Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. She is just lovely Lyanne!
    2. @LyanneNZ - Monica is gorgeous...simply gorgeous. You chose the perfect hair color for her.
    3. Monica is my favourite....
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    4. This one is lovely too with the deep red lips. I love this face sculpt too...hmm...I have several favourites among Raccoon doll's sculpts ;)
    5. @LyanneNZ your Monica is stunning!
      @MB Lilac those costumes you make are mind-blowing!

      There's my new Laetitia, I tried different eyes and wigs on her. She's on FID athletic body as it seem better match to the head. What I am particularly pleased with is that RD mocha matches greatly with IH new light brown.
      She came with the new slim body and a second head, Nana, who happened to look more natural on that body. One body and two heads, not that clever as I thought :lol: But I am happy to have them both, I love Raccoon sculpts.
      [​IMG]Laetitia 3 times by Sillion, on Flickr
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    6. @Sillion I LOVE Leticia! I like the two darker wigs myself, but it's amazing how each one transforms her look.
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    7. It’s amazing what a wig can do. @Sillion your Laeticia is gorgeous.

      @MB Lilac I just love your Monica.
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    8. How cool that the Mocha matches the Iple light brown. Thanks for that tidbit @Sillion !
      I'm in a bit of a lingerie mood today and since Rowena (Emma) is wearing some she had some time in front of the camera today.
      [​IMG]Feminine Curves by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    9. Well I am interested to hear you say that your Laetitia in RD Mocha matches Iple's new light brown. I think my brown dolls were ordered before they split the two colours up so they are darker. I LOVE the mocha colour! I also love Laetitia and your's is beautiful. Thank you for the side by side lineup in the different wigs! At first glance I thought the dark haired version was a different doll. I love her in all the hair colours but its amazing what different looks they give her!

      Emma is beautiful too Jackie and this is a lovely lingerie shot!
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    10. I was really torn on getting Laetitia she's beautiful and those wigs really do wonders for different looks!

      Maybe y'all could appease my worry, I ordered my raccoondoll(my first BJD ever) over a week & a half ago now and my order still says pending... Does it change to processing or does it just say pending until it's shipped?
    11. @Egg Dishes - It's been ages since I ordered a doll from Raccoon so I don't remember when the status changes; however, I did order clothing on July 24th and my status is still "Pending". Clothing takes 2 to 4 weeks to produce. The fact that the status hasn't changed to "Processing" makes me think there won't be a status change until "Shipping". Someone who has ordered--and received--a doll recently could tell you more exactly. (Or someone with a better memory than mine.)
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    12. I'm pretty sure it stays pending until it changes to "queued for shipment". I usually use lay a way with them and during the layaway process it says "queued for payment" until the lay a way is done and then it goes pending until "queued for shipment" if i remember correctly.
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    13. @skyealloway @Patrice S @LyanneNZ @Egg Dishes Thank you so much for appreciating my Laetitia!

      @JinCIncy your Emma is stunning! Emma is on my wishlist, I was considering getting her in my last order and seeing this girl of yours makes me sure I want to add her to my collection. Is she on glamour body?
    14. Thanks @Sillion ! No, she is on the original slim body with large bust.
    15. @JinCIncy But the original slim body still has curves, doesn't it?
      This is Sue, mu new RD Nana on the new slim body in mocha. No curves, but I'm getting used to it, it has its own charm and really fits to Nana sculpt.
      [​IMG]Sue by Sillion, on Flickr
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    16. @Sillion , yes the original slim body still does have curves. I really like it a lot. All my girls are on the original slim body. I want to try the new body on the next girl I get I think.
      Your Nana looks really good on the slim body! I love Nana's sculpt!
      A new pics of Shy (my gray Gene) as I finally felt like a bit of storytelling for her yesterday. I've been a bit "stalled" on that front lately.
      In and Around the Glade- A Fantasy Doll World
      [​IMG]Dilemna by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    17. Most of my Raccoon ladies have the original slim body (my first two have the Glamorous body). Somehow I missed noticing that there was an even slimmer body. I must say, after seeing your Nana, @Sillion, that I love it! She looks like a model. The original Slim body wasn't really slim, just less curvaceous than the Glamorous body. I told myself that my collection was complete, but now I see I need a super slim girl, too.

      That is such a gorgeous color on Shy, @JinCIncy . And your lingerie shot of Emma is worthy of a fashion magazine. Great photos!
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    18. @JinCIncy That wonderful color of the gown is well suited to Shy.

      @Sillion Your Nana looks great and the slim body suits her. I love the new Slim Body. It has such a beautiful stomach that crops and pants at the hips suit it so well.
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    19. Have you seen the new ladies posted on Instagram?
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      That new girl, Kaya - I might have to re-think my plans for my "Resident Evil Squad" ...