Rainman Discussion - sculpts from 2018 onward

Sep 24, 2018

    1. I'm really taken with July and would love to get one...but also...kinda out of doll funds. :sorry
      Hehe, I love white resin dolls and would totally order white resin.
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    2. @Lady Ravenswood ....yeah...doll funds are not what they should be here either:atremblin
      I have to admit that the current shots of July in white resin that Rainman has up are very beautiful. The soft look with the pale pinkish hair works with her big eyes...although her eyes are only 10mm.
      Un-assembled body kits are also being offered - :aeyepop:
    3. @StrontiumDog
      Welp, I scraped the funds together and ordered a July head! :chomp:
      And I agree! Her eyes look very large and lovely, I was surprised they were 10mm. I'm excited to see her in person. :chocoheart
      The body is lovely, I hope it continues to be offered. Selling unassembled sets is really nice.
    4. I ordered July a make-up doll. I will definitely show her photo when she arrives. I hope July will not disappoint us.
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    5. So, I don't have an instagram account, is there any other way I can see the dolls? I saw them before, but now it demands me to log in?? Thanks :) I have managed to find a link to the website where Rainman is selling his stuff, but I can't figure out how to make a paypal payment, that is, earlier in this thread someone said that there would be an order number to reference in the paypal comments, but the page doesn't give an order number.... unless they meant it the other way around, and we're supposed to put in the Paypal transaction number somewhere in there? I'm so confused! :doh
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    6. BTW I watched that show JayR is in, Another life? and it's pretty good!
    7. OK, RE: how to pay. I gathered my courage and poked around. I discovered that, to make a Paypal payment, you still have to choose Rainman's bank account from the drop down menu. Here you have a chicken or the egg issue. Either, before you choose to submit after choosing Rainman's bank in the drop down menu, you put in your Paypal transaction ID# - or you finish on Rainman's system, and get an order number to submit with your paypal payment to place in the comments. You can't do both, as one precludes the other :P
    8. OK, final post, as I'm just talking to myself here, LOL. But wondering... I take it this head isn't going to fit on my loongsoul bloom 58cm body? Is it a big head? July just looks so much like a character I bought that body for, whereas the head I have isn't making me happy :P The LS bloom is so amazing at posing, and this character rides a skateboard, so I need that solid posing!
    9. @IngieBee Heh, took me a while to figure out the payment also ;) I ordered a Tsunaina head, which I have gotten meanwhile. It looks smallish, but the huge neck hole demands a bigger body. I tried it on a Spirit doll Proud body, which didn´t work, and then put in on an Impldoll Star body (65cm). This works well, size and color vise - she is white skin. But anything smaller than 65cm would have looked strange. Though I don´t know if the July head has similar proportions. Grats to your order anyway :)
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    10. @Ashemanu
      Could you tell me if the WS is a pure white or has a pink or yellow tone to it?
      I got my July head in WS and am trying to brainstorm body hybrids. :chocoberry
    11. @Lady Ravenswood It´s not paperwhite, the head was a tiny little bit more creamy than the body. But I didn´t pay attention to the tone, since it was so minimal. And I can´t check anymore since the head is now away at the face up artist. Sorry!
      But since the Impl-Body is more or less paperwhite, the head should match that color well.
    12. Thanks so much @Ashemanu , good to know. I wonder if it's too late to change the head to white for an easier time blushing to match?? If I can't get it to work on the body I have, I'll probably get an Impldoll body for her, as I really like them :)
    13. anyone have one of Rainman's sculpts in his normal color? What does it look like? Is it very pink? I'd love more input than I could find on this thread please :XD: I should say I'm trying to match loongsoul normal yellow, which is very pale.

      Another way of asking the question, though my elfdolls are old, is does anyone know if old elfdoll normal is the same as Rainman's normal? :D Thanks :)
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    14. @IngieBee I’d say it is certainly pink. I received Su last week. Later on, when I’m home, I’ll compare it to my NS Rita ;)
    15. Well, I just wrote an email to the Paypal address on file, and asked if I could change the resin to white. I guess communication is going to be poor with Rainman as I don't think he speaks much English :(

      I started a Rainman waiting room thread and requested help on making a list page. I would love it if people would post when they ordered and when they received their dolls so the rest of us can get a feel for how long the process is :) Thanks for participating!
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    16. @IngieBee
      I got pretty quick replies on the Q&A board on his site. Hope you get an answer soon.
    17. Oh! Forgot he had that on his site! Thank you @Lady Ravenswood , I'll check it out! Actually, we need a link to his new website on the front page, I forgot where it is and have to dig for it :P
    18. Ok, so I changed the July head order to white so I can match any body. I hope she can be made to work with my loongSoul body, but if not, I'll find her a perfect body I'm sure :love