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Unresolved Reaching Doya?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. Has anyone ordered from Doya recently? I am trying to get in contact with her. I sent her an e-mail Wednesday and have not heard back from her, and I know she has problems signing into the board. I have her g-mail address as that's how she's e-mailed me before but I was wondering if perhaps there was some other way in which she'll respond faster.

      I ordered clothes from her back in August, and she said she would be finished them in 1 ~ 2 weeks. She was held up because she ran out of buckles and things for the clothing, but the last I spoke to her she had promised to send the order out over 3 weeks ago and I have not heard a thing from her and have not gotten a package T_T Now that it's been 3 months for an order that was supposed to take 2 weeks, I am slightly angry and now slightly worried.

      Has anyone else ordered clothes from her as well? I placed my order when I attended Otakon. Did you receive your order?
    2. Please, if anyone can help in any way, I would much appreciate it!

      I would even feel better knowing her full actual name. From just a little research I've done from her websites and such, am I right to believe that her real name is Janet Yun? When I purchased the clothing commission from her over the summer I was not given a receipt or anything, and she did not give me any of her personal contact information. That was fine because she was only going to take a week or two to send me the clothes, so I wasn't so concerned.

      I sent her an e-mail last Wednesday and have not gotten a response from her.

      Or, even, has anyone had sucessful transactions with her? Is this normal behavior on Doya's part? I feel like I have every right to be kind of angry over her taking so long, and having my money for so long, but I don't want to start to panic over being ripped off if there is no need.

      XDD;;; For my first time buying clothing from someone this is definitely not making a good impression! I think I'll stick to making my own clothing from now on T_T
    3. Hi
      I've sent a mail I think 10-15 days ago, but she didn't answer... -_-

    4. It's been a week now since I sent an e-mail to her. I was hoping she was slow to respond because of the Thanksgiving Holiday but I guess that isn't the case T_T
    5. Well, here's the e-mail I am about to send her:

      Doya, I sent you an e-mail a week ago and was really hoping for a response. I'd really like to know what is going on with my clothing order. I am about ready to move to a new home December 22nd and while I would have hoped my clothing would have been shipped out by now (You said they would be shipped out exactly a month ago today), I will need to change my mailing address if you can not get them out beforehand.

      I understand being busy and such, and not being able to make it to a post office, but I am dissappointed that you have repeatedly not met the deadlines you have told me and made for yourself. I asked you in my first messages to you to keep me up to date on what was going on with the order, and you have also not been courteous enough to do that. I've been doing commission work over the internet for various people since I was 14, and while I've missed a deadline or two myself, I've always been in contact with those who have commissioned me so that they do not become worried or concerned. It is your responisbility, not mine, to be e-mailing about the status of my order. I am upset that I have always been the one to initiate a response from you about my order. And I have tried to do it sparingly because I know what it feels like to be providing a product for a person and the effort and stress it takes to get that order completed. But, now that it is a month past the date you gave me for shipping out my order (and over *three* months since I placed my order with you), I question whether the clothes have actually been finished and are ready to be sent at all.

      If you can not ship my clothing order out, let me know. I will accept a refund instead because honestly, I am tired of waiting for this commission to be completed. I would rather have the clothing, but I am at the end of my patience. I would ask for the payment to be sent through paypal, and for you to cover all the fees that paypal takes out. I believe that would be:

      (my order total) + .30 x 2.9% but fees could have changed, I'll leave it up to you to figure out what the exact amount would be.

      Once again, I would much rather have the clothing than the refund, but if you can not send my order out immediately, please send me my refund. Also, I would not be this upset if you had only let me know what has been going on. I do not like being left in the dark when you have my money, it's very disconcerting. I do hope nothing serious has occured which has not allowed you to keep to your deadline, though.

      I really hope to hear from you soon.

      ~Jennifer Lamendola

      T___T I just want my order!
    6. If you do a search for Doya here on the board, you'll probably find several similar 'paging doya' threads. She has a history of being slow to contact and ship orders, but she does ship them. I bought my first BF Jerome from her and it was a hassle, but eventually I got him.
      And Janet Yun is her mother apparently. If you don't hear from her soon, please PM me and I'll give you her contact info privately. I think I still have it.
    7. Thanks so much muffin ^^ Hopefully she'll respond soon and I won't need to PM you! It makes me feel better to know you got your order, even if it took a while!
    8. well... she never answered back to me in all these months... and I don't have a spam-guard on my e-mail...