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Rainmans Flower Elves

Jan 14, 2009

    1. Im not sure if this is the right area to discuss this or even if these will be becoming available. I just had to share my excitment! If this is a discussion somewhere then I dont mind if this is deleted or moved if its in the wrong area.

      I came across these little ones (Im thinking they will be tinies) and I had to share.



      I personally love the gray and lilac version. She just looks even more mystical to me. Im not sure if she is just a sample colour and if produced she may not even be a version. Although she is my favourite in that colour.

      Rainman always seems to capture my heart with his tinies. I have Stuart Little here with me and have been searching for Gothic Hoody for so long now and thought I would never find another tiny that would have me in awe.... until now. I hope they become available. I would love to see some more tiny creations by Elfdoll and Rainman.
    2. Ooh those are cute! I hope they'll be on topic, it doesn't look like they can wear wigs, but maybe they'll be an exception?
    3. I saw these dolls last night and fell in love!! They each have such a unique personality to them; I can't wait to see more pics. I have an Alice Cherry Blossom and I think one of these fairies would make the perfect little friend for her!
    4. Someone on the Elfdoll tiny thread posted about them last week. At first when I saw then, I wasn't interested at all. After seeing Rainman's pictures, I think they are really cute. I can't wait to see them at IDEX. There is also supposed to be a special IDEX bunny for sale as well.
    5. i didn't like them at first either (i just love the 14cm-tinies much more), but when i saw the one with the yellow flower i loved her, she has such a cute face! i won't be getting her though because i'm saving for another doll.
      the mods are deciding right now if they will be on topic here on DoA.
    6. I'm absolutely in love with the rose one! Am so hoping he produces them & they aren't a fortune.
    7. The heads are cute, but the legs are too short for me to want to buy one. The arm length to leg length is really awkward.
    8. I think they are cute..yeah dare to be different. The legs are short, but it makes them more funny creatures, they shouldn't look to real, just like esheki.
      I personally love the gray and lilac version, like you lellytots, but I think he will bring out the coloured version. Though it will be funny painting your own colour "hair".
    9. Im still not sure ...Im not likeing short legs ...I sold Dandilion because of it ...so I know it would always be peeveing me
      I think they are different innovative
      but I dont think I want one ... Loveing the faces ...hope he brings out some more of the tiny elf girls sometime soon ...still if he dosnt ...I get to save some money LOL
    10. i like them. all 3 of them but i think i like yellow one the best. i will have to have one i think. i hope that they have them at denver dolls so i can do lay-a-way though!
    11. Oh, you're right. DDE=layaway! :)

      I emailed Ms. Cholong to see how much they were going to be and if they were going to be available at IDEX, but I'm thinking we are going to have to wait to find out. I'd love to bring two of them home from IDEX, but that layaway sure does sound good, too, doesn't it?
    12. I adore the rose! She's so full of spunk and attitude. :lol: "I love a flower that can kick my ass."

      I'm kinda liking the short legs. I think they'd be cuter naked, though. I just never pictured flower related fae folk to wear clothes since flowers don't. I hope they are on topic. :sorry
    13. Wow, I think they're wonderful! I'd buy a garden full if I had money to spend, LOL. I also hope they will not be deemed off topic :(
    14. I love these little dears! I hope they are not limited like some of the other ElfDoll tinies were. They are just tooo adorable. :D:D
    15. I WISH so badly that were MSD size! I have a hard time with tinies and only own 3. But still, they are super cute! I love Rose! I love her head! I wish I could fit it on a slightly taller LatiYellow body or something...
    16. I hope theyre not limited or off topic here. I want all of them but would never be able to afford all at once. :D
    17. The faces are cute, but I do so wish the petals were removable. They're a bit close to statuary like this, and while really cute, not as versatile as a regular tiny. If they're super inexpensive, they might be fun to have, but at a regular tiny's price, I don't know.
    18. I kind of disagree about the hair not being removable making them less of a doll because I mostly choose a wig for my dolls, and they keep it on permanently. I might change it, but switching wigs isn't important to me. Switching outfits is important, though :) Though I can see that it might be an important thing for many :)

      HerRoyalDemoness, I LOVE your AV picture :) Dolly diversity :D That's cool, with the hands :)