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Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 4

Dec 14, 2017

    1. Heads up to anyone wanting to order Safrindoll eyes - they've just posted on their facebook page that there will be a pre-order on the 15th - so, tomorrow - and after that the eyes will be discontinued, possibly indefinitely!!!! D:

      So, who else is going to stock up big in case we end up getting, like, ten more dolls in this size? :D
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    2. OMG, at the rate I'm going I'll need a bucketful! There is nothing about the pre-order (or eyes being discontinued) on their web page; however, the 15th is Friday so there's time yet. Now I'm glad that PayPal didn't apply my balance to Raccoon David -- I'll use it on eyes instead.
    3. I'm saaad! It was so nice knowing that they were always there to order from. . till they weren't T___T. I'll probably be ordering a few pairs even though I'm gonna try and make my own. At least I'll be getting the Blossom and Corona ones for Julian.

      I'm suspecting he'll be coming sometime in early January since I ordered him later on. Hopefully if that's the case he'll get here after my niece leaves so I don't have to hide him from her. She's five, and knows my dolls are not for touching, but I still worry. I'm of course still waiting for the status to change to queued, but as soon as it does, I'm gonna be designing and sewing like mad.
    4. Yes, they can. My Nina has the JID hands.
      [​IMG]Home by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    5. Thank you @JinCIncy , that's a lovely picture!
    6. Damien is out of the shipping queue and is in transit!:sumomo: Normally I'd expect him within 3-4 days, but the way packages have been backing up once they arrive in New York, I'll be happy if he reaches Vermont for Christmas.

      Today is the 15th and Safrindoll still has not posted the basic resin eyes. I hope she doesn't run this sale from Facebook because I'm not on it.
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    7. There is nothing on FB at the moment today either..............I really hope she does open it up as I need some more smaller size eyes, especially if this will be the last preorder for them.:ablink:
    8. What size (type) eyes do you all recommend from Safrin? Being a newbie to the FID/Raccoon Doll size I would like to have some nice eye options in my supplies.
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    9. 8mm with small iris seems to work nicely. That's what I've got in Billie. She's got them up now. On the FB she said that they'll be up for a while. Not sure how long a while is though lol.

      I caved and asked Raccoon when my Damien would ship and they said next week! I am excited!
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    10. I think I have 6mm in all of mine. The 6mm doesn't have a small iris option, so if you want that option you can get 8mm with small iris. There's a chart on most eye pages so you can see the relative measurements of size, eye width, regular iris, and small iris.
    11. Yay, next week!! So exciting. Looking forward to seeing the Damien guys as they arrive to their new homes.

      @TatterPunk & @vermont chick Thank you both so much for the information. I will need to look and decide on eyes for my Raccoon Doll Daisy and my FID Aurora.
      Daisy's current eyes are pretty nice, but it is always nice to have options.
    12. I have about four sets I definitely want, so I'll be ordering a bunch I'm sure. I definitely want the rainbow ones for my eventual Gene I plan to get. Oh wait, make that five. . . Yep, hopefully they keep them open at least a couple weeks into January 0__0. I need all of the eyes!

      I'm super excited to get a guy doll again finally. Oddly enough I've only ever had one (an Iple SID Shane), so it's nice to be soon delving into the male gender of dolls. I'll definitely be interested to see what sorts of things fit the men, though I'm sure Julian will wind up with most of his clothes made by me due to the odd style his character seems to have. Sunday hopefully I can sew something for him. Yess. I need to make some pants for Billie too. Gotta make a run to the fabric store this week I think.
    13. Can someone give me the link to the site to buy these eyes? I'd like to get a few pairs before they are gone.
    14. Here you go: https://www.safrindoll.com/doll-eyes?manufacturer=144
      I get 8mm with a small iris.

      Oh man, I just spent so much on eyes - I panicked at the thought of never being able to get them again! Oops!
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    15. I went through the Safrindoll pages listing all the eyes I liked and ended up with a list of 20 colors. No way am I buying that many eyes, no matter how inexpensive they are, so I narrowed my list down to 7. Now I have to decided which ones will be 6mm and which will be 8mm with small iris. I'm glad this sale is pre-order rather than like Doll Bakery's first-come-first-served policy. I was completely shut out of DB's most recent sale--everything was gone by the time I got there. (They don't make the smaller eyes.)
    16. So I was reading previous post about Safrin eyes, just to be sure I am ordering the right size, type, etc.
      If I pick 6mm, will there be a little gap? Is it better to go 8mm with small iris? Is 8mm/small iris an option for every eye color, or just some. Also I read something about 'resin basics' is that the same as urethane resin? I just want to be sure I am ordering the right ones.

      Also, this is a pre-order? Are the dates on the website when they are expected to be delivered? August/Sept. Or will it be sooner?
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    17. Resin Basics is what Safrindoll calls its urethane eyes. I don't see a gap with my 6mm, but if you want to be absolutely certain then order 8mm with small iris. If the option is available, you'll see it in a drop-down menu under the size menu. If you order larger eyes for a different doll, be sure to look at the iris menu to see if there is a difference in price. It doesn't seem to make a difference with 8mm small iris.

      It looks like they forgot to change the dates from the last pre-order period. My last order was in June of this year but I have no record of how long it took for the order to arrive. I'd plan on at least a month.
    18. Thank you so much. :) I have about 10 in my cart but feel I should narrow it a bit.
      I noticed some colors also come in a 'bold' option. Any experience with that?
    19. I'm sure others feel differently, but bold colors are too bold for my taste. In the photo below, Sarah is wearing 8mm Bold Meadow, Monica is wearing 6mm Bold Juicy Pear, and Mika is wearing 6mm Bold Aegean. I like the Bold Meadow, but those Bold Juicy Pear look frightening no matter who's wearing them. (I'm so glad I looked through my envelopes, because I discovered I already have two of the colors on my want list.)

      Correction: I just noticed that the envelope for the Aegean eyes says Natural. If this is natural I wouldn't want to see the bold. I was surprised by how green these are, as I expected a sea green to have some blue in it. I have 6mm Natural Tiger Lily (on FID Grace or I'd show them here) that also look brighter than you would expect. Caveat emptor.
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