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Problems with ravynscry (formerly titled "Prop Swap Closed and totals final!!!")

Feb 1, 2007

    1. Hi all,

      I was thinking that alot of people like to swap it's fun. I know we do alot of one on one swaps so here is the thing I would like to do a Central Swap. That means that you would be place in a group of no more than ten. You would make ten of the same item and send your items to me and I would send them out. You would send out ten items and get ten back. You would also send shipping I would think $5 across the board for the states and international would cover it.

      But I want it to be open to everyone and to save on shipping I would need someone who isn't in the states to be the central swap mommy or daddy for Europe.

      As I said it would be groups of ten (that means you will send out 9 items.) The groups will be broken into three different groups Large Dolls (60 cm range), Mini Dolls (45cm range), and Tiny doll(35 cm and under). You can join more than one group (You must make or buy a different item for each group you join. BUT..... Please do not sign up if you cannot fullfill your swap. Items could be made or bought and you will only need to make one item for each person. I will not set a price range so keep it honest, and swap things you would want to get.

      This will be a prop swap. I will be taking names from now until 2/14/07 you will have until the 28th of Feb to Post mark your items. This of course will slow us down as there will be some people that are out of the states. But I will post when I have recived each swap box and when they go out. If your items are not recived you will be marked as not swapped and you will not recived anything. (That is the beauty of a Central Point Swap. No one sends out and doesn't get back.)

      Suggested items are

      Books,Keys,pillows,food,drink, office supplies,and anything else that isn't clothing. Purses are acceptable.

      You will need to send this info in a PM to me:

      1 Your dolls name and what group he or she will be in.

      2 How many groups you would like to be in.

      3 which CP you have (ie States or Europe)

      4 Your mailing address. (Please Provied this info with your first PM)

      Feel free to PM me with questions.Also if you could please inclose your shipping with you items that would be wonderful. And if you want to sign up for two groups I will be glad to do that for you just as soon as the first group it full. 10 people to each group.

      Thank you
      Nicole :)

      Large Dolls
      Group #1

      1: Akkhima (RECIVED)
      2: Chii Of Hearts
      3: bperry042 (RECIVED)
      4: ChiByakko (RECIVED)
      5: Bhevarri (RECIVED)
      6: Jinlin (Recived)
      7: Aernath (Recived)
      8: Ravynscry (Here)
      9: vulpes (Removed due to package damage.)
      10: Kcurry9 (Recived)

      Large dolls
      Group #2

      1: Catwhiskers (Recived)
      2: Willowanderer (RECIVED)
      3: Jinlin (Recived)
      4: Blackpaperbag (Recived)
      5: Lilycat28 (RECIEVD)
      6: Akkhima (RECIVED)
      7: Ravynscry (Here)
      8: Kcurry9 (Recived)
      9: onnawufei (RECIVED)
      10: Vtheyoshi (RECIVED)

      Mini Dolls
      Group #1

      1: Ravynscry (Here)
      2: Psycho Sukaf (Recived)
      3: Techkitty
      4: Sue (RECIVED)
      5: Turynn
      6: Catwhiskers (RECIVED)
      7: onnawufei (RECIVED)
      8: Kethrim (RECIVED)
      9: JRYU (RECIVED)
      10: Tailormouse (RECIVED)
    2. Sounds fun!
    3. What if one isn't in the US or Europe?
    4. Dezarri,


    5. I'm in Japan too, but this sounds fun! If there's an Asia group I'll join!
    6. I PM'ed you! Hopefully I'll be able to make ten things. xD
    7. I think if I could find one person out of the us they could host for everyone that isn't US or Canada. What do you think. I don't know what international shipping is. But I will go look now and find out if it isn't too high from the states I will host international as well.

    8. oh hi hate to hijack your thread but I have pm'ed you twice about the magazine.. are you not doing it anymore?
    9. I am so sorry I haven't been getting very many of my pms. I will be putting it on hold as I haven't been about to do much work on an outline and I didn't have but 3 or four offers for articals.


    10. Ok,

      I checked the Global Priority Mail shipping and it says $4.25 and up so I think about $5 for global shipping would be ok. So I will make shipping $5 acroos the board for global and state side shipping. The items will have to be able to fit in the global mailing envelopes. How does that sound?

    11. oh weird because the 'read' receipts were coming back to me like you read them ! strange system huh?

      Okay well I hope it works out ! take care
    12. Hey no problem and I will let you know if anything changes. I don't know about this pm system I know it looses alot of my pms even the ones I try to send.
    13. we have three swappers so far.

      Nicole :)
    14. Do you have to make the items or could you find them in a store as well? *isn't very craftily inclined...*
    15. You can buy they or make them but all 10 have to be the same item. I am not so crafty either.

      Nicole :)
    16. Excellent. You can tentatively add me in. I needs to go hunting!
    17. Sure just pm me all the info I need from the first post.

      Nicole :)
    18. I think $5 shipping is acceptable, especially if it simplifies everything and makes everyone one big group.
    19. Can they have color variation, if they're all the same type of item? Example, a book, but with different color covers.
    20. interesting idea, I'd like to join but I'd have to figure out what to do