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Problems with PookieNoodle

Mar 1, 2006

    1. In June, 2005, I was brand new to this board, & this hobby, & awaiting the arrival of my first doll, so I was looking for someone to make me a simple dress, & contacted PookieNoodle.

      She agreed to make me a gypsy-type dress for $20, including postage to the UK, which seemed very reasonable, & I sent her the money by PayPal.

      Over the following months, I contacted her regularly about the dress, & she got back to me again & again, saying she was sorry for the delay, & she'd get it done soon.

      I started asking if she had ANYTHING she could send me, but didn't hear back from her again after her last PM in September.

      I've tried to contact her by PM, & by e-mail through her website, asking for my money back, but, from her posting, it doesn't look as if she has been around since before Xmas.

      I know it isn't much money, but it was my very first attempt to buy anything from a DoA member, & I'm rather sad about it, as my doll never got her dress, & I'd like to have spent that money on getting her something nice to wear.

      Does anyone know Pookienoodle? Is she OK?

    2. I'm sorry to hear about the bad transaction with pookienoodle. she has come to the portland meetups but i haven't seen her around since the one in november and i dont think she has been in contact with any of the portlanders either :(
    3. The last post she made was about maybe not being able to make it to a December meet-up, as she wasn't well: I hope she's alright.

      Really, she's been very nice to me, up until September, but after that, I've not heard anything.

      If anyone sees her, please ask her to contact me.


    4. You don't think something might have happened to her, do you? I remember seeing her around DOA, but not lately...
    5. Last post was before Xmas, saying she wasn't well... maybe she has been ill?

      Don't think her site has been updated lately, but maybe she just isn't involved in doll-related activities at the moment, & is busy with costumes for humans?

    6. Lets hope so...would hate to think something happened.
    7. I hope she's ok...

      Next time you want to comission a dress, send payment either upon completion, or when she buys the fabrics as some can be expensive. Dont pay in the gopes of one day getting a dress....Paypal has a 40 day limit for retrieving your payment as well, so use it wisely!

      I hope you get the dress...if I improve at my (currently laughable) sewing skills Ill make you a Gypsy-type dress :)
    8. Thanks! I rarely think ill of people, being sometimes disorganised myself, but that does mean I sometimes come off worst.

    9. If i am commissioning something, i will pay for cost of materials up front, then the labor after it is complete.

      the problem is, alot of sellers do not trust the buyers will pay them after the outfit is completed, but the good thing is, the cost of materials is paid and they can auction off the unwanted outfit.

      It's benificial to both parties.

      good luck, i hope you hear back soon.
    10. OK, she hasn't posted here since December 18th, & now her website is gone. Does anyone know what happened to her?

    11. Oh, THANK YOU! Yup, that is her, & I sent her a message, so I hope she gets it :)

    12. :( I see on her ebay feedback there are a lot of negatives. That makes me sad, as she is a very nice person with a good personallity. I hope you hear back from her and get everything resolved soon!
    13. Hi,

      Another member directed me here because I have lost contact with her as well. She did cash the check on sent her....begining of April end of March, I'd have to double check. I hope she is o.k., too. She was making me a choker and I had won an auction for another one. She seems very nice, hope all is well. :(