Rainman Discussion - sculpts from 2018 onward

Sep 24, 2018

    1. Thank! This is her own body.
    2. You mean that's a Rainman body? I didn't know he had such natural looking chests!!!
    3. This body is beautiful and very mobile. There is a photo of this body on page 18.
    4. Ugh, I just painted her to match real skin impldoll, LOL I hope it doesn't stain because I love the ethereal look you get with white skin! And maybe I can buy a white skin body from Rainman someday!
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    5. [​IMG]Rainman Su genderless mod. by ManabuLi010, on Flickr

      (They use "they/them" and "he/him" pronouns allthough they are not of this world. After finding themselves stranded on Earth, and fell in love with Earth they had to blend in with the humans. They can shapeshift into any human like race in the universe and shapeshifted into a human. It did not matter which gender they choose but they choose to shapeshift into a human like male.)

      My Su (mod) got a new wig. It looks really nice but the size is a bit big, it covers his ears. It's an 8-9 size, I really had my doubts about the measurements but I loved the wig so I bought it anyway.

      What wig size fits a Rainman sculpt best?
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    6. Usually 7-8 and maybe you can sew it a little? But I think it looks great and the style looks like it'll hide the ears anyway.

      BTW, try a photo by zooming in to avoid the warp of close up, I mean, if you want to get more of a correction of the picture :D
    7. Ok, I'll go for 7-8 size next time I order something then. I use my iPad to take the pictures but I avoid using the zoom function on it when I take pictures as for some reason the picture get more grainy and pixelated that way. But I just wanted to take a picture of his pretty face so I didn't care too much how the picture look :sweat
    8. Yah, I get the same problem when there isn't enough light (like full daylight outside) and I zoom in. I want a real camera so badly, LOL.
    9. My Dark Blina got a new wig today :) These are really amazing wigs!

      She has also taken up smoking, we had a long talk about that. She said she's in the 1940s and nobody has heard of smoking being bad for you?!?!?!?!
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    10. Nice faceup :) Smoking bad though.. XD

      [​IMG]Rainman Su Mod by ManabuLi010, on Flickr

      I put horns on Angel to keep the wig in place. But about the name, I feel like it does not fit it's genderless character anymore.

      Anybody have any fantasy, other side, mysterious name, alien name suggestions?
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    11. I know (smoking very bad) but it gives such old fashion vibes, doesn't it? Hope there aren't any kids here :eusa_sile my dad died at age 50 from hardened arteries and stroke due to smoking - just saying in case there are easily influenced kids here. Worst thing that ever happened to me, I'm older than he was when he died now, and still cry.

      @manabusama , angels are thought of as genderless I believe??? Love the horns. It's funny how in pagan times of northern Europe, wearing horns etc... Represented gods or spirits, but as christianity came, the horns were associated with the devil to help squash any non-christian beliefs.

      I think Angel can be "Angel" (non binary) And have horns and be awesome, LOL
    12. Maybe I should just keep the name Angel as they/ he's like an Angel in my life even if it's just a doll. Angel is very special to me, and I can relate to them/ him somehow . Not the character because that's all fictional fantasy, but through my dysphoria I became more attached to this doll since the body is a female sculpt. If I put away the genderless character, I see a female born character with a chest binder, who strugle with dysphoria same as I do. Sometimes I'm even tempted to make my Su a character like that.

      After putting the horns on I've been thinking about how Angel would look with ram hooves instead of human feet.
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    13. IngieBee I vote for bad habit girl and for smoking image. Yes, because of the "mood" and esprit and smoking is bad for our health (I am non-smokinh person but it was part of culture in 20th century). It suits her perfect with faceup, hair style, she is "not blonde" vampy girl. Love her.
      manabusama angels with "gender" is matter of popcultural literacy (YA, urban fantasy and so). So mythology or "sacred" texts (in Bible too if I remember it correctly) declared them as genderless and non-binary. And they (some of them) were horned in mythology, too.
    14. Thanks, @susana789 , and that's interesting info on angels!
    15. You guys have made me change my mind, I'll keep the name :)Horned angel, I like that! Now I'm really curious about these horned angels, sounds real cool. I'll search it up.

      [​IMG]Rainman Su Mod 2 by ManabuLi010, on Flickr

      Sorry if I post a lot of Angel right now, but I can't help it they're so freaking cute, and I love them so much <3

      The horns do have a nice darker brown blushing at the base but it does not show very well in pictures, at least not on my screen. I think I'd like to get all of the horns blushed dark brown someday, and get the nails painted in a color that matches the hair. But that will be for another time when I send a doll head for faceup again.
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    16. manabusama I try and look, I am from central Europe and I am afraid that works of this authority are not translated. But he was well-known authority in comparative religionistics (academic study of different religions not based on certain theology). I loved his lectures during my university study. Just one ? without meaning "be disrespectful": what about "correct" pronoun in case like this? Because Angel is really beautiful, lips color and wig color match perfectly.
    17. To be honest I think Angel's background story and character is still somewhat a work in progress, I've even been interested in seing Angel with hooves as well as it could look cool together with the horns.

      But I got something to think about when horned angels were brought up. I really like the idea of a genderless horned angel. So the more correct pronouns would be "they/ them". But when Angel shapeshift into his human male appearance the pronouns is "he/him". But that will be just part of the background story. Angel will remain a genderless being here in the threads and at home, so "they/ them" will be the pronouns I've choosen to use. I also just use the name.
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    18. They are cute there with their oversized tribble, LOL ;) so I recently painted finally, my July, Veronica and OT Supiadoll Roda. But they don't have eyes or bodies. Though they can share with others, and when I get eyes in, I'll take some pictures :D