Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. Hi, would anyone happen to have a picture of a doll in the grey skin ? Thank you
      Nvm I went ahead and ordered elf Camilla in grey :)
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    2. I ordered my first Racoon Doll! Elf Erika in Sweet Mocha.
    3. I ordered the original slim body with the small bust. Hopefully I will be able to make her decent fittting clothes once she gets here.
    4. @Leo Pheonix - That's a combination I haven't tried, but I don't imagine it will be hard to make or find clothes that fit. I look forward to seeing Elf Erika.
    5. Here is my grey Kai with my milk mocha elf Lea.
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    6. @Patrice S - Both Kai and Camilla look better here than in their Raccoon sale photos. If doll makers showed their dolls to better advantage, I'd have a much larger collection today. Wait a minute--that's not necessarily a good thing. How could I afford so many dolls? Where would I put them all? :aeyepop:
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    7. Patrice S, your elf Lea is so delicate and beautiful! It made me regret not getting her.. but now the sale's ended :doh:eek: so I shall have to continue enjoying seeing your wonderful photos instead :D Your Kai is so stunning in grey! Raccoon guys are totally fabulous aren't they (that's probably why I have three of them! Can't get enough!).
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    8. Thanks vermont chic and LilyAndRuby. I really like how both of them turned out.
    9. Rosie at the window....
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    10. @MB Lilac Gorgeous picture! I love all the details in your photos so much! :D :D And I still think that her skin tone photographs very well - she has that soft glow that is usually achieved with thick layer of makeup on human models... The funny fact is - on humans it does not look as good in "real life", but less highlight works wonders for cameras. That skin tone may have similar effect on a doll.
      In any case - she looks radiant in this pic, love it! :)
    11. Thank you. I have that castle interior set up on my dining room table at the moment for another story, and have been photographing other dolls at that window because the lighting is just so beautiful.

      I find Rosie's resin colour photographs better than it looks in real life. I think she may be nicer once I get her body blushed and a manicure done, but I wasn't sure I was going to keep her, so never bothered.
    12. I love that dress! Was the fabric fron a sari?
    13. Yes, but it was a really small one, because I used up all the fancy edging. Maybe it was just a head covering? I had to embroider the front of the bodice to match....

      It's actually made for an FID, and it has snaps up the back, so I sewed some little loops on the back so that it can be laced up tighter for the Raccoon ladies.
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    14. @MB Lilac The matching embroidery is awesome! It's rather satisfying to use all of something.
    15. I decided not to buy that Steeze Rosie this time and stick with finishing my other fashion-sized gals (and that one guy) instead. I'll use some money for ordering stuff from SartoriaJ so Nicholai finally gets his winter jacket - and maybe one of those nice biker jackets for Alice or Claire. Or both of them. :)
    16. @MB Lilac Your Roise is gorgeous as is her gown.
    17. @MB Lilac Your photos always leave me in awe - every detail is perfect!

      I took my first photos of my new Monica today. She is my first Raccoon doll and I'm enjoying her immensely.

      [​IMG]Raccoondoll Monica by H M, on Flickr
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    18. Hmac58 Congratulations! Your Monica is amazing. Does she have the new Slim body v2? I love the autumnal colours of your photo.