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Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 4

Dec 14, 2017

    1. I made a Renaissance dress for Mercy - gradually getting around to making clothes that fit for all my girls! This pattern has been driving me absolutely nuts trying to get it right, but here’s the latest attempt!

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    2. Well done. That's quite a complicated dress!

      I have to say I LOVE your girl and her beautiful face up! Is that the Laetitia dreaming face? I wondered how open the eyes would be but yours is just beautiful!!
    3. Thank you!!!
      And yes, she is a Dreaming Laetitia, with a beautiful face up by Matahatas. She did such a wonderful job painting her, I love her so much!
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    4. Mercy is just gorgeous and her faceup is indeed beautiful. Her dress looking wonderful too.
    5. Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress. I love that shade of green. The black hair, pale skin and apple are giving off a distinctly Snow White vibe. Great job!
    6. I'd say you're making great progress!
    7. Thank you so much!!!
      Ah, thank you!!! That Snow White vibe is just what I was going for - or more the "evil Snow White" in the Neil Gaiman story "Snow, glass, apples."
      Thank you!!!!
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    8. My pleasure keep at it. Can't wait to see the finished thing!
    9. I actually sewed things for my dolls last night! Well. . a thing. For Eleanor. Since I finished cleaning everything up here I actually have the space and time to work on doll stuff which makes me super happy. Also, it turns out that Elle will actually wear pretty fancy dresses as long as they're a bit spooky! Unlike some other dolls -squints at Echo-.
      You can also see her little faceup a tiny bit better here, and how she works on the JID body.
      [​IMG]Tatterpunk Gown by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
      I'll take more proper doll life pics of her later. I have more projects to work on now!
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    10. She looks good on the JID body and fancy suits her.

      Jocasta one of my Daisies in a thoughtful mood.
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    11. @Patrice S - love your Jocasta!
      @TatterPunk - what a fun dress!!

      I just finished a few new medieval gowns for my gals. I really love how these dresses look on these
      amazing bodies. I’d found some new slinky stretchy fabrics and wanted to try those out in this pattern.
      I’ve enjoyed these fabrics so much that I’ll probably make more of these gowns in other colors too.

      And my brand new Lara (sweet mocha resin) just arrived today! She’s quite wonderful too.
      My original Gene is also modeling (also sweet mocha). Both are barefoot on different stands.
      Both wearing Iplehouse FID wigs. I will probably put oval glass eyes into Lara shortly.

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    12. Those gowns are very lovely!
    13. Lara and gene and goth beautiful
    14. @Robyn_in_WA - Love the gowns! Both girls look amazing.<3
    15. The other project I've been working on is a room box. It's been planned a long time, but I finally got the floor laid down on Monday. I really wanted something with floorboards which could be somewhat to scale with the 1/4 and fashion range dolls, so I used Tack Board which we (mum and I) pulled the zillions of nails out of. Here is Eleanor modeling the floor and her dress.
      [​IMG]Any Sudden Movement of my Heart by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    16. @TatterPunk
      Great outfit. Very goth Lolita.

      The fabric really is perfect for this kind of pattern - but I guess it's not as easy to sew.
    17. Wow These look great on them.
    18. She looks lovely! How does she look next to the other girls? I’d be interested to see!
    19. Thank you! I will try to remember to get some group photos this weekend or so. She pretty much reads as a petite person maybe a little younger than all my other dolls. More teenager-y than the others.
    20. Lol lovely. And it's good that you can use those two scales for the same flooring.