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Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. @JinCIncy WOW!!! Your grey Gene is breathtaking! And the wig is a piece of art itself. Her gaze is really piercing.
    2. @JinClncy She's gorgeous! are those pale gray eyes? (Which I love) if they are, may I ask where they are from?
    3. Yes, they are. Thank you. They are Safrin eyes, but unfortunately they don't make them anymore.
    4. so, how long does it take to receive a Raccoon Doll? ( Can you tell I'm excited?)
    5. Usually around two to three months unless they're busy and then it can be a bit longer.

      Alana, my Amanda elf from yesterday. She was ordered during their Christmas sale and she took a good three months.
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    6. I really like those eyes in your Amanda Patrice!
      Kai, just because
      [​IMG]Just a Man by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    7. Thank you for your response Patrice, now I have a feel for what to expect, LOL

      Your Alana is gorgeous! and those eyes! may I ask where you found those?
    8. Her eyes are are 6 mm oval eyes from DOLLines on Etsy.

      Jackie, your Kai is so handsome.
    9. @JinCIncy love his outfit! My elf Kai arrived a week or so ago, and I keep trying to get time to sit down and finish something for him to wear. Poor guy has a pair of unfinished pants, unfinished shirt, and just the fabric for his vest.
      I like seeing how well dressed yours is. =)