Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 5

Mar 27, 2019

    1. Her eyes are Safrin eyes but unfortunately they stopped being made over a year ago.

      Thank you all for your comments about the dress. The bead work is indeed amazing.

      @shirahime My dolls resin have been very consistent as new heads and hands have matched very well with bodies a couple of years old.
    2. @Patrice S Thank you for the information. That's good to know that the resin is pretty much stable.
    3. Jocasta in a new dress.
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    4. She looks absolutely stunning!
    5. @Patrice S - Lovely dress--perfect for her coloring!
    6. Thank you Khell and vermont chick!
    7. @Patrice S That dress is stunning!!! And what a beautiful shot and background too!
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    8. Nan looks lovely in that elven gown.

      Thanks Jackie and morganatron!
    9. JinCincy, your Nan is perfection!
      And Patrice S, your Jocasta is such a stunner, especially in that fabulous silky new dress!

      Does anyone know how Raccoon is doing? Their website doesn't seem to have had any new pictures for a while. I hope all is OK. I would love for them to offer more heads separately to the 1/4 ladies and men, and also for Branden to be available again! ;)
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    10. Thank you @LilyAndRuby !
      And in answer to your other question regarding Raccoon Doll, they offered new dolls last month along with new clothes and a sale on all the basic dolls. They also made most of the male dolls basic with the exception of Elf Ron and Branden, so I assume all is well. I imagine he will have some kind of other special mid to late June.
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    11. Wonderful! I love it!
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    12. Sometimes it takes a good week or two before Raccoon will put up a new event after ending one. So there's nothing to worry about.

      @ResinRapture That's a wonderful porch display. I love all the props.
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    13. @ResinRapture - I'm not letting any of my resin kids see your porch. The thought of them all standing here glaring at me because I can't produce something similar is just too much to bear. Seriously, though, I love every part of it. Great job!:thumbup
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    14. @vermont chick Thank you! That's why I don't let mine see your fabulous diner.
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    15. I finally hit the "buy" button on etsy shop Jasminebjdboutique. I'm happy with my purchase, although the dress is really only appropriate for standing...she'd need full leggings and not just thigh highs in order to sit without being a hooch. Still I dig the galaxy print! (and the shop including the stockings for free)
      [​IMG]Jasminebjdboutique purchases by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    16. It looks great with that backdrop too.
    17. Great dress! Suits her very well!