Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. I have a SLIM Bianca with medium bust, as well as Monica with small bust, and tried one of Bianca's outfits on her to see how it would fit. Monica is slimmer so the skirt waistbands are loose, and they hang down on her hips. Her torso is also slimmer, so the bodice fits loose. I only pulled the front lacing a little tighter, and not as tight as her smaller torso suggested, so as not to spoil the look. So, in my opinion, tailored clothing from an FID might be passable if you don't mind that it's a bit loose....
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    2. Oh, I LOVE those outfits!
    3. Thank You for that Comparison picture! The gown I am creating is rather special to me. I have always loved period clothing and was in Rome in 2018. While there I discovered a fabric shop that literally brought me to tears, 2 floors of fabric stacked from floor to ceiling ( very high ceilings). Each room had a category, like Chanel Chenilles, the actual Chanel, most of the fabrics were from fashion houses from the season before. The silk room was to die for and I left with a bag of goodies. I could have spent days there!
      I bought an amazing silk brocade, which I call my Medici silk and that is what this gown is made of. It's not nearly done, but I really hope that it fits my new Raccoon doll so I can share it on here.

      MB Lilac, I love those dresses! Curious, what size grommets did you use on the jackets?
    4. LaurieESW that's a great comparison shot. It's good to know they can share items with a little stretch.

      MBLilac OMG those outfits. Absolutely beautiful. Sometimes I think you have found real life humans that look like our dolls and are posing them instead of our teeny dollies! Supreme artistry :abow: The comparison info is most interesting too, thank you!

      Kimmera, I really am looking forward to seeing your beautiful outfits, especially now knowing you found an Aladdin's Cave of exquisite fabrics! If I find a special fabric - and I have a fair few, I must admit - it almost seems sinful to cut into it, so I often just end up looking admiringly at it instead of making my resin family some actual clothes!! :doh
    5. @Khell - Thank you!
      @Kimmera - They are just the standard 'scrapbooking' size
      @LilyAndRuby - Thanks! Up until now Monica has just been borrowing clothes from my Bianca, but I ordered a Steeze Rosie, so that means two dolls with the same measurements, and the need to make them something that actually fits them properly.
    6. Just ordered myself a Henry. Couldn't skip on that sale, needed a body anyway, and I feel as if Henry might be an even better match than the head I got the body for :roll:

      I'm a little anxious, this is my first doll in such a size! Everyone in my current crew (except for my SD10 boy) is 65cm and bigger. Most are at least 70cm actually.
      But I'm getting tired of hauling them around, how difficult it is to take pictures of more than one doll with limited space available, and the yet to come husband for this guy needs a motorcycle...not gonna buy that in 1/3 scale. So I just hope I like this scale, at least on pictures you can't tell they are small :eusa_pray

      I am curious, has anyone here the male body and bought the male second hands? I hope I assumed correctly they are not the same hands like on the body, because otherwise I'll have twice the same pair. Just not very fond of the basic hands, and on the pictures the seconds doooo look a little differently?
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    7. Ara, Congrats on ordering Henry... I have ordered him too!

      Yes you are correct that the male second hands are different to the basic hands that he will come with as standard. Henry is shown with the second-style hands in the promo pics so that he can hold the pistol. The basic hands are flatter (see promo pics of Branden for example), so the second-style ones are more rounded to hold things.

      I hope you enjoy this size. I had the 65cm BJDs years ago but only have one left - my first one - now. The detail in such a smaller scale is incredible and so much easier for taking out for photos etc. And you don't lose any of the poseability, in fact I believe you gain some, and of course the weight is so much more manageable.. and space saving.. the positives go on..
    8. Yay, Ara! I'm sure you'll like him - speaking as someone who's always been more into bigger than smaller BJDs (not that anyone would ever guess that, looking at my cobbled-together "doll circus"), all I can say is: If fashion-sized BJDs had been a thing, yet, when I joined the hobby back in 2008, I don't think I'd have all those big-ass dolls now ... Fashion-size, imho, is the best of both worlds: BJDs with adult proportions but in a manageable size. (And it's SO nice to be able to just pop Alice in my bag and take her to work with me.)

      Can't speak of the guys, of course, but as far as Raccoon ladies go, I love mine to pieces and the only way you'll ever get me to part with her again will be by ripping her from my cold, dead hands. Posability is really nice and the details are awesome! One thing I really, really like about Alice is that all the fingers on her hands are separated, so theoretically, if you can find them, you totally can have her wear finger gloves. That's something you don't even find on quite a number of the big BJDs. Ok, it might be a little trickier to find props for the smaller scale but with a little luck and patience ...
    9. I have both big and small BJD's and I have to say I love the Raccoon men. They stand like rocks, their sculpts are gorgeous and they are much more portable than the larger dolls to take out for photos etc, if that is something you enjoy. As for props, I found some cool things for mine recently, and highlighted them on my blog yesterday (link in my signature below).
      One of the cool props I found at Hobby Lobby were these earring charm compasses. The needle inside even spins around and everything. They are really cool.
      [​IMG]Compass Charm by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    10. Thank you guys :)
      The things you list are exactly the reason why I decided to give this size a try. And much like Khell I think that if this size would have been more common back then I might not have started with SD and bigger. I just always wanted adult and older looking dolls, so the big size was the way to go. I love the "vibe" those big dolls give off, they DO look very impressive, but god are they a hassle. And I'm getting tired of all the logistic, space and other issues when taking pictures of them. I just feel very limited by them.
      With the smaller ones I'm mostly afraid that some things will be harder to commission for me/let them look nice and in-scale. Male haircuts are already a pest for the big guys and sometimes have a bit too much volume there, I just hope my usual wig makers will still be able to make something fitting in such a tiny scale. Or tiny eyes. Eyes still look the nicest with the ridiculous big eyed dolls where the details can shine and sparkle :lol:

      Then my eyes didn't trick me! On the basic body pictures the hands are rarely properly shown so I was a little unsure. I'm not very fond of how "flat" they look like (reminds me of Lego hands), so he'll probably wear the other set more often. Or mix and matched.
    11. I've also heard that the Iplehouse FID hands work with the Raccoon guys. I know I use Iplehouse hands on my Raccoon girls for the most part (as long as it is a resin that is comparable) Normal is comparable, sweet mocha is very close to Iple RS and I believe the white's are comparable as well. Light brown used to be comparable to dark mocha, but since Iple changed their browns to light and dark brown, I'm not sure which shade would work best with the dark mocha Raccoon color. The Iple hands are really nice and a bit more detailed than the Raccoon hands both on the male and female side, and you can get them blushed through Iple, which also adds another layer of realism, which I love. Just a thought.
    12. I had thought about trying that because yes, the Iple hands are indeed looking a little nicer. But I thought they would look too small?
      I had only seen one comparison between male Raccoon and male FID, and there the FID hands looked a lot smaller than the Racoon ones when looking from the side *_*

      One reason I wanted the Raccoon for this character is because he's so tall. His husband will be a FID, so them having different sized hands is actually very nice. But if it looks nice on the Raccoon body and the size isn't off, I definitely might try Iple hands. They are just way more pleasing and you have more options as well.
    13. I still haven't found that raccoondoll man that speaks to me, I need more elves!

      I was playing with the posing of my girl and got this really nice pose (although the lighting is not very good), I really like that the leg appears natural!
      [​IMG]Wigs by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    14. JinCincy, I sometimes use Iple hands on my Raccoon girls too. They are pretty and delicate looking hands aren't they.

      I love the Raccoon males and Henry will be my second one. Ara I really like your plan of your Raccoon Henry and his husband-to-be. I look forward to seeing them.

      Skyealloway, your Hyun Soo-min looks amazing! That is a beautiful natural pose and she's looking to be in her element, with the trees and greenery. Those are great figure hugging pants and accessories!
    15. Thank you @LilyAndRuby :)
      He's going to be the dark haired, big guy:

      Since I'm getting both Henry and the SartoriaJ Jude head for him I'll let them battle and see which one stays.
      Kinda tempted to keep both to make his younger and older version (which has an eyepatch, because I clearly don't have enough guys with eyepatches :sweat):

      What a lovely gal! I love her outfit, and those pants fit really nicely :D
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    16. Hi All :)
      I was perusing the Raccoon Doll site and saw the wig suggestion page. He mentions a site named For My Doll, I am trying to join that site, but it requires a recommendation from a current member? Do any of you use that site for wigs? If you do, may I use your name as my Recommender?

      Also, where have you found wigs for your Raccoons?
    17. I never made an account. But I ordered my wigs from Leekeworld in the 5/6 size.
    18. TYSM AjiAji!
    19. What do you use for Eyelashes on your Raccoon dolls? and have you seen any in white?
    20. @Ara Regarding eyes for Raccoon Doll guys - I've ordered from this Etsy-store here twice already, and I reallly like their eyes:


      For Alice, I first ordered oval 6mm eyes but the iris was too small on those - she looked something between totally pissed off and "doe caught in headlights". They might work on guys and gals with narrower eyes, though. Next order, I got 7mm realistic round eyes in the same color - the iris is .5mm larger on those and they're awesome. Also, the 8mm oval eyes with 4mm iris are really nice, both in Raccoon Doll and FID ladies. Also, really good price for such nice eyes, I'll definitely get more now that I know the right size to order.
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