Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. I've just ordered Julia. She'll be my first normal skin Raccoon girl since Sarah and Mika, way back when he started. (Disembodied heads don't count.)

      Somebody needs to place a vampire order to let Raccoon know people are interested in the genre. Won't be me this time around.
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    2. Congrats on ordering Julia! She is a gorgeous sculpt.
    3. [email protected]! I'll be looking forward to seeing Julia on the boards. I'm waiting for the elves to come back before I order anything else. I really want that Elf Nina. Not a huge fan on how they have done the fangs on the vampire Lara, so I'll not be dipping my foot in the water with this release.
      Speaking of normal skin girls. A bit of playtime with my Nana
      [​IMG]A Visitor to the Glade by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    4. Thanks @Patrice S and @JinCIncy. Ordering Julia makes up for having missed out on Actress Lara. I'm not a fan of the fangs on Vampire Lara, either. Maybe it's the faceup, but the fangs almost look painted on. I'd love to see the blank head sculpt.

      Love your visitor to the glade Nana, @JinCIncy.<3
    5. Yes, the fangs looked painted on to me too, that was what bugged me about her @vermont chick .
      On another note, I just noticed this morning that all the guys except Brandon and Elf Ron went basic and are included in the free shipping sale...………………………...UGHHHH...………..more temptation! I do love Robbie and I love Kai so much I wouldn't mind having another in a different resin color.
    6. hiya- does anybody got a grey skin raccoon and can show a pic in natural light without flash? think of getting a grey skin girl
    7. @JinCIncy your Nana is so lovely and I love the color of her gown. I noticed Kai was available and he is tempting.
    8. Kai is a gorgeous sculpt and I'm super pleased to have been able to get mine.
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    9. The David sculpt is hella tempting to me but I'm trying to be good and not click buy. I've already bought more dolls than I intended this year and we're not even half-way through the year. And if I did buy him, I'd need to buy his partner and... the vicious cycle never ends.
    10. Yep I got one Soomin and Mate
      Sorry can’t post images from my phone :( took this photo outside with no flash. I’m really happy with the grey color, but she’s the first I’ve had so I don’t know how it compares to other companies.
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    11. Oh man, the grey skin is super nice. Don't do this to me. I have a terrible, terrible weakness for grey resin (I have 10 grey dolls).
    12. Haha honestly I’m surprised you don’t have one already :wiggle
    13. I only recently got my Elf Kai 2nd hand. I have a Doll Rule. No doll comes home who isn't already an existing character. This, in theory, helps keep the horde numbers down. In theory.... Not sure how well that's working though. 11 years in the hobby and I have 56 dolls. That's roughly 5 dolls a year *cringes*.
    14. @JinCIncy - Love the natural face-up on your Kai.

      @Iron_Dog - My Doll Rule is similar. Theoretically, no doll comes home to me unless I've sold a doll to make room. This is not to say it's working, because a big doll has been known to morph into two smaller dolls. I'm currently at 12 years in the hobby and 65 dolls, not counting the ones up for sale and those on order. I'm trying to keep the number under 75. Hah! Who am I fooling?
    15. You're not fooling anyone! This hobby is just too addictive to ever stop! Way back at the beginning I told myself that 25 dolls seemed like a nice round number to own eventually. Well, my Monica puts me passed triple that! I don't know how my collection got that big. LOL..... Really I don't.....
    16. I never thought I'd go past double digits in this hobby when I first started. Fat lot I knew back then. It's hard when companies keep coming out with amazing sculpts or when they have a sale that just eats at your willpower to resist it. Or when you come up with a mod idea on your own that just sounds way too cool to not try.
    17. @MB Lilac and @Iron_Dog - I totally understand where both of you are coming from. What I can't understand is people who sell everything and walk away from the hobby. How is that even possible? Every once in a while I call a moratorium on one brand of doll or another, telling myself I have enough of them. Then I see a doll like Julia and can't resist her. It happens again and again. How on earth do people just turn their backs on all the temptation and desire?
    18. @vermont chick My doll collection doesn't reduce. I've never sold a doll. Heck, I have some parts that I originally bought 2? 3? years ago for a frankendolly that ended up not happening that I should sell as I can't see my ever using them and yet I never get around to selling them *sigh*. I think that's mostly just laziness though.

      Dolls enter my house but never leave. This is because they're all characters from my novels and I just can't bear the thought of selling any because it would be like selling one of my characters. Logically that's dumb because it's just a doll shelling my character not the character himself but there is no reasoning with Writer Brain. Because all my guys are characters from my novels, this is also why I can't have a non-partnered doll in-house. It bothers me to have a character without their special someone, too. That's also a HUGE reason for how I ended up with so many dolls. I only have 2 dolls that don't have a partner but they are toddlers so.....
    19. @Iron_Dog - A doll collection that doesn't ever reduce/recycle/upcycle is kind of scary. First, isn't it that much harder to find dolls to fit already written characters? Second, it closes the door to future dolls that might be a better character fit. Third, what do you do if you decide to kill off a character, like so many TV shows and serial novels do?