Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. @JinCIncy Kai and Nana look stunning together. That cloak is gorgeous.
      @aernath These are the 3rd hands.
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    2. @Patrice S Oooo! Love her wig, and that perfectly crocheted top!
      Thank you so much for a shot of the third hands. I thought they looked more expressive, like the second man hands. Hmmm. Now I wonder if mocha resin matches any Iple resin. Gotta go do some research!
    3. The sweet mocha is a good match to standard special real skin from Iple - my girl has Iple JID hands. They are slightly blushed at the fingers part, but the wrist color is the original.
      [​IMG]Racoon Doll Nina by Bruna Boudica, on Flickr
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    4. I haven't forgotten that I promised to show my David and Damien in modern clothes. The sun finally came out today so I snapped a few pics. Here's one:

      Your Nina looks gorgeous in bright yellow, @boudica. Especially nice with black hair.
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    5. @boudica Ooh! Thanks for that! That looks like a spot on match from here. I wonder if Iple light brown will work with raccoon mocha.

      @vermont chick Yes! Lovely to see the boys together. Even in modern-day clothes, still very stylish! Looking like they just arrived at the party.
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    6. Very stylish @vermont chick ! Love David's brown vest!
      Sharing 2 of my guys before the weekend ends. The weather was so beautiful I had to take them outside for some pics. I love Kai so much I'm tempted to get another in a different color while they are on sale. Ughhh…….. (Lawrence is on the Raccoon Doll body). I really love the guys body.
      [​IMG]Brothers and Friends by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    7. Thanks everyone.

      Their clothing is a mix of things. David's shirt and vest are from Doll Hearts, sized for 60cm boys. The other outfit pieces don't fit. His gray jeans are from Raccoon. Damien's shirt is from Raccoon, pants from a SoulDoll Vito outfit, and I made the vest from a pattern for 60cm boys.

      @JinCIncy - Love your two elf men together so much that it doesn't even matter that Lawrence lacks pointy ears.
    8. I'll have to get a close up of Lawrence. If you look really close at his ears, Lyn filed them just a bit so that he does appear to have a slight point. (He's supposed to be 1/2 elf :).)
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    9. @vermont chick The guys look great in modern clothes. I love the vest.
    10. I can't see the point because of the hair. I'll check the pics on your Flickr. :thumbup

      Thanks! :) The pattern is from Adams-Harris, drafted on the old YID boy body.
    11. so many wonderful photos! :love to @boudica @vermont chick @JinCIncy @Patrice S - to name a few!
      I've been day-dreaming of an Elf Kai, and this looks like a very good time to put one on layaway. Sweet mocha or dark? can't decide. since I have so many unpainted heads waiting for me to get some free time, I'll spring for a faceup if I jump. does Raccoon Doll change the face painting for darker resins?
      It will be nice to share on this thread where I usually just lurk.
    12. Your David and Damien are dashing in these outfits :thumbup. May I ask about the wigs? Are they from Iple/Monique/Leekee
      Thank you for the compliments for Nina. ;)

      You're welcome. ;)

      Thank you :).

      Thank you ;)
    13. @petiteballerine - Thanks! I can't tell you which resin color to get, but when I bought Kai Raccoon's artist did not adjust the makeup down for white skin (from milk mocha). I couldn't live with him and ended up selling him. The only skin color you can be sure of is the one shown with the faceup.

      @boudica - Thanks and you're welcome. As for the wigs, I don't remember what the dark brown one is because I've had it for years and have lost any identifying tags. All I know for sure is that it was a 6-7 that was too small for my dolls that wear that size. The light brown has an F-Styler tag inside, so it might be the James wig sold at Facets by Marcia. She refers to it as being from a custom manufacturer.
    14. @petiteballerine I just ordered Kai in Mocha. I also ordered the makeup. I think the the tones in the makeup will go well with the mocha color. I'm not sure how the Dark mocha and that makeup will come out. You'll have to decide that one for yourself. Good luck
    15. @vermont chick I'm selfishly glad you couldn't live with Kai's default on white skin because that meant I got to buy him off you.
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    16. Hi, there! Just jumping into the conversation here. :) I recently received my very first Raccoondoll - a Nina, she arrived here last Monday, and I couldn't be any happier! She's everything I hoped she would be. A while ago, I got that idea in my head that I needed Resident Evil's Alice in doll-form and after much consideration, I decided Nina wasn't only the closest as far as the general shape of the face goes, a RACCOONdoll would also be THE ultimate inside joke. ;) Raccoondoll was kind enough to slightly modify the face-up to get the eyebrow-shape right and I still can't believe how good the likeness turned out. I also found great clothes and boots for her - but I'm still looking for some stuff for her second outfit, and I thought I'd ask here.

      What I'm mostly looking for are boots and weapons. To be more exact: black kinda-sorta "military" style high boots that aren't a size or two too large for her (those ladies do have really small feet ...). And all kinds of in-scale weapons suitable for the zombie apocalypse (guns, knives, maybe a machete or katana, shotgun, etc.). Except for that one gun offered in the Raccoondoll store, I haven't been able to find anything, yet. I do have a Plan B for the weapons but I thought I'd check back with the Raccoondoll-savvy folks here on DoA first, whether there's anything readily available.
    17. As far as boots go, Raccoon ladies JUST fit into Tonner Matt shoes - such as these boots: Riding Boots (For Matt/Athletic)
      I think if you search ebay for shoes for that size, you'll find more, hopefully military style? (Do let us know if you find any, I'd love more fancy boots too!) Also Facets by Marcia - in the above link, but the props section - do seem to have some guns and weapons, but I have no idea what the scale would be like, since they're meant for fashion dolls. And, oh no, I've just realised they have swords too, I want some, aaaah!!!!!
    18. I've got some swords that were supposed to be keychains from a store called Green Earth that is (was?) going out of business. They're a great size for dolls of this size and made of metal. Because the store(s) are closing, I got them super cheap. Like about $6.50CAN each.

      But Alice never used a sword consistently to the best of my memory either in the movies or in video games. I think she used one in a single scene near the beginning of the last movie but I might be mixing up my zombie movies. Not to say she can't use a sword....
    19. @Khell I'd love to see your doll.
      As for weapons did you look at the swords and other things on the Raccoon Doll site? They have Silver swords under items. Iplehouse used to have a few things, but the make sure of the size of the weapons before buying.because some of them are for the EID dolls.