Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. @gaiboiozz I think i've found the person. I ordered a couple of pairs to test lol. Plus I found an STL file for my dad to print <_< Dolly glasses for everyone!
    2. @gaiboiozz, ahhhh dear Joseph! I’ve been in love with this boy for so many years it seems...him and Wataru, your Wu, too of course.:) It’s always a treat to see him again in this thread. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...ah memories!
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    3. random aside, has anyone ever tried to dye over resinsoul's dark tan? It's a somewhat ashen, milky brown and i'm wondering if dunking it into say a red dye might brighten it up into a more healthy brown?
      Or would it be better to use a tan dye?

      I've never actually dyed OVER an existing colour before, especially not a dark one.

      Anyone ever tried to "colour correct" a dark skinned doll?
    4. @PoeticSoul You're so right about the adaptability of RS sculpts! I've always loved them for that, they have the potential to be whatever I want of them, there's something flexible (but still human) about their expressions and features that lends itself so nicely to all kinds of looks.

      @purple_monkfish Someone suggested dying with tea! I have a pair of tan hands that are ashy and need to be colour-corrected to the warmer brown body they're for. The original owner said that strongly brewed tea can dye hands (though I don't know if that's true of all resins or it's a purely cosmetic process)
    5. I'm not sure even really strong tea would be strong enough for dark tan. Light tan maybe, it's pretty light, but the dark is a fairly chocolate milkshake kinda tone lol.

      I dunno, it's a whim I have. Just to get a bit of variety. I mean I like resinsoul's dark tan but I also feel like it's not a very realistic human tan tone, it's too cold and ashy. I'm just not sure what colours would add the appropriate warmth. Orange? red? yellow?
      arghhh. colour theory, it defies me!
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    6. Resinsoul isn't very consistent with their tans. From my Iruhi I would say their dark tan is nice and warm already, but then, I have two coffee skin dolls that are very different in tone - my Ian is warm and glowy, my Feng is grey/greenish.

      I would try orange to add a bit of warmth. But you never know what dye does to existing colours, so it's a risk. If you have spare parts, I'd dunk them first and try them out (like a headcap, or lower torso, or a leg bean or something like that).
      (I'm full of advice, but too chicken to dye my own dolls! LOL!!)
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    7. Heh I have two dark tans here and they 're very cool, very uh.. sort of chocolate milk toned.

      The light tan is fairly warm though, like really milky coffee. I have two of those two, one really yellowed so it's quite a sallow brown and one more greyed that still is very much "milky coffee"

      Hahah I know what you mean though, dying a doll is a big like.. nerve wracking thing. I have a hybrid i'm dying as soon as I order the dye but she's already a bit of a frankendoll so as long as the two parts i'm dying (head and hands) end up relatively even I can blush any differences without much problem.

      My problem is i'm not good at leaving well alone. I mean a regular dark tan is FINE, it's a nice colour, i'm just being nitpicky because I can you know? but it could be an interesting experiment for sure. I mean i'm really curious what sort of tone you'd get putting an orange or a red over the top of a brown. Orange might be the better bet though, or an already orangy brown.. hmm. Red I fear might end up like a dark red colour instead of brown and yellow I think might make it a bit too sickly sallow. I dunno though. I'm not sure how rich the two browns I can obtain ARE. I need to find some pics of Idye poly and rit dyemore browns to see what I think of them because that might be less risky than using a more primary tone.

      Or I could blush the whole body but that sounds massively time consuming.

      I dunno, i'm at that point in my BJD collecting journey where i'm itching to do more than just do a faceup and call it done lol.
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    8. I've never dyed a dark tan but did dye over light tan but I was specifically going for a tan so it turned out perfect for me. Resinsoul will do custom colors if you message them..I have quite a few plans for some custom colors in the future. Good luck.

      Your dolls are always so amazing! I have neglected mine for a very long just keeps getting in the way.
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    9. Ok, I haven't been round for a long long time, but has anyone gotten one of the new Dragon girls? And is she Rong with different ears? My brain immediately said she was a Rong and I can't unsee it to really check...
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    10. I don't get that feel, the nose on Zhen seems smaller to me and Rong just has a bit of a smirk that Zhen doesn't. I think her features are smaller like Mei's. I really love her long ears..I eventually will get her as soon as I can figure out my other characters...really hope they make a new boy body sooner than later with the new double joints.
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    11. Oh I already have the head you see. Hence dying rather than ordering a custom colour.

      I'm just not sure if it'll actually work. I fear red might turn it too mahogany, a sort of very dark red/brown with a distinct red tinge while yellow might make it a sickly colour.
      Red is probably the safest because a dark red brown is at least pretty, while a sickly sallow brown really isnt.

      Zhen's face is definitely not Rong, Rong has quite a prominant nose while Zhen has a smaller one and also a sharper chin. She's very "resinsoul" but it's a whole new face.

      but I must be GOOD and not just buy dolls because "ooo new, pretty" lol. Maybe at some point i'll have a character in mind (I mean I would LIKE another green resinsoul) but for the time being I shall admire her from afar.
    12. I'm not good - I ordered her because she was new and pretty. :XD:
      I don't think she's identical to Rong, but the pictures on the RS site are so bad that it's hard to compare. Her chin seems pointier than either Mei or Rong, her nose seems more like Mei than Rong...
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    13. a lot of RS sculpts look related. Like siblings rather than twins lol.
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    14. I'm currently in love with resinsoul's green resin. I've been trying to sculpt an orc lady character of mine, but that color option just makes me want to pick one of their sculpts to customize instead! It's enabling my laziness dang it.
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    15. Yea, I'm all about all the DJ bodies they can throw at us. I'll have to give her a few more looks but yea... I'll eyeball her nose and mouth more closely.
    16. My Zhen is here. I have to put her together, but I'm actually on my lunchbreak so I don't have time to play until tonight.
      I hope Sage (my RS Sui) is happy with his new friend. Sage is red, and I ordered Zhen in pink skin - no transparant resin, because Sage doesn't have any.
      Resinsoul did a SUPER job on the body blush. Now I regret not getting a company face-up for Sage at the time.

      Picture spam will follow in a few hours. ;)
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    17. Oooh, can't wait to see pictures of your new Zhen, Fairy!

      I just finally gave in and ordered a Tang in light tan with modified Jun ears. I'm super excited!
    18. Here she is, with a borrowed wig and sweater:

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    19. Congrats on your girl Fairy, my purple Zhen just arrived too! She's adorable and I've admired Resinsoul's resin colours for a while. So glad to have her :D
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    20. Aw, she's so cute Fairy! Her coloring is gorgeous, and I love that wig on her!

      And oooh, purple, Scoops? Sound lovely!
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