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Rec'd unclaimed MO - RESOLVED

Feb 22, 2008

    1. Hi!

      I'm looking for someone who sent me a Money order this week for the amount of $35.04. I just received it today. The sender did not include his/her DoA name, e-mail address, or item for which s/he was paying in the envelope. I have sold well over 25 items this week on not only DoA, but eBay, livejournal, and other communities. A fair few paid with money order so it's difficult for me to keep track when payment comes without some form of ID however I have the feeling this was from a DoA transaction :sweat. I just want to make sure the right item goes to the right person... so if you believe this is you please PM me with the name you wrote on the envelope so I can confirm :).

      Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!!!
    2. PS - I have sent confirmation PMs to the users whose MO's I have received :) so if you got a PM from me then you're all good. I haven't yet received all the MO's though that have been sent to me which is why this is so confusing ^_^;.
    3. Update??: I think I know what item this was for now (by process of elimination) but I don't want to ship it out to the wrong person without confirmation just incase...? I guess I can write a letter to the address on the envelope if all else fails?

      Is there anyone, anyone who sent me a MO for $35.04 and hasn't received her package yet >_____<? I seem to have accidentally deleted the PM because the item had a very similar name to a slightly different item I was buying at nearly the same time for nearly the same price -_-;....
    4. Au... oh yeah we can't edit here anymore.

      Just posting as this issue has now been resolved :) sender found & item shipped!!!