Rainman Discussion - sculpts from 2018 onward

Sep 24, 2018

    1. Wow, she is stunning, love the tears :love
    2. Hello averyone! Does anyone know how long takes rainman's heads production? I've ordered Anna's head on 1 december and there's still no news about it :-(
    3. @Evil_Lo I just got my Anna head, so maybe you will be getting her soon?
      I ordered her blank
      She is extremely beautiful in person too!

      @Innelda_Isher spectacular
      It looks so realistic and your work is amazing to look at, it must have taken you a lot of focus to do all those details :D

      I wish we would get an email with tracking number when it is out, it is always a surprise when a package arrives from him lol

      Decided since it is hard to hybrid, and finding one that satisfies me because of the small neck opening/ head size/width, Im going to wait until Rainman releases a doll body to use that instead of testing on new doll bodies since Im not getting results I like unless Im going modify it.

      There was a glimpse of it some time back and I liked how realistic it looks
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    4. @GreenTeaSlug wow that's awesome! Thanks for sharing the good news :D Could you please show your Anna?
      P.S. I also ordered blank Anna's head, hope she gets home soon!
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    5. @Evil_Lo Its not the best picture, and she is still blank because I still havent gotten the hang of faceups yet lol

      Shes on the Volks SDgrG body for the photo only, but just so it is out there ; the body is not a good match at all, the neck size is perfect, but shoulder width, torso height and resin color is bad

      Her face is very pleasing, she looks very eastern european to me, I can imagine her in a cropped coat and a beanie


      Im sure she should be with you very soon, Korean EMS shipping is very fast!

      Im hoping when I get her (and the other Rainman girls) to my favorite artist, they will be complete in time for the Eva Green Rainman sculpt, which I suspect will be released with a body?

      Rainman,sculptor, on Instagram: “#r&r #bjddoll #newbody #wip #making film”
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    6. Hi :: waves ::
      Popping into this thread because I am stalking the new Eva Green head! :D
      I guess I'll be lurking for a bit until she comes out...but I am SO EXCITED. <3
    7. @GreenTeaSlug She looks fabulous! Thanks for the photo and the information! :love
      Mine arrived today, yay! :dance
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    8. Rainman is working on a body for his heads. So far he only has a 1/6 prototype but I love how it looks.

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    9. It’s very beautiful! It would be amazing if he would also make this doll in 1/6 scale... <3
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    10. @Solsikke That is the 1/6 scale doll! XD

      Hes starting out with her and then doing the 60cm doll version later lol
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    11. Oh, good to know!!! I thought it was just a testing model to be later produced in 1/3 ^_^

    12. Nice hips! It's different and curvy, I like that body too, thanks for the picture, @yrdin_y_luna :) Does that mean he will make a 1/6 scale doll? That'd be awesome! Ugh, rushing you already said this is just a prototype, I hope he'll release her anyway :D

      Wow, it really reminds me how beautifully he sculpts in tiny scale :kitty1:love:kitty2
    13. I understood he was working in 1/6 first to release it in 60 cms size later, but I have asked him and he has confirmed me he plans to release both sizes. So this is great news!!!

      He will release the 1/6 version with Eva Green's head :D

      EDIT, because I have more news!!

      He will release it in 1/6 and 1/3 sizes, and there will be two choices of bust, small and big.

      And look at how beautifully she poses!!


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    14. Oh poop, I'm in trouble, she's beautiful!
    15. Interesting, he's going to realease this body for limited time or no? I really want it, but I can't buy body now, because pay doll by layaway for other company :(
    16. I wonder if we will be getting the foot with the resin heel like the pictures?

      I really hope the order period will be longer than the usual 3 days for his doll heads....:huh?:
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    17. Oh yah, if any of you do talk to him, please ask him to make the doll feet fit action figure feet so we can utilize their shoes :)
    18. So far 1/6 scale body will be released later, for what he says. He made it just as a test and now he's focused in the SD versión.

      First release will be 60 cm. body, and there will be a limited sale of 10 full set dolls with eyes, earring, necklace, clothes and wig. For the blank body sales will not be limited. Options will be size of bust and flat/high heeled feet. It will be released in April-May
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    19. @yrdin_y_luna oh thank you very much! You really pleased me by saying that blank body will not be limited :celebrate
    20. I am very excited about the 1:6 scale version! I think she suits figurine size, and she's got the nicest body of that scale I've seen!