Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. @Scarlet C - Here are the 3 resin colors, left to right: sweet mocha, milk mocha, normal. White is the lightest skin tone, followed by normal, while milk mocha is the lightest of the 3 mocha tones. Hope that helps.

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    2. I honestly don't know. Could just be slight variances in batches?

      I was hoping I could leave the neck alone and just blush the hands, feet, near the collar bone region. Just to make it blend more. And the bodies looks so...flat compared to the heads, if that makes sense. I think I'll try blushing the bodies. And if it doesnt work, I'll just take everything off and start over. I was kind of sad when the heads were done. I had so much fun doing them.
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    3. My modern gene looks beautiful. I wish her skin tone was lighter. :sorry
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    4. @Scarlet C - Gene looks lovely. Don't despair. She may fade a little over time. My milk mocha Rosie looks paler to me now than she did when she arrived. You can also play with wig and eye color to see how that changes the look of her skin tone. A darker wig and lighter eyes might give the illusion of lighter skin.
    5. Taking photos of Monica....
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    6. I’m looking for a black wig too but need advice. Besides monique and nine9style what other brand of wigs fits her head sculpt?
    7. @Scarlet C your Gene is just lovely.

      Iple wigs fit as do SartoriaJ and Raccoon Doll gets their wigs from For My Doll.

      This is my Daisy Jocasta in a SatoriaJ wig.
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    8. @Patrice S She looks so stunning! :love Where did you buy the piano?

      Well I tried SatoriaJ wig on Iplehouse Vanessa but it couldn't fit on her.
    9. There are no standard wig sizes. It's a lie.

      I was trying out wigs last night on my newly arrived SD Vito Berial. The wigs that fit him were all over the map. He should take a large 5/6 or a small 6/7 (weird head sizes FTW!). A Leeke 5/6 fit him (however the same wig doesn't fit my SD Vito Rail or SD Vito Azreal *sigh*). A Litch 6/7 fit but was a touch big. FMD 5/6 fit but is tight (this is my Raccoon boy's default wig). Hual 4/5 & 7/8 did not (but the Hual 4/5 does fit wonderfully on my Raccoon boy, which he is unapologetically stealing). Some random brand 7/8 fit like a dream.

      No wonder we have so many "discard" wigs in our collection even ignoring the wigs that dolls refuse to wear because it's not "them".
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    10. Tight wigs with some stretch built in will eventually stretch enough that your doll can wear them. Wigs that fit currently will also eventually stretch until they are too loose for your doll to wear. I've been in this hobby so long that I have a huge discard bin.
    11. I have a bunch of wigs that have stretched so much that they just fall off, and they are just five years old. You'd think for what they cost, that the elastic would last longer. Was going to order new ones, but I think I'll try stitching fresh elastic around the inside edges.
    12. I was thinking of stitching new elastic into some of mine, too. I hate to give up on some of these wigs as they're among my favorites.
    13. [​IMG]DSCN0981 by derilan85, on Flickr

      My red head girl Mika with glamourous body. She is wearing Safrin doll eyes. Too bad I can't find more clothes for her with this body type.
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    14. @derilan85 - The answer, of course, is "Sew, knit, crochet". Alternatively, shop for flared or full skirts and dresses. Pants are harder to find, but stretchy leggings work. My two original body girls also wear some Iplehouse JID girl clothing. Below is my Sarah on the original body, wearing an outfit made from Designs by Jude's Urban Beat pattern (sized for DeAnna Denton). I took the photo intending to showcase her new boots.:lol:

      @JinCIncy - I love your Nana! What a gorgeous and unique look she has.
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    15. @JinCIncy A very gentle looking Nana. So pretty.

      @Patrice S This picture is just stunning.

      @vermont chick good to see that combination in a larger picture. Perfect find, boots and dress.

      Somebody requested a Raccoon head/Jid body head swap, and I just posted the comparison pictures on my blog.
      The Raccoon head looks good on the JID girl body. Vice versa not so much :D
      Raccoon girl head on JID girl body
    16. @JinCIncy your Nana is so pretty.
      @vermont chick those boots and dress are so cute on her.

      This is Alana, my Elf Amanda who came last week.
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    17. @ResinRapture - I like the combination of Raccoon head on JID body. It works well for anyone wanting some variation in body type. JID head on Raccoon body? Just no.

      @Patrice S - Ooh, Elf Amanda is so much prettier than I thought she'd be. I'm sorry now that I bought only the dress. Here it is on Rosie:
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    18. It really is a gorgeous dress and I'm glad I bought it.
    19. [​IMG]

      Here's Vespertine, my Laetitia, in a Tudor dress I made! It's my favorite era and I'd been wanting to make a dress in that style for so long, and I've finally done it! The pattern was an utter pain to work out, but I'm glad I persevered. :D The underskirt and undersleeves are separate, so I can swap them out for another colour if I want a different look. Now, if only I could find shoes to match... I suspect I'll have to end up learning to make them myself! D:
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