Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. Thanks! I took him outside in front of my bushes for some outdoor shots. They look like "trees" in scale with him.
    2. Nice. I wish I could do photos outside but I can't.
    3. Both look so lovely! :D goodness he is a lovely scupt!
    4. Oh, your elflords are awesome! I love how different they look even though they're both Kai - amazing! And each one is just gorgeous.
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    5. So I had a basic question. When doing a layaway with Raccoon.. do you contact them to send you your payment invoices ( for me my second payment) or do you just send them the payment to their paypal and confirm via Q&A Board?
    6. They sent me my invoices last time I did lay a way with them.
    7. Thank you! I will just wait until they reply back to me then. :whee:
      It is my first time ordering so I was not completely sure.
    8. Such handsome elf lords!

      Windburn's lunch looks very good!
    9. So I was kinda bored and looked through my doll clothes boxes and ... well, I came across a top and vest from Dollzone (old stuff) and went like "Hey, that would look cool on Alice! But it probably won't fit ..." What do you say? It does fit Alice (sleeves are too long but that's no problem at all) and it does look cool on her! :)

      by veladarney, on Flickr

      So, next step will be to shorten the sleeves (and use the cutoffs to turn them into fingerless gloves, waste not want not, you know ...). And fix the pants cos they're so tight they won't close (Volks MSD pants), good thing the top covers the gap ... :P

      As always, excuse the poor quality, it's just a quick snapshot and my camera's crap in poor lighting ...
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    10. Alice looks great in that outfit. I love the vest.
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    11. Thanks! She's an awesome doll - the longer I have her the more I'm falling in love with her. Definitely not gonna be the last Raccoondoll I'll ever buy - right now I'm eyeing Monochrome Beauty Sia ...
    12. Nina is a great sculpt. Here's my elf Nina, Fianait, showing off a new dress.
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    13. Beautiful girl and dress!
    14. @Patrice S - Great dress! Is it covered in beads? Nina looks fab in it.
    15. Yes it is covered in beads. Here's a closeup of the dress.
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    16. What a lovely lady! That dress is gorgeous on her! If I may ask - are those the eyes she came with? They look like the perfect size for her, and it's a lovely shade of green.
    17. @Patrice S - Now that I see the stitches up close my mind is reeling at all the work involved. The results are phenomenal!
    18. That detail work is fantastic! That color looks really great on her too. :XD:
    19. @Patrice S Your girl looks amazing, very soft and delicate and the dress is fantastic. Beading work on clothing like that always amazes me, the patience it would take for starters and the overall look, wish I could learn to do that.

      I've been admiring these dolls for a while and I have a small question if anyone is able to help. For those of you who have had these dolls for a while now, do they yellow quite fast or is it more of a slower progression? Do they age well and mellow out? I know some resin I have had from other companies in the past seem to vary a lot. Some yellow within 6 months regardless where they're kept, and others, they mellow out to a lovely shade but it takes a few years. I hope that makes sense!