Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. It looks amazing! So much movement in the photo!
    2. Thanks, it's a great horse and a pity they don't make that mold anymore.
    3. She is lovely on her white horse!
    4. ! Elf Kai shipped! with Henry head + fab green dress & lavender wig for green Lucy. I hope those greens don't collide. now let's see how long EMS takes. :roll:
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    5. That sounds exciting! Fingers crossed for the greens!
    6. @petiteballerine Congrats on your Kai shipping. My grey Kai is shipping as well.

      Here's a little Midsummer Magic with Laire, my elf Lea.
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    7. @Patrice S The combination of her hair color and the dress is looking great.
    8. Ten days ago, Raccoon notice said 'acceptance.' The package sat until this morning when it said 'preparing shipment.' Then 'acceptance' again. I asked about DHL a few weeks ago, but Raccoon said it's too expensive.

      Anyone else waiting in limbo?
    9. Shipping is definitely filled with rabbit holes. I have a Dollzone girl coming from Clovering-Signing that has been sitting in Beijing since March 31st! I just emailed to see if anything can be done. An etsy seller was kind enough to offer me DHL shipping. It cost me an extra $16 but my package arrived quickly.

      I just got a package from Korea that spent three weeks in customs!

      Everything is a mess! Except DHL and FedEx!
    10. Hi @nancy_schroeder_ca . It's so confusing. I wish Raccoon had quoted me a DHL price and let me choose. Volks Japan really stepped up their game, using DHL for overseas packages. My Small package - not tiny - didn't seem expensive at all. An sd17 was a bit pricier than EMS. But, 2-4 days, boom! There it is. No worries.
      From the notification, I think Raccoon Doll had to fetch the package and start over. (Origin Post preparing)
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    12. I'm in limbo here too. As far as I know there is no EMS shipping to NZ from Korea at the moment and I have an order with both Raccoon doll and Iplehouse.
    13. O, that's rough, Lyanne. My 'preparing shipment' is never-ending. Frustrating for all concerned.
      Have some cake. :pcupcake
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    14. @petiteballerine I feel your pain and hopefully your order will ship soon. I've got three Etsy orders sitting in Moscow since March and a new doll coming from Ukraine that will probably sit in Kiev for at least a month.

      I did get my RD order on Saturday and thankfully it shipped out from Seul after about a week. I loved everything I got with it. Here's my Henry named Patrick.
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    15. OMG, @Patrice S - Henry is gorgeous!:drool:love I keep telling myself no more dolls that big and then I see a Henry. What resin color is he? Milk mocha?
    16. @Patrice S - your lips to Origin Post's ear. Elf Kai shipped (actually on a plane) 11am korean time.

      This will have a Henry head, too. Can't wait to see!
    17. Wonderful! I love my Henry head! I do need to get him eyes and borrow a body!
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    19. I'm in the same situation, no shipping to my country. And Raccoon replied, to my question, that DHL or other shipping company would be too expensive. I've been waiting since mid February... (But still better situation than with Supia where I've been waiting since October!)
    20. The green is just right! Now she needs a name, a face, and a pair of shoes.


      I wish Raccoon would just tell us how much DHL is and let us choose. We might agree with them; on the other hand - February.
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