Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. I've fallen for Zhen, she's just so sweet, and a dragon! I was hoping resinsoul would release a lady version of sui. No idea what color I want to get her in, but she won't be in the budget until next year so I have time to figure it out :sweat
    2. Hello everyone! It's been a while but I saw the new doll and wanted to come say hi and see if anyone is planning to get one yet XD
      How have you all been?
      @Cease it looks different to me too! The arm joints are peanuts instead of caps and the torso sculpting and joint is different it seems! Looks really pretty♡
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    3. I definitely want her, but I gotta have a character for her too before I even THINK about it. She'd be so perfect for a dragon fae type of creature though...
    4. I just saw the new dragon girl and she's prettier than I expected! Not to be rude towards Resinsoul, but most of their female sculpts aren't that pretty (in my opinion). This new girl, however, is gorgeous. I kind of just want her head and am wondering if she'd fit the Rong body. Seems she's a couple cm taller than Rong.
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    5. @Nyxy I kept double checking to make sure she wasnt mistakenly labeled as 45cm instead of Mi's height lol

      I'm going to get her and make her into a harpy >:)
      I'm just equally excited to see new, potentially more posable, bodies! I'd love to see how Zhen poses once someone has her
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    6. Apparently she can use Sui's clawed hands so I think she is also using his dragon parts like the legs. They probably sculpted a new girl body to match his parts. Also if anyone wants jointed hands for her she'll need the #4 ones, the #3msd hands probably won't fit her wrists.
    7. Zhen is certainly lovely. I'm starting my layaway for her soon! I'm super happy with the idea of having two resinsoul girls
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    8. both of these dolls are stunning!!! very beautiful

      congrats on getting your first doll!! i remember how excited i was to get my first doll. one of my first dolls was a resinsoul mei, their face is sooo cute, you’re gonna love her ^^ i still have mine.
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    9. Nope I haven't fallen off the edge of the Been busy with other life stuff but I'm back with some awesome photos of the new Zhen dragon girl!
      Thought I'd copy these comparisons over as I'm sure not everyone may be on the Resinsoul Love FB group. Here are a few photo comparison's that I got directly from Resinsoul. Zhen is slightly taller than Sui, I believe this has to do with how angled Sui's legs are at the knee joint, whereas Zhen's seems to be more straight lined like Yao's legs. RS did state they will have a human body version with the new double jointed arms and legs not sure on when they didn't answer that but did say that they are not working on a new boy double jointed body at this time.

      Zhen's torso is definitely much longer (similar to their new 60cm body Mi/Etc) as well as her arms. I'm going to assume that when they make the new double jointed legs she will be taller than Rong body. RS said that the new double jointed arms will fit on the Rong/etc body, I'd say they would be quite long on the Mei body though. So I'd also assume that you could probably get the Rong arms/legs on the Zhen torso if you didn't like the longer limbs. I love that they have 3 different body torso options now because variety is awesome..gets boring when you all your dolls are the same From the measurements on their site the bust/waist/hip is about .5cm bigger, neck size same as Rong. Her breasts to me seem smaller than Rong so I'm assuming that the rest of the bust/back part is slightly bigger as it does say their is also a .5cm increase on the back width. I'm going to take this photo and add all the measurements on it so it's easier to see side by side.
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    10. Zhen has so much height compared to Mei! Now I'm really pumped to get her.
    11. Hey Everyone :) I've been out of the bjd loop for some years now, but yesterday something clicked and I want in again xD Yesterday I had Reeves out <3 Love this guy. He use to belong to a friend and I dreamed of kidnapping him for years. The she tells me she is selling him and I inform her that hes sold! <3
      [​IMG]20181117_230656 by Kirsty Hawkett, on Flickr
      Reeves is a modded Jun... I think lol
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    12. Zhen is so taaaall :D
      What a cute boy @Mushoom ! That's so cool you were able to get him!
    13. Thanks :) I want to get a new body for him eventually. his current body is heavily modded, and as kool as it is, it makes dressing him a lil difficult :<
    14. @Mushoom might be worth waiting on the new bodies coming out! :)
    15. @Cease Thanks, I didnt know new bodies were coming :)
    16. As far as I was told by Resinsoul they won't be making a new double jointed boy body for quite a while (again that is what I was told). That could me months or years, after all they did just finally release the dragon They are working on the human legs for the new double jointed girl though, I would assume they might be doing a different head for the human body version like they did with Sui & clue...waiting anxiously.
    17. @Mushoom @Kitty Blue
      Sorry for misinforming and misreading on my part

      I do hope they release they human Zheng body, though. Depending on how good it is I might have to order a replacement for my Rong body.
    18. they will release human Zhen just not sure when they didn't answer me when I asked and I'm sure they will have a new head too, so I'm excited to see what it will look like I've got more characters and would love them to be RS dolls, that is I'm assuming they will make a new head since they did with Tang and Sui.
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    19. [​IMG]
      Reeves with his gf Aeryn ^^
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    20. Can anyone tell me the best eye size for RS Jian and Mei? I know the site says 14mm, but another collector told me 12mm might be ok too? And I cannot find anything on the eye size for Jian and I need to get him some brown eyes before he arrives.