Rainman Discussion - sculpts from 2018 onward

Sep 24, 2018

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    1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics of this hybrid! The resin match looks quite good as well.

      I am so looking forward to the upcoming 1/3 version of Eva Green
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    2. @Sophy Beautiful! I hadn't considered this sculpt as male until this picture, it suits :D!
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    3. Thank you! The head is bit pinky than body, but I'll try bodyblushing.)

      Thank you!:love
    4. I guess he has released them on his instagram account (I don't use instagram much), but Rainman has sent me pictures of his customized Eva Green doll and I'm in love!!! She seems alive. We can see also the new (big breasted) body. I am not sure about the size though, I don't know if this is the 1:3 or the smaller version. Anyway as soon as I have more news I will post them!!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    5. Woh! She's stunning! I'm in love! I hope she looks that good in the smaller version, and that it will look good with the Iplehouse FIDs as I need more of their boys, but would love a different girl :D I really love that subtle cleft chin, it's just that little something that makes her more "real" Still, I'd love to see her with smaller breasts, even almost flat chested as 1. large breasts remind me of back pain, and 2. dresses and clothes just look better on smaller breasts!
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    6. I have dates! SD version will be available on June the 10th, while the small size version will be released in July. I don't know prices yet. As for the breasts, I agree, I also prefer smaller ones (maybe because I have enough with the ones I have myself? :mwahaha), but if I don't recall wrong, he said there will be both versions available.

      So far he has provided pictures of the naked body too, for those of you who are interested. I hope he sells it without a head too, to match Blina, Kira and Anna...

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    7. If those thighs function like my Supia or even new Impldolls, they are super! His look much more integrated/smooth though, and I hope they still work just as well! This body is really lovely! I have a "thing" for when the shoulder caps spread out like that. I don't know why?? LOL, but it looks so pretty.
    8. I think this looks pretty good, except the neck looks like it needs to be thinned on top to fit the head, though that should only improve the look as the neck is a little long at the moment (I don't think it's inside the head enough, right?_ He looks like a great young lad, maybe 16 years old? Is that what you intended? I like it :)

      Oh, I just looked up Eva Green, I KNEW she looked familiar! LOL. Unfortunately I don't track or remember any actors's names beyond the 1980's I'm afraid, LOL.
    9. I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere, but my attention span is lacking lately...
      Does he release sculpts on a regular basis yet? I love a couple of the heads, but know they are sold out for the time being.

      It is so exciting to see his Eva Green sculpt releasing! She is truly beautiful.
    10. I just found out about this company today. I'm here bacause I've been wanting to have a "JayR Tinaco" inspired doll. I've just fallen head over heels for this actor, in a fan kind of way. The past couple of days I've been looking for a sculpt with full enough lips and a similar face.

      JayR on Instagram: “New captured by @rebeccarossstudios Big things coming! ⭐️”

      I don't need the doll to look exactly like JayR but some similarities would be nice. Someone pointed out the the Su face sculpt.The nose bridge it too wide but other than that it's a perfect face sculpt for what I have in mind.

      But then comes the problem with resin matching as I'd like the head in light tan, and finding a slimmer and smaller male body type that fits as well. It really sucks that I find the perfect face sculpt and it's on a female body :| Maybe there's a company that'll do resin match?

      I've also been wondering if I should order the head on the female body and have it modded into a male but still keep a bit of feminine shape. I'm fine with that, like a mix between looking female and male. But I'm worried it might be difficult to mod the lower body. I do want it to be a him and have male body parts. I probably should just order the head first so that I at least have that. I feel I can't miss out on ordering this face sculpt.

      Do anybody have any suggestions for resin match and male body that'll fit?
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    11. That hybrid looks really great :) Is it the same hands in picture 2? I want a Su head in light tan and hybrid it on a male body, but I guess DZ don't offer tan anymore. At least I don't see that resin color listed on Alice's Collections. I 'm really worrying about finding a male body that fits and a tanned resin match that wonæt look too bad.
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    12. Wow, I haven't seen Su until just now! She looks alien in a good way! That nose bridge isn't quite human, but I do love the exaggeration. FYI I think the sculpt could easily be modded to have JayR Tinaco's nose and it'd be a great likeness. I seem to learn about all these androgynous actors and musicians through you, @manabusama .... well, and my eldest daughter has turned me on to a number of actors and musicians as well, but you've taken over, LOL. I've got to see that new series, I love sifi!

      FYI, many faceup artists can match bodies really well. If you got a tan body, and a good artist, you can have them match it. It would probably be best to get a white head then though, as they wouldn't have to fight an existing color. I also like the look of that DZ body... hummmmm maybe I need one... LOL
    13. Haha yah, I love androgyneous features :blush But I also like masculine and handsome, long viking hair and facial hair, but I've ended up with a fan kind of crush on this actor JayR Tinaco:XD:

      Actually someone are selling their Su head, and they do great modifications and faceups as well. I'm talking to them about what I want done. I just need to get the body ordered once I get the chance to, then it's off to get modded together with the head.

      I watch every fantasy, sci fi, zombie and post apocalyptic series I can find on Netflix, almost. There were a lot of people who did not like Another Life and had some pretty negative things to say about it. I though do not understand why people think it's so bad.
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    14. Really? I need to watch tonight :D I'm sure I'll like it, it's SiFi! LOL Ooooh, congratulations, I hope you can get Su together soon and that vi ends up gorgeous and just what you wanted!
    15. I guess more hardcore sci fi fans like to complain because it's different from what they would call a good sci fi series :roll: I don't think it's the best but I don't think it's the worst either. I like it, it's a bit different I guess.

      I just hope that he did not misunderstand me when I said I wanted to buy the head from the company, but if it's sold out I'll buy from him. The company from what I heard will release the head I think as a basic head but only in ns. I only wanted to buy the head from the company if light tan were still available, but it's not. At least I can buy from him.
    16. Thank you! Yes, Yes, it is same hands. I think Su head will look good on male body. I ordered one in normal skin and can show on DZ body, if you want.:)
    17. Yes I'd love to see it, but I've also figured out what to do now. The person I'm soon going to buy the Su head from will also mod a Rainman body for me. The head I'll be getting from the seller here and the body from the company. I'm going to order a tanned body and have the head color matched. The head will have the nose bridge modded, and chest and genitalia area modded to look like male body parts. My Su will be this male character that have his normal male parts, but he'll also have a more feminine body type. He's going to be the kind of type that it's hard to guess their gender.

      I also like the idea of having a female body modded as it'll be easier to dress him in female clothes as well, and I can have him wear heel boots and shoes without any problems. He identify as male and his pronouns are "he/him" and "they/them". But he have his days where he dreses more masculine, gender neutral or feminine.
    18. Is anyone thinking of order the new girl, "July" ?
      I'm tempted as she is a lovely sculpt...probably the first of the new models to really get my interest, but haven't seen enough of the new body to decide for sure....hmmmm
      Again, personal opinion but, I wouldn't go for white resin... the normal is fine and the light tan is what is calling the most.

      What do other folk think?
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    19. I haven't been so enamored of a face in a LONG time, from any artist. I think July is amazingly stunning.