Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. @Khell I also want to see a picture!
      For 1/4 weapons you could try this shop Quarter Scale Armory on shapeways
      Quarter Scale Armory by JMKoontz1980 - Shapeways Shops
      I haven’t bought from this particular shop but I have bought other 3d printed stuff from shapeways. The 3d printed stuff weighs practically nothing so it’s easy to get a doll to “hold” things.
    2. @morganatron - Ooooh, thanks! I think I might be going on a shoe/boot shopping spree on ebay! :D I'll let you know how it goes!

      @Iron_Dog - Right, she used kukris in the third movie, and her clones that she used to raid the Tokyo facility with at the start of the fourth movie were using katanas (and guns, of course, lots of guns). Not sure about the last movie itself but the novelization of the last movie does feature the big battle of the White House and there, Wesker does indeed give her a katana. It's mostly guns, though. (Oh, and a motorcylce, if you count her tossing hers at that Licker in the second movie ... ;) ) I might have access to a 3D printer (acquaintance of mine) and I already looked on some 3D printing file websites for stuff that would fit and can be scaled down but I thought I'd check here, first, to see if I maybe could find already existing weapons. Since she's not strictly speaking an "exact replica" of one of the movie Alices, weapon-wise pretty much anything goes that you'd use during a zombie apocalypse.

      @oriscany - Yeah, there's some really nice stuff at Iplehouse but unfortunately, I need something different for Alice ... I'll make sure to post a pic once I got a proper one! :)

      @skyealloway - Thanks, I'll check it out!
    3. @Khell guns are better in some sense for zombies as you can hit from range without risking melee attack/possible infection. But guns hold finite bullets where swords/clubs don't run out of ammunition. Although fatigue will play a part in the wielding of those weapons. And I've obviously given waaaaaay too much thought to how to best survive the zombie apocalypse as far as weapons go.
    4. :D Well, in case of Alice and Resident Evil, as much as I like her, she really IS kind of a Mary Sue so her mad fighting skills - be it guns or knives or bare-handed - aren't exactly all THAT realistic. I admit, I'm working on a fanfiction right now, and I do have to keep reminding myself "Uh - it's RESIDENT EVIL, tone down the realism, will you?" ;) (I mean, hey, you're talking to someone who used Google Maps to try to find out how long it would take you to walk from the U.S. Midwest to Area 51 ... XD)

      Ok, to keep this on topic - here's a quick, crappy snapshot close-up of Alice. (The "tactical vest" she's wearing is actually a beer cozy - bit on the large side for her but it might be a good fit for Raccoondoll and similar-sized guys. They're available on Amazon and come in different colours - they also got camo ones.)
      The face-up is the Cleaner Nina default face-up, with different eyebrows. Wig is by Monique. Eyes are 6mm Volks acrylic eyes - they're a bit small but it's not to noticeable. "Combat" outfit patched together from what I had at hand. Considering none of the elements are customized to specifically look like movie Alice I'm really happy with the result.

      by veladarney, on Flickr
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    5. @Khell - She's gorgeous! I like this make-up better than her default look.
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    6. @vermont chick - Thanks! She is, I'm really ridiculously happy with her. :D
    7. The tac vest is awesome on her. Her face-up is gorgeous, too.
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    8. Windrun in spring.

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    9. @xyuemoto I love the outfit, and your guy looks great in it. I bought one for my guy, too. The little curios stand is really cute. great photo.
    10. @Khell Your Nina is lovely.
      @xyuemoto I love the touches of color in your props you have to match his hair and outfit.
    11. @xyuemoto Wow, that blue wig really works great with his skin color! Is it Mocha? Lovely photo!
    12. Thanks. This is sweet mocha. Unfortunately mocha was not an option when I ordered him.
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    13. Your elves have such gorgeous costumes.
    14. @xyuemoto
      Is your boy a Kai? He is so lovely! I would love to see more of him~~

      I took advantage of the free shipping event and ordered myself an Elf Kai in their Sweet Mocha as well. Such a lovely color!
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    15. Yes. Thanks. Ok, I'll post another photo for you, haha.
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    16. @AjiAji - Here is Windrun having some lunch, haha.

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