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Resolved Problems with Magical Machete - RESOLVED

Jul 23, 2011

    1. 26/6, I sendt MM a message asking if I could buy her DIM Jullis and asking how much the shipping was.. I then got a message back where the person said that the shipping was 30$.
      MM sendt me a message asking if I wanted the original box, and I answered yes..
      I paid the doll sixth of july and I know that the person needs to get the box first from USA to Korea, but my main concern is that the person hasnt been on since 11/7 and is then not answering my messages..
    2. Magical Machete was last on the forum 11JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. D: Sorry! I just got a chance to get back here. I mailed your box on the 22nd but the post office said they couldn't provide tracking... They couldn't explain to me why. It is insured up to $500 though... Sorry...
    4. Zagzagael, I have a question.
      Am I supposed to get emails when things like this happen? I don't have any in my inbox and I don't see any in my spam folder either...
    5. I've gotten a picture of the reciept and I'll close this when the package is here.
    6. Hanne confirmed thought PM that the doll arrived on August 18. ^ ^
    7. Ops! Yes, this can be deleted! The doll arrived to me and I'm very happy :D