Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. @vermont chick Well, yes and no. I only shell the characters that demand to be in resin form, which is a good thing or I'd have 500 dolls (or more!). Finding the right doll can sometimes be hard but not because of the sculpt most of the time. Usually it comes down to some other thing like finding the right height/body type or even more vexing, the right resin colour. I do have a doll that I bought white and had dyed black so dying is a perfectly valid option but I prefer to have the resin itself the colour I need where possible.

      I am face-blind (prosopamnesia) so it's generally not the whole of the face that does it for me since I can't see a face as a whole object. It's usually a specific feature (often the eyes) that will make me take a closer look at a sculpt as a possible someone. Generally though, I'll see a doll and know right away who he is. Other times, I'll really like a doll but not know who it is and keep going back to it over and over again before it finally clicks on who it is. It was that way for Fei-Lau (DZ Edward). I kept going back to his sales page on DZ for nearly a year before I had the little 20 watt bulb in my head turn on and realize who he was.

      My very first doll, Moswen (AoD Chi), I knew who he was the second I saw him. He can never be any other sculpt. Eilam (SD Vito Rail) was the same. When I was having a hard time finding Rhas-Khan (Eilam's husband), I tried to put Eilam into other sculpts that were taller (like 60cm or so), he was having absolutely none of that BS. It took me... 4 years to find Rhas-Khan (Soom ID51 Gluino).

      More often than not, I'll be browsing around looking at dolls and one of them will make me click on him. I'll either know exactly who he is right off the bat or it'll need to percolate in my brain for a while. Right now, I have one doll buzzing in the back of my head. I don't know who he is so I'm ignoring him. I've learned that it's best not to encourage anyone. I'm sure that eventually he'll step up and say, "This is me. I must come home now." Then I'll need to find his partner *sigh*.

      Generally speaking, I don't kill off my main characters as I'm far too attached to them. Secondary characters... oh they are Red Shirts. I don't like killing off some of them (I felt terrible killing off Subari and cried while writing the scene even though Subari wanted to die) but others don't bother me at all. I know how Moswen (he's my favourite) dies but I'll never write it because it upsets me too much.

      That's not to say I'm not very cruel to my characters, because I am. I torture the hell out of them. More than a few times it has been literal torture; physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually. Sometimes all of that at once. I've brought many to the very brink of death but not pushed them over the edge. I've brought many to the edge of what they thought was their breaking point. Some fall over the edge, some don't. Some may wish to die but I force them to live and work past the hell I'm putting them through.
    2. @Iron_Dog - You're lucky. Dolls that buzz around in the back of my head end up coming home--unless I'm flat broke--whether or not I know who they'll be. And I'm positively ruthless: when they need to go, they go. I guess it's just easier when you don't write about them.:)
    3. @vermont chick It probably is easier if you don't write novels about the characters in resin shells with both finding and even selling on dolls. I'm on the epic side of things when I write so a lot of creative time goes into the characters and their worlds (I love world building). My longest completed novel to-date would work out to be a book almost 1300 pages long. Others in the series (there's currently 4 novels) would be between 700-900 pages long each. I wrote "a short backstory" for Vale and it's 48K. Industry standards for novel-size works start at 50K. Most publishers top out at 120K per novel just due to size and printing costs although longer works are obviously produced.

      There have been some dolls that I've mooned over and was hideously tempted to just buy anyway, usually because they were limited and oh so pretty (I'm looking at you Soom The Crow). I didn't pull the trigger though, which my wallet is super happy about. The David sculpt by Raccoon is really tempting because I adore those cheekbones of his (and free shipping!!!!). You could cut yourself on those cheekbones and I love that. But I don't know who he is *sigh* so I have one of my doll friends spray me with the Icy Cold Fire Hose of Denial and reluctantly close the tab.
    4. @Iron_Dog - Icy Cold Fire Hose of Denial--I love it! Here's a David fix. You deserve it. (He's playing Outlander's Jamie Fraser, with FID Raffine as his Claire.)
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    5. @vermont chick Gagh! He's too gorgeous. It's not fair to tempt people like that
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    6. Thanks @luluna, @Iron_Dog and @Patrice S. Unfortunately they're no longer a couple as I rehomed Raffine and no one else has yet stepped into the breach. I have lots of options among my girls but they have to fit into the costume. As for David, I knew he had to be Jamie the moment I first laid eyes on him, even though the sale model had dark skin and long flowing hair. He's hanging out in modern clothing and short brown hair at the moment...still gorgeous, nonetheless.
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    7. @aernath - Love your guys. It's funny how Raccoon's photos of Robbie did nothing for me but I really like yours. And David looks good in dark skin. I've just walked through my photos and find I haven't taken any of my David in regular clothes. If the sun ever shines again I'll remedy that.
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    8. @aernath I really like your Robbie. He's one I've been on the fence about so it's good to see an owner picture.
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    9. Thanks guys! I really like Robbie with the grey wig in the Raccoon photos, so will eventually be looking for one of those for him. In the meantime, he's a matching redhead to David.
      He's in Sweet Mocha, btw, and David is in Dark Mocha.
    10. Yes, great to see owner pics of Robbie @aernath ! I've always liked both him and David and have them both on my wishlist.
      Kai and Nana ready to go gathering
      [​IMG]Never Too Careful by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    11. @JinCIncy Oh, nice! I just made the first payment for a mocha elf Kai, and (Intimate) Nana is on my short list for the next sale. Good to see those both together! lol
      Are those the women's third hands on your Nana? I was planning on getting those with the girl.
    12. She's actually wearing Iplehouse FID hands.
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    13. @ResinRapture - I really like those. Do you get a choice of colors or is it the luck of the draw?
    14. @vermont chick depends on the deal. I got these as a '7 pairs for 18$' deal. All the colors are in the blog post. But this type of shoe is also available in black, brown, white and light blue in far better quality. These however do not fit Raccoon. But the pink range and silber/gold are the cheap version, those do fit.
    15. @ResinRapture - From what I can see in your photo, the quality looks good enough for me. The lavender is a great match for Queenie's shirt. The reason I asked about the choice of colors is that I'm used to seeing shoes for Monster High/Ever After High dolls advertised as 5 or 10 for (whatever the price). The accompanying photo shows at least 20 pairs and there's no choice. You get what they choose to send.
    16. @vermont chick The match with the lavender ones are the reason I tried to put them on her feet. I didn't expect them to fit since the other colors I already had are too small. Regarding the color choice: The lots I have found show the colors you get- and you can get them seperately as well.