point. Is there anything like the Better Business Bureau to report them to? International purchasing does have downfalls, sadly. *sigh*

      Anyway, yeah, completely sick and dispirited tonight. Any advice would be most helpful .

      Soo...anybody want to buy an AF Yin? I could sell him for triple the price because guarenteed all this hassle is worth paying any amount of money to avoid :lol: (and I note that it is a joke).

      Edit: I emailed asking for a refund. I doubt I'll get it without filing a few complaints with someone but hey...can't hurt to ask. I really wanted a new doll for a gathering but doesn't look like I'll get one unless they actually stop being such poor business people and read my emails. As it is I just want it done. I want the doll shipped Monday or I want my money back.
    7. Last year around Sept/October I emailed Laidoll after stumbling onto their site. Complete noob knowing very little about BJD's I asked questions about body blushing, faceups etc for a DZ Mowen. The very next day I got excellent responses explaining in detail the procedures and what everything was for. A real pleasure for a noob that didn't even know what a faceup option was for lol XD

      Beginning of this year I decided - bugger it - I'm going to get me Mo! So I emailed Laidoll. No response. I emailed them at their Ebay name - nothing. All my emails were blatantly blanked! I've heard from other people that Laidoll only respond once you hand over money so any questions prior to that they just ignore now. There customer service used to be so good but it's gone to pot now!

      Laidoll are also playing a bit of a game with you. 'Cause soon, you won't be able to open a dispute through Paypal to claim your money back and will have to go through the hassel of getting your credit card to do it. Personally, I know you really want your Yin..but they have had long enough, even to do the face-up. The site states up to 45 days or something like that [going from memory], they've had two months, more than ample time. You should have it in your mittens by now! I would open the claim after this amount of time..get your money back and look for a different doll ;_;

      Edit----- EEee! Just saw you expired the Paypal claim limit x__X; Then contact your credit or debit card company. Explain the situation and open a dispute through them. They should still be able to get your money back since you still aren't the owner of the item and believe you will not be getting it!
    8. I believe I'm very much in the same boat as you Kama. I ordered a Megi January 16 and am still waiting for him. I emailed them several times and have actually gotten a response to the third try (after waiting several days in between attempts) and they've said that my Megi broke when being delievered to their factory so they had to send for a new one.

      I did believe them but with all the recent complaints I've been getting worried, plus if he broke shouldn't they have notified my when it happened instead of waiting for me to contact them?
    9. You are totally right. Any store should notify the buyer of whats happened. So it sounds seriously fishy to me. You should probably pull out..just get your cash back through Paypal and get Megi through somewhere like Junky Spot or something x___X I'm getting my Mowen from Emory and he has been awesome with communication, even with my really noob questions.
    10. It is currently my deepest regret that I didn't buy from Emory at Junky Spot. :(
    11. *big hugs* Seriously, demand your cash back. You've waited way too long and Megi is available straight away from Emory.
    12. January 16th? Wow. And I thought I was going crazy. I was debating between another dollzone boy or this one and decided this one. I would have gone through Emory if I went with that option. But yeah...not exactly sure that helps either of us now.

      It is protocol to notify someone when there will be any delay. ESPECIALLY something major like a doll breaking. And why on earth would a doll breaking delay him that much? Usually if they damage an order it is the first to get replaced.

      I wanted to believe the best in them. That the internet connection wasn't good or that someone was seriously ill. But they only told me these things after I threatened to file a paypal claim and now that time's run out they won't answer me at all.

      I'm just really, really annoyed. I want my money back, I don't even care about the doll anymore because I know I'll just get fed more lies about why this is taking so long when the fact is that they just don't care. If you have no internet access how do you update your blog? If your English representative is seriously ill why don't you hire another one on a temporary basis because you're running a business?

      I don't know what to do. Paypal won't do anything because of the time limit and the only other thing I think left is to do what someone else on the board did and find someone who speaks Mandarin and have them call the company.

      Anybody know if there's any legal action to take like reporting them somewhere? I'm not sure my credit card company will do anything.

      Pretty much? Good luck getting your money back because I have no luck getting them to even respond to me.
    13. I just found out!!!

      Laidoll is changing websites and the page up (from which you can link to the former page) has some things that may be proof that they are attempting to deal with their recent issues.

      Most interesting is this

      Dare I hope and hang around?

    14. That is interesting but still..although I'm glad they are trying to work through their issues and to make their existing customers happy..that is such bad practice to make people that have been waiting since January!
    15. Nnnnnngh.

      I am devoutly, devoutly hoping I have no issues this time around. Devoutly.

      The last purchase I made from LaiDoll was delayed so bad I was despairing of ever seeing it, and it was just a pair of shoes. Now, in their defense, this was during that period in January where it seems the translator was in the hospital for an extended period of time, and when they said the shoes would ship by the end of the week they did just that -- two weeks' time thanks to standard airmail and I had them. So that raised my hopes enough that I decided to bite the bullet and order a Yin, whom I'd had my eye on for ages.

      It's only been about a week and a half, but I'm already planning the email assault. Change said -- and I quote -- the doll would ship within a month of being ordered. I intend to hold them to that, since that's well within the Paypal dispute time.

      It's sad when customer service gets so bad that it scares people out of ordering things they very much want.
    16. *goes to email them again*

      I'm not holding out much hope. I told them specifically I needed the doll here by APRIL. They said it was "no problem". Sure. We believe that.

      I really wanted it all to just be that they got backlogged but after being lied to and repeatedly told my doll would ship "next week" I really can't trust them all that much.

      Tez, I wish you much better luck with your Yin than I've had. And advice, tell them if he isn't shipped within 45 days you'll file a paypal claim. That's the ONLY way I got a response and I wish to God that I'd filed a claim because now I have no other options.
    17. Hey hun when you get this. Check the When I went on they had an update. Maybe you should try to check this update ^^; And do what it says? Hope you get your doll!
    18. Most definitely, I wonder if they've lost a sizable chunk of customers because of their recent issues.
    19. Someone PM'd me today and suggested that people who are waiting on the DZ dolls bypass the rep involved and complain directly to Dollzone.

      It's a great idea, as no company would want to have a rep possibly damage their reputation!

      Good luck to everyone...
    20. Thank you. I have my fingers crossed and bigtime that this is going to work out as well as it is currently promising to.

      I get the feeling that Change in particular is busting her ass to try and restore LaiDoll's good name. She's been ridiculously quick and ridiculously helpful about answering questions and tolerating my constant bugging, and frankly it's restored a lot of faith in the company. However, that said, I'll REALLY be pleased if my boy ships out when she says it's going to.

      I only wish that my last purchase had gone this smoothly, and I only wish that everyone else who's had issues could get this kind of service. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you, Kama. Bigtime.