Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. @JinCIncy WOW!!! Your grey Gene is breathtaking! And the wig is a piece of art itself. Her gaze is really piercing.
    2. @JinClncy She's gorgeous! are those pale gray eyes? (Which I love) if they are, may I ask where they are from?
    3. Yes, they are. Thank you. They are Safrin eyes, but unfortunately they don't make them anymore.
    4. so, how long does it take to receive a Raccoon Doll? ( Can you tell I'm excited?)
    5. Usually around two to three months unless they're busy and then it can be a bit longer.

      Alana, my Amanda elf from yesterday. She was ordered during their Christmas sale and she took a good three months.
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    6. I really like those eyes in your Amanda Patrice!
      Kai, just because
      [​IMG]Just a Man by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    7. Thank you for your response Patrice, now I have a feel for what to expect, LOL

      Your Alana is gorgeous! and those eyes! may I ask where you found those?
    8. Her eyes are are 6 mm oval eyes from DOLLines on Etsy.

      Jackie, your Kai is so handsome.
    9. @JinCIncy love his outfit! My elf Kai arrived a week or so ago, and I keep trying to get time to sit down and finish something for him to wear. Poor guy has a pair of unfinished pants, unfinished shirt, and just the fabric for his vest.
      I like seeing how well dressed yours is. =)
    10. Fianait, my elf Nina, enjoying a walk on the beach.
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    11. Love that look on her face - that lady ain't kidding around! :D
    12. So we got a doll meet today, and I finally got some nice pics of Alice, in daylight, in a nice setting. Here she is, sitting in a tree, proudly wearing her new coat. And necklace - can't believe I actually managed to find mini dog tags that are in scale for her!

      by veladarney, on Flickr

      Bonus pic: The "certified badass" look ... :)
      My name is Alice
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    13. Alice looks terrific and all dressed for fall!
    14. Thanks! I'm really happy I have at least a handful of proper pics of her. I don't get out often enough ... :)
    15. Sorry for double post - I think I remember someone showing pics of a Raccon Doll man head on an FID body (or vice versa) here. I'm about to get a Henry on an FID body (yay for friends who hybridize!) so I was wondering what that combo might look like regarding proportions and resin matching. Anyone got any pics here? Or knows where I can find some?
    16. @Khell - I hadn't tried this switch but your request made me curious, especially as I had two guys in the same resin color. Here are FID Claude and Raccoon David, both normal skin, with their heads switched. If you put the FID head on a Raccoon body you'll probably want to switch out the S-hook. The big hook that's in there makes it hard to get the head cap on. The Raccoon head on FID body goes on easily. I didn't undress them; the Admiral costume was a bear to get on.
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    17. @vermont chick Oooh, thanks, that looks like it'll work really, really well! Those are two very, very handsome gentlemen you have there.
    18. Thanks! They look better with hair, but I figured you'd prefer to see the size and shape of the heads. If you don't want to get normal skin, Raccoon's Sweet Mocha is similar (but not an exact match) to Iple's Realskin. I don't know about the darker resins or either company's white.
    19. Question for you all! I gathered all my guts and wiped my Elf Rosie, Anet's, faceup today--the humidity is FINALLY low enough that I can redo her, and I'm super excited! Most of the stuff came off pretty easy, but there's a spot just along the top of her head, where it meets the headcap, that's a bit weird. It's about two shades lighter than the rest of her skin, and nothing, and I mean nothing, is budging it. I'm actually pretty sure, at this point, that it's not sealant--I think it's something with the resin. She's milk mocha, so I was wondering if maybe it was a seam line, but I don't see it in my earlier photos of her. Have any of you guys with mocha-skin dolls noticed anything similar?

      Doesn't affect how much I like her, since it'd be covered by the wig anyway, but it's VERY strange.
    20. I think I know what you mean and it will just be the resin...as you say, its covered by the wig anyway. Blush it up a bit while doing your new face up. I have a feeling I've seen similar on at least one of my dolls (possibly one of my Fairyland Chloes). Have fun doing her new face up :)