Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. Thank you so much. Now I need to start saving.
    2. My girl came hope just before christmas but i've been taking my time getting her finished before i shared. :B
      She's still missing a few small things but they're all en-route, so here she is!


      Now i just need to get the rest of her clothes made and work on her profile, lol
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    3. @Calicopanda
      She's just stunning! I love how flexible the Mei sculpt is, it has so much elegance and changes with new looks and styles
    4. Thank you! Yes, i agree. The Ya as well. Actually, a lot of the ResinSoul sculpts have a great deal of potential. :)
    5. Hi everyone,
      This is my first post and I hope this is in the right place? I have ordered the new Zhen doll as my first and am trying to see what types of clothes she would fit in. Does anyone have any advice? I'm rather new to this and not sure as someone told me she looks like a slim msd but her bust size seems larger?
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    6. From the measurements on their site, the Zhen body is about half a centimeter larger in the bust, waist, and hip area than the Rong body. I'd assume she'd still fit into slim MSD just fine.
      I know a lot of slim MSD clothes are marketed as "Minifee" sized, so in that case just be sure to check for if it fits larger bust minifees.
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    7. Calicopanda Oh my gosh I love your Ya! She reminds me of Veronica from Riverdale. It's so cool how versatile these sculpts are. I just finished this rainbow wig for my Ya.

      Bat_Thingie if you need a quick outfit for your Zhen, my girl's sweater-dress was made out of a fingerless glove! I cut the middle two fingers off for the neck, cut off the thumb and sewed up the hole, and it fits her really well. Most knit gloves are pretty stretchy so it should fit a slightly larger body just fine. Not the most glamorous outfit, but super quick and easy. Bonus, if they're the kind of gloves that have the mitten Pat that pulls down, that makes a perfect beanie.
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    8. Thank you both so much, both of you have helped a lot!
    9. the jointed hands fit the rong body fine but are too big in the wrist for the Mei body.
    10. Thankyou! I think I'll definitely be getting the rong body then.
    11. Does anyone know if the Rong body fits Lan?
    12. I just completely redid my custom black Ju with smoke hands and feet as a Day of the Dead character. In spite of her dark coloration, this doll has adapted to so many things. I think that is the beauty of Resinsoul dolls. Here she is in her latest incarnation.:)

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    13. @PoeticSoul She's beautiful! That sugar skull makeup is absolutely gorgeous. <3
    14. Thank you @sugarbeta!:) She was such a fun project. I am always amazed by the sheer adaptability of the Resinsoul sculpts. I mean, BJDs are obviously meant to be customized, but there is just something about the Resinsoul faces that I’ve found always look truly stunning no matter what crazy things you decide to do with them!;)
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    15. @PoeticSoul I gasped out loud upon seeing your girl. She is simply gorgeous, you did beautiful with her new look, she looks so festive and cheerful. I always love seeing Day of the Dead dolls!
    16. Oh, for sure! They're so versatile. I love seeing all the interesting modding projects and faceups people come up with for them. RS's art style seems to encourage maximum creativity. Ju's face makes a great canvas for bold makeup like that, and it really pops against the black resin.
    17. feels like i haven't been on here for a while
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    18. I always love An. I'm seriously thinking I might need a second one in human skin tone because my green one is SO inhuman looking and while I love him, I feel i'm missing out a bit.

      but I gotta ask, where'd you get your boy's glasses?