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Resolved Problems with Visavis/Sienna (resolved)

Jun 25, 2006

    1. Two months ago I placed an order with Visavis (Sienna) for an msd outfit from Musedoll, for which she acts as a shopping service. She replied to my emails within two days up until she had confirmed my payment of $117.

      After this things started to go downhill. She did not contact me for almost a month regarding the item, and did not reply to any of my emails or pm's about it. Finally I opened a seller dispute through Paypal and she finally responded, saying my item would be shipped at the end of May. So I closed the dispute.

      As far as I know the item has not yet been shipped (I paid for EMS) and she is once again not responding to my emails. As its been over 30 days I can't reopen the paypal seller dispute and I have no idea where my item is.

      I do not reccomend buying through VisaVis/Sienna, this whole business has been stressful and frustrating. If anyone has any suggestions as how to resolve this I would appreciate the help.


      The item arrived today. Apparantly it had been shipped but I was not given notice.