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Rainman of Elfdoll sculpts interesting "camera" hands!

Jul 26, 2008

    1. Will they be for an MSD size doll? If so, this would be cool!

      Check out the blog!
    2. Damn that man is beyond cool ...sigh just love his work
    3. they are great- thought you need to camera to go with them!

      I think they are SD not MSD
    4. I suspect the camera would / will come with them, LOL. I was wondering what size they would be! They seemed too small for SD, but then again, those are a man's hands, and I may be thinking of my own :)

      I was hoping for another MSD doll??!! But you're probably right, it's probably for an SD :(
    5. Perhaps it's a new optinal part set.
    6. The hands are defenitely SD sized - and the hands certainly don't look male to me!

      If so, my Shiori will love being able to snap photos! :)
    7. Haha, he's so cool. xD
    8. wow =o Amazing! and it looks so perfect holding the camera!!
    9. Those are SD hands, they look just like my Hazy's.
      I want a set!
    10. That man is made of pure win. :D:D:D:D:D
    11. The hands are really amazing, kudos to him!
    12. I am so in awe of Rainman. His sculpts are amazing.
    13. Amazing. Next he'll have to do hands for changing the tiny roll of film!
    14. OMGosh, that's so cool. *grabbyhands* :aheartbea
    15. Rainmanis so talented and CAN make fantastic hands like these & the ones he made for Luts (#8) etc and notice the fist hand of set #8 is IDENTICAl to the fist hands for rainy girls yet why did he give the 60cm girls Crap hands with the lobster clawlike stuck together fingers? i just don't get it .
    16. Oh no, this is a Canon digital camera, it requires no film! Be careful, you're showing our age! LOL
    17. The hands on the new Rainy girl bodies are now very lovely.
    18. I love almost everything Rainman does.

      If these do come out I will be the first in line to get one of these.

      My Soah then can be just like me...a photographer.