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Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 4

Dec 14, 2017

    1. Helloo ;v; I've fallen in love with the glamorous raccoondoll body - it's exactly the amount of curvy I've been looking for - but I have a feeling the Luts Lishe head I have may be too big for the body - anyone tried a raccoon doll hybrid? Thanks!
    2. @pinnku - I haven't tried this particular hybrid and no longer have any Minifees, but here's a side-by-side of a Raccoon Lucy (slim body, sorry) and a Minifee Siean, just for height and head size. Lishe (carried over from Luts) is one of the larger heads; Siean is smaller. Your proposed hybrid might look a bit bobble-headed.
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    3. @vermont chick aah thank you so much! yes I thought that would be the case hmm looks like I'm still on the lookout for a curvy girl then ;v;
    4. Does anyone with a grey doll have a grey doll chatuea doll to compare resins? Thanks!
    5. Jocasta playing the piano on a cold day.
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    6. Oh wow beautiful!!!

      They are beautiful!!!
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    7. Thank you Deeley 91!
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    8. My pleasure
    9. My Mika head has shipped! Sooooon I will be able to unite her with her body. SOOON. Her hands still won't match (the only extra hands I have are white and the body's NS), buuut one thing at a time.
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    10. Congrats on your Mika head @TatterPunk ! For the time being you can always pretend she is wearing white gloves. Lace probably isn't your thing, but what I would do is make a removable pair of white lace cuffs that she can wear with the white hands to enhance the effect.
    11. I've been experimenting with making painted eyes for my smaller resin dolls. I find it challenging to capture their eyes in photographs so I wondered whether its really necessary to have the same glass/acrylic types of eyes that we use in our larger dolls for these smaller versions. Laetitia is probably not the best example as she has large eyes anyway so is easier to take photo of but here's a quick comparison...I've replaced the eyes in most of my FID/Raccoons now but will need to make more eyes to try to improve them.

      [​IMG]Laetitia Acrylic vs painted eyes by Lyanne NZ, on Flickr
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    12. Wow beautiful. To me the painted eyes look better but only because you can see the whites in her eyes more. It makes a huge difference.
    13. The painted eyes look good. Most of the acrylics have a transparent layer and that pushes the whote and iris back into the head and that can be significant with small eyes.
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    14. The painted eyes look very good.
    15. Wow had no idea thanks for that tidbit
    16. The painted eyes look great! What are you using for the base? I experimented with polymer clay once but I couldn't shape it smooth enough--or make two exactly the same size. Then there's the matter of trying to paint something that small. I can't do it, myself. You have my deepest admiration and respect.:abow:
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    17. @vermont chick I am using white polymer clay - I have some more in the oven as I type :) I have also been mulling over making molds for them but tonight I decided again to just go ahead and roll small balls of clay. As long as the irises are painted to match (and yes that's a little challenging too!) it doesn't matter too much about the size of the eyeball itself as long as it fits into the eye-well. I'm finding them much easier to position too because there is no transparent bump to get in the way if you want to move them up or down.

      I have only sealed the paint at this point but I could use some more glossy sealant to make them have that shine but I held back doing that as I'm looking for eyes that are easier to photograph and I figured in their matte form they might be easier.

      I have Rosie in some simple photos now too...snapped late in the day...

      [​IMG]Painted eyes for Raccoon doll Rosie by Lyanne NZ, on Flickr
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    18. Love the painted eyes
    19. Absolutely gorgeous, @LyanneNZ! I'm inspired to try again, especially for those smaller dolls who are otherwise extremely hard to fit.
    20. Give it a try @vermont chick ! I got a bit frustrated by the tiny eyes. I absolutely love this size of doll but I was struggling to photograph them. I'm finding this a simple solution :)

      Now the next thing I need to tackle is smaller wigs! I do love the Monique wigs for my girls but I need sleeker styles and definitely some nice short hair for the boys...somehow ;)
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