Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. Here's my newest girl and the dress I made her! Well, actually I've had her for a while now, but I just got her back after getting her beautiful face-up by @matahata so it feels like she's new! :D
      She doesn't have a name yet and I intended for her to wear brown wigs not black, but it turns out black suits her more - and so I need to find yet another wig in black so she stops stealing this one - but I'm so happy to have her more or less complete!


      The dress is a Regency dress with a separate over-skirt - I've had this fabric for so many years, and always meant to make a dress from that era with it, so now it's finally done! Now, if only I could find some slip on black shoes that fit the flat feet... no luck with that so far. Or not ones that ship to Australia, anyway. :(

      My next project will be to make a steampunk outfit for Fate, my elf Emma who is also back with an amazing new face-up - can't wait to introduce you all to her!
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    2. @monganatron Both your new girl and her dress are lovely!
    3. I came across this interview with Raccoon Doll sculptor. I thought I'd share if anyone is interested. It has English subs.

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    4. Thanks for sharing xyuemoto! I love the Raccoon Dolls and I really want to support them. It must be incredibly hard starting your own company in this day and age. I loved all his sculpts when he worked and Iplehouse and I really enjoy the dolls I have bought from Raccoon doll.
    5. Thank you for sharing his video! It was great to hear him speak about his dolls.
    6. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I really love all my Raccoon Dolls both the male and females.
    7. The video was cool and its great to see the passion that sculptors have for their work. I had no idea the creation of the males was because somebody asked him for a guy so they could have a couple. I wonder if asking for some high heel feet for the guys would get them made.
    8. OMG @vermont chick did you know you were his first US customer??? At least I'm guessing based on what he says in the video. That was a great video thanks for posting @xyuemoto

      Ok now someone needs to make the Mad Max version of Rosie stat!
    9. I'm glad all you wanted to see the video. I wasn't sure if I should post it or not.

      It is really cool that he listens to customer request otherwise he might not made the male elves. Elf Kai is so cool.
    10. I love the elves and hope he continues to make more of them!! My Elf Kai is one of my favorite dolls.
    11. I adore my Elf Kai as well. Ironically enough, I'm actually working reasonably diligently on his story today. Go me!
    12. I figured I was. In fact, I may have been his first real customer because my CoA is number "2" and I know he donated a doll to a doll show before I ordered so that would be number "1". I haven't seen the video yet--I was at a doll meet-up this afternoon. Can't wait to see it!
    13. Oooh, but the "too long" Raccoon Doll was one of my reasons to get my Alice! Cos I thought it would be such a cool inside joke to make a Resident Evil Alice out of a RACCOON Doll. ;) Now if he only made a guy with Arabian features, I'd know where to get a Carlos for my Alice ... poor thing is lonely ...
    14. Thank you so much for sharing the video! <3 It was wonderful to see the creater himself talking about his creations and inspirations. The story behind the company name was cute, too! <3

      Does anyone here have a Raccoondoll Emma they could possibly show me a picture of..? Maybe beside another Raccoondoll lady, if possible..? Thank you for any help in advance! <3
    15. I have Emma, here she is with my Iple FID Lawrence head on a Raccoon doll body. I don't have any pics of her with another of my girls.
      [​IMG]Isn&#x27;t She Lovely by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    16. Cool interview! And yes, I'm the Lorraine he mentions as his first customer. If Raccoon is reading this thread, "Hello!":fangirl:
      Thanks for posting, @xyuemoto!
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    17. Thanks for posting the video xyuemoto! That is so great that we get to see the amazing Mr Raccoon himself! Yayy!
      Ohhh, Congrats Vermont Chick for being the First Client! How absolutely brilliant is that! :dance
      Introducing my two new Raccoon girls, Lily (Daisy) and Ruby (Gene)..

      And here is Ruby..
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    18. Congratulations on Lily and Ruby! They are lovely.

      @vermont chick, that's neat that you were his first customer.

      @Mimosa10, while I have a number of Raccoon girls I don't have an Emma but his girls look good together.
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    19. Thanks Patrice S!

      JinCincy, your Emma is beautiful - Is she large bust on slim body? She and your elvish-looking Lawrence are sensitively gorgeous together! The Racoon Male bodies are actually my faves, and I can't wait until/if Branden may be available again!! Count me in for that one, Mr Raccoon! :3nodding:
    20. My Raccoon Julia is queued for shipment! Too bad she just missed a doll meet-up but that's okay. She can go next month.

      @LilyAndRuby - Thanks, and congrats on your two girls. They're lovely. May I ask who did the face-ups? Gene's is quite different--in a good way.

      @Patrice S and @LilyAndRuby - Thanks! I was really surprised to be mentioned by name. Of course, that means I can never sell my Sarah (not that I ever would) because she was the first.
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