Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. Resinsoul's dolls have huge, flat eye wells that take a bigger diameter much better than a small one. The Jian I painted fit 16 or 18mm with the least gaps. I would look for 16mm small iris eyes.
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    2. Oh wow, thankyou! I literally just ordered 14mm eyes for him. Oh well...I'll have to now go and buy a doll that will take the 14mm eyes. That seems the most practical option.
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    3. @svc16 It's been a while since I got a RS doll but I could have sworn they were sent with 14mm eyes? It might depend on the eyes, and the head sculpt.
      Edit: Ok just checked my Ming he still has the company eyes and they are 14mm, I don't see any major gaps. I do think most of mine have 16mm though..depends on your preference I think.
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    4. It might variate from mold to mold, but I remember the old ones I had all came with 14mm.
      I actually have 12mm eyes in my Song and Yao right now (they came with 14mm as well, but I had other plans XD)

      Yao (Ersa Flora 12mm eyes)
      [​IMG]FMD wig mania by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr

      Song (Safrindoll 12mm eyes)
      Wildcard Dragon on Instagram: “Finally finished the basic outfit for my #resinsoulsong I still love how just one more layer can make an incredible difference from what…”
      and another Song pic (with different Safrin 12mm eyes)
      Souldoll MSD Elden head ns with Resinsoul Song ns

      The 12mm eyes fit rather well, but there is a tiny little gap in the upper corners of the eyes if you look close.
      So it comes down to preference as well as the maker of the eyes. I don't mind these small gaps if I can have the eyes in this iris size rather than bigger sized ones :3
      Personally I'd recommend getting 14mm with small irises, if you do mind the gaps, but want a semi-realistic iris-size or go for 14mm if you like the eye size they are shown with on the official webpage's pictures.
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    5. The Jian (which is the same as Song without the elf ears, to be clear) came with smaller acrylics - I think 16mm? - but my Seng (Ming) from DDE came with HUGE eyes in, as did the Tang head I had. Here's a picture of them with 14mm small iris eyes before I did the eye mods. I like to position eyes with a lot of white/sclera showing, so the gaps are a bit much for me.
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    6. My Ming and Li both came with and wear 14mm eyes.
      My li has more issues with gaps than my Ming, though l:
    7. @Glace Leau Any chance those might have been 'high dome' eyes? I do have Luts eyes (I think) that are more uhh... round? deep?, than the acrylics that came with the dolls directly from Resinsoul.
      They are 'flatter' (from the side) for a lack of being able to describe it better. Still properly round from the front, but from the side they aren't as round as half a ball would be.
      Those might be the main problem, of not getting them to fit into the eyes properly.
      My Luts' dolls also have deeper 'eye holes' on the inside of their heads.
      Just a thought.

      That said, I like the way you styled your boy so far. That bright yellow looks surprisingly good :D
      (and I love that tiny braid -^3^-)
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    8. @Snowy No, they're resin eyes with very flat domes/arcs actually. The 14mm acrylics I had were worse than these. The appearance of the gaps is probably exacerbated by the lack of faceup and dark eye putty (kneaded eraser) though - with white scleras, white poster tac or silicone ear plugs, and some shading around the eyes, it probably wouldn't look as obvious.

      Yes, eyes with flatter arcs will work better for sure. The problem is that Resinsoul makes such shallow, flat eye wells. The smaller the diameter of the eye, the naturally higher the arc, so bigger eyes seem to fit better. Paperweight type eyes would probably work well too, but I like scleras too much to use an eye that has to look straight forward.

      And thank you! Myr is not a boy and considerably more finished now, so I'll share a more recent photo, haha.
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    9. @Glace Leau

      Ooops about your girl. Ming was instantly boy to me at first thought XD
      She does make a cute lady thought :D Great face-up job.

      Eh, I guess their eye sizes (of the mold) and the eye sizes of the eyes they add variate a lot as well.
      I don't have that one pic anymore, but I once had 4 different types of 14mm eyes. One was likely mislabled and 16mm one, but the other three... so different from each other ^^°°°

      Lovely job on the background too btw :3
      I'm especially a sucker for that brick-wallpaper and the little wooden thingy on the right side (mainly cut off) with that little plant in and I think another on it? :3
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    10. [​IMG]

      My boy has himself a new sweater (... I just realized, all of his funky sweaters have had deer on them. Unintentional I swear. XD) it's a wine bottle cover from Aldi, fits him great. Had to take his wig off to fit it over his ears but it looks great.
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    11. lol...I have a few wine bottle sweaters myself just bought one a few weekends ago. I'll have to dig up that photo somewhere I know I did a photo story of it because my husband bought them for me for christmas and put a few of my dolls names on the
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    12. I'd love to see it, that sounds adorable.
    13. [​IMG]
      Enjoying some holiday cheer. (Outfit theme this year is fun sweaters)
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    14. Hi I'm hoping to find out what size Mei the 42cm resin soul girl wears I just ordered her (my first BJD) and don't want to buy clothes until I'm certain. I'm also hoping to restring her once she arrives, can anyone tell me what size stringing she has to begin with? Thanks in advance for any answers :).
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    15. there should be a link on the first post of this discussion that gives some info regard what fits. Typically you'll have to search for slim MSD items, I usually make my own so I'm no help. I haven't bought a brand new resinsoul doll in a while so not sure if they are still using the same elastic but it's pretty thin elastic. I've restrung some of mine with I believe 4mm (or 5mm have to go check) shock cord. Hot glue sueding can help as well for poseability.

      Edit: never mind there is a reference in page one for shoes but not clothes..sorry.
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    16. I just sent you a PM. I just got my Mei and am more than happy to answer any questions about her.
      It's fine if you don't answer the PM too. My Mei wears slim MSD clothing - if I look for patterns for her, I always look for slim MSD.
      Her shoes need to be, ideally, around 5.5-6cm in length but I find that length difficult to find sometimes. I nwhat I want anyway.

      When I look at clothes, I prefer to find clothes with measurements listed, but often it just takes a small dart or a stitch here or there to alter an outfit.
    17. @gracemary13 Aside from pants, mine primarily wears Minifee clothes!
    18. Looks like there's a new 45cm human girl! Her name is Shi, just noticed her today.:kitty2
    19. I need help please. I am looking for the human head version of Mei and Rong and can't remember their sculpt names.
    20. @Glace Leau I've admired your Seng from afar before, but I had to come here and say it! That greyish resin is beautiful with those eyes.

      @Nightshade Human Meis are called Ya. I don't think there's a human Rong yet but their new MSD girl looks like a potential Rong with human ears. (Rong looks like a BB Sophia to me)