Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. Hello! Does anyone know if Sui's hands can fit on a normal 44 centimeter boy body, and if you can replace the default hands with them in a custom order? I love the look and shape of them, moreso than the normal hands.
      Going through this thread is making me really reconsider a more expensive mold for a character I'd like to shell in favor for one of Resinsoul's boys... Especially with all the customization that's possible.
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    2. Some Wataru spam for the new thread

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    3. @Ru-chan I JUST got a shipping notice for my ResinSoul Song (Who I think has the normal 44cm RS boy body) and my brother has a Sui, when he shows up I'll try the hands on my boy and get you some photos if no one answers you before before then!

      So excited! My Song was a custom blue with Jun's fin ears so I can't wait to see how he turns out, crossing my fingers because I really hope the blue isn't greyish like their sky blue!
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    4. @P-Aei Yay, thank you so much! Also, I'm excited for you. Song is such a timeless and beautiful sculpt.
    5. @Ru-chan Song is adorable and in person, I love him even more, esspecially with Jun's fin ears! I tried Sui's hand on him, the ball joint it too big to sit in properly so it can't pose up or down or left or right. It COULD work if you sanded the joint down though I think!
      Here's a photo:
      Also, I am so impressed by ResinSoul's color matching. I sent them a photo of my brother's doll (Sui) in their skyblue next to this toy duck head which was the color I wanted and the match is like 99.9% perfect, it's nuts. (I might be a bit extra lucky because this blue in particular might just be a dye color and not one they really need to mix.)
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    6. @P-Aei Hmm... Yeah, that's what I was a little worried about happening, but it still looks good proportionally with the hand, as long as those ball joints are sanded down. Never had much experience with modding though, so I might ask for the female hands instead on the 44cm boy body? I think I've seen people do that before. Decisions! Thank you so much for taking a picture. :)
    7. I know the Rong hands fit the Wu male body as I requested this and the hands look fine. I just saw a picture of the different msd hands with labels and picked Rong’s as I wanted something different than Wu’s hands.
    8. Hello, sorry if this question has been asked in a previous thread, but I'm thinking of buying a Resinsoul as my first doll and I've heard they're willing to modify dolls on request. Specifically, I'm curious about changing the stock ears - I really like Resinsoul Ju's sculpt, but I'm on the fence about the size of her elf ears. Does anyone have pictures of her with smaller/human ears? Thanks!
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    9. :Dsince you shown this handsome boy I've been obsessed with that blue
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    10. Wow that is a beautiful blue! Congrats on your unique doll.

      I just ordered ResinSoul Mei as my first doll. I am so excited. This has been years in the making!
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    11. PLEASE HELP!
      Anyone with a Fairyland Minifee. Could you please try the ankle joint along with the foot on a Resinsoul doll prefer a male doll. Please & thank you. I got Wataru some Minifee shoes but the Resinsoul high heel feet are too big so I want to know id the Minifee feet are a good fit.
    12. @gaiboiozz I don't, but if no one is able to in the next couple of weeks I can ask at my next meet up!
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    13. @gaiboiozz I think the Minifee ankle ball is too big and round for the boy body.

      Take a look at some pics here. They’re not quite the comparisons you’re looking for, but maybe it might help until someone is able to put that ankle joint on there for you.
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    14. He is so beautiful! I wish I could have a Ming in that color, I'm so sad they aren't doing custom stuff anymore T_T
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    15. They aren't? I'm sad to hear that, their custom orders were always beautiful
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    16. @dollsoflace Thank you for the link. That still doesn't look too bad. I just don't want to drop $62 on fairyland feet & connector joint if it's not gana work.
    17. Whaaaat??? They're not doing customs anymore? I just ordered this guy in September! O=
      I love his color so much....
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    18. That's what I heard from people trying to order recently but maybe it's just a misinterpretation or temporary for the holidays? :O
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    19. Cool! Can't wait to see her!

      Any character ideas?