Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. Monica has laid claim to Lawrence as her guy.....
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    2. Absolutely gorgeous dress! I wish I had the talent to make something like that. I am just getting started making doll clothes.
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    3. She has very good taste!
    4. @Esme1971 - Thanks! She's wearing my Bianca's (IH FID) robe and corset set. I have the patterns for them on my website. I can't post the link due to DOA rules, so just click on my website link in my signature, go to Tutorials, and it's in the album entitled 'Just Patterns'
      @nancy_schroeder_ca - I think so too
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    5. @Khell: Thank you for the link! I like the available patterns, gotta see though because I usually prefer urethane for a bit more reflection/pop on pictures.
      At least there are more small sizes now available, I remember when I had to buy the ones for my Akhmel guys and it seemed to impossible to find their size anywhere.
      This is the store I thought about buying eyes from for the guys (currently she doesn't have much in stock though): EDIT Just realized this wasn't the store actually. The one I had picked seems to have closed their shop :eek:

      @Kimmera: For smaller dolls, there are basically two options: only use the most inner area of the eyelash strip, where the hairs are still a little shorter, or use false lower lashes. Those tend to be pretty short and can often be bought in shorter strips as well.
      Wouldn't be surprised if those exist in white as well.
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    6. I was finally able to have a nice day to take photos of Benjamin. x3

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    7. @AjiAji Benjamin is a hunk! Love his resin color and hair. Is he milk mocha?
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    8. Thank you!
    9. Sweet Mocha~♡ thank you very much! ♡♡
    10. can someone give me the dimensions of a female high heel Raccoon foot please? I know the length is 4.7, but what is the ball of the foot width and the arch width , please :)
    11. @MB Lilac your Monica and Lawrence make a wonderful couple.

      @AjiAji Benjamin looks like he's enjoying being up in the tree.
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    12. Just wanted to share my gray Gene, who arrived today. Her wig is by Chewin. Spring Breeze Raccoon face up...……..the lips are a little pinker than I thought they would be from the website pics, but I'm still thrilled with her. THe gray is a really lovely shade.
      [​IMG]Warrior by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    13. Yay another grey girl!
    14. @JinCIncy Your Gene is stunning in grey.
    15. She looks awesome! I love the contrast of the grey skin and the pink lips.
    16. Thank you so much for really useful information!!!
      Do you have any possibility to show the comparison picture of the hip and thigh area of FID (slim body) And RacconDoll (slim body)?
    17. @JinCIncy - I can only echo the comments already made: Gene looks stunning in gray and I love the contrast of the pink lips against the gray skin. Love the wig, too.
    18. Here you go. Monica is the slim Raccoon body with high heels, while Bianca is the slim FID with flat feet....
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    19. @MB Lilac, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You even can't imagine how many time I was searching for this comparison picture!!! I think to purchase slim FID, but I was afraid that the body will be too thin against Rosie. But they look really good!
    20. You're welcome! The Raccoon Slim body is definitely slimmer in the waist, but with much bigger hips. Which makes me wonder how it would compare to the Curvy FID body? But I don't have one of those.