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Raurencio Studio's Vincent

Jul 21, 2011

    1. Raurencio Studio has released another RSG hottie named Vincent!


      He comes with the updated 65cm Guy body in normal skin, no faceup, a random pair of eyes and wig.

      News Thread

      Raurencio Studio's Vincent's Page

      Measurements per Raurencio Studio's Site:

      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Height​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ](Including head) [/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ] 67cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of neck 12cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of Head 23cm (9inch)[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of chest 31.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of waist 24cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of hip 29m [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Right handbreadth 4cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Left handbreadth 4cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Width of shoulder include arm 17cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from shoulder to elbow 11.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from elbow to wrist 10.5cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from navel to knee 21cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from knee to sole of the foot 21cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]They are different according to a measurement method.
      Eyes: 16mm
      Head: 8/9

    2. Any thoughts on this new guy?! He definitely has that smouldering look that I love on Raurencio's Guys. I love the new outfit he has on!!
    3. Yes, his outfit (especially the top part of it) is awesome. I think this is also the first of the more manly Raurencio sculpts that has caught my eye. At the moment though, I'd rather like to see what he looks without that wig hiding much of his face.
    4. I was making comparison pictures earlier this morning. He's very much like the Kurosaki sculpt, except his chin is squared off and his eyes are a bit more open. Don't know which one I prefer!!

      Kurosaki your left, Vincent your right:



      It's hard to be sure on the shape of the lower lip, since the Kurosaki was shot with directional light, while Vincent has been shot in "flat light". His nose looks the same overall shape, but a flater plane down the bridge. There's definitely a familial resemblance, though!
    5. He's gorgeous!!! Maybe with some tweaks or another face-up, he could become like one of my characters (that I thought I'd never bring in doll shape)
    6. I was doing the same comparison! I had two windows open and kept clicking between them, wondering why do I like Vincent more than Kurosaki? They look so similar. But then, he looks much like Marco and Walter to me too.
      But for some reason, this guy has something that is making me want to bring him home!
      Must. Sell. More. Dolls.
    7. Nice comparison hobbywhelmed! Definitely some resemblance indeed. I think I prefer Vincent though. It's probably due to the squared off jaw and rounder eyes perhaps.

      I do hope they offer that outfit! ^^
    8. I'm thinking that Vincent has slightly fuller lips than Kurosaki, and more angular lip definition than Kurosaki as well. Kurosaki's lips seem rounder, but I'm not sure if that's just lighting, faceup, or whatever.
      It also seems that the ball and septum of Vincent's come down lower and to more of a point.

      A few differences, but they're both ridiculously pretty dolls. Damn you, Raurencio, I can't afford all of your dolls.
    9. I want SO many of their boys already! He's gorgeous, though I think I like Ian and Kurosaki the best so far.
      As someone who lives in the southeast (and who watched a tornado go over her neighbourhood) I think it's a lovely gesture of them to donate some of the profits to disaster relief. :)
    10. I'm asking here because I just ordered the Vincent head and there are only two feedback links for Raurencio Studio. One is a problem thread:http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?446210-RAURENCIO-STUDIO-no-reply!And a good review that is from 2009: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?315751-Raurencio-Studio-feedback-ALLSurely there are more people who have ordered from them? I'm a bit worried because I fell for Vincent so hard, And THEN read the more recent problem review. Has anyone recently had a good experience with Raurencio? Thank you
    11. I just got my Vincent head today and put a review up for R.S. Studio. OMG, he's gorgeous, so worth the very slight stress I put myself through. But I don't know what to call this color. Either he needs a white body blushed up or something close to 'porcelain' in the make up lines. I think I'm the one floating rather than the head right now. I'm in love with Raurencio Studios!
    12. Pic-tures!!! I would love to see him in owner pictures! He still tempts me.
    13. I've got a blank head in a neat clear tube box that they ship the heads in and he looks exactly like the company photos. It will be a while before I have him presentable. Any one have a faced up Vincent at home yet?
    14. Wonderful! Thank you! :)
      I would go with the white body. Who knows, maybe you won't have to blush it up.
      He's got such a nice face. Definitely on the list.
    15. I still don't know, he's really a matte pearl, that's what everyone whose seen it in person here is saying. Ill hold out to see the Dragon Doll pink, if I don't go mad first! I want to dress him up! But he does look good on the right 70 cm body.
    16. Hopefully it won't be a bright pink. I'd like to see other body possibilities for this guy.
    17. I want to see clothes on him. That was part of the selling point for me. He does dress up a set of clothing. He's a born fashion model, lol!