Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. She's so adorable! I'm glad she made it home safely.
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    2. I love the purple, too, but chose the pink to go with Sage, my red Sui - who got his wig stolen by one of my smaller dolls, so he's wearing an old fur thing.


      I wish they'd blushed the inside of her tail, but I guess I can do that myself. Just a light brush of purple or lavender to pick out the scales...
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    3. Wow! She’s truly gorgeous, @Fairy Milliner! It’s such a thrill to see this sculpt in owner photos:)
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    4. Precious dragon children! I'm beginning to know where my next work bonus is going. How is it dressing those dragon legs? I'm assuming you have to take the feet off?
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    5. Yes, you do have to take the feet off, but they come off easily.

      I was surprised how well strung he was, too - my past experience with RS isn't that great. I actually only have one RS boy who still has his original strings, and he fell over the moment I got Sage out of the cabinet, taking six tinies with him. So I think I need to restring him to avoid that domino effect in the future. LOL!!
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    6. Congrats on your new doll! I really like this sculpt, it's great to see how happy you are with her.
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    7. I started a project a while ago (about a half year and some) and I finally made enough progress to feel comfortable to show him off. Still lots to do, but one can see my intend xD

      [​IMG]Octopus progress! by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr
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    8. That's freaken amazing! Wow, and well done!
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    9. @Girrl -^^- Thank you kindly. I‘m really happy with the progress so far myself. I didn’t expect him to be this stable. There is quite some post-processing to be done which will likely have to wait until June (and he is a heavy monster, requiring a lot of space) but any progress counts xD

      I intented to make him look similar to a male Ursula (Little Mermaid‘s antagonist), but I‘ve started to change his looks into something of his own. Might change things in the future, but definitely going for purple and black on the special parts.
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    10. Oh my, he is magnificent! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with him!
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    11. @vicemage Thank you! It will take a while, but once I got something to show again, there will be pics -^^-
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    12. @Fairy Milliner ah your dragon pair are so adorable, I'm inspired! I've been wanting a Sui for simply ages.

      @Snowy Dayum, that's an incredible octo-boy. He looks so good, I can't wait to see what more you can do with him.
    13. He's fantastic~ Are you going to make a project thread for him? :D

      Now I'm wondering what it would cost to get Naga tails...
    14. @A Wee Tiefling Thank you! I want his lower bottom in black and purple, like Ursular and do a bit of black blushing on the upper body. He still needs a face-up and I need to make up my mind about his hair. Other than that... No plans, except hopefully one day having the 'bjd aquarium' for him and my mermaid and merboys and some aquatic pets.

      @Bristol: Thanks ^^ I actually wasn't planning on a project thread, as other than sanding and priming there's not much left to do. I just need to make up my mind wether I'll ask the parts to be cast in a fitting purple and dye them half-black myself or if I'll just dye the parts as they are, once they are finished.

      That's a good question. I hope to re-make my MSD Naga tail from back when I started in the hobby anew. This time in the 3D programm and print the parts myself again. But I currently don't have much time, so I'm assuming this to be either a project for my free days or in winter. We'll see. I still have ambitions, but I also want to try and finish my open projects (And there's quite a few of them in various states. From nearly finished to 'butt naked without even a pair of eyes to call their own') ^^°
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    15. Oh man if you 3d print a naga tail I think a lot of us will be all grabby hands wanting one lol.

      I'd love a jointed tail (like a cat tail) but I find 3d software really messes with my brain. It'd be easier for me to hand sculpt but time consuming.

      those tentacles look so cool
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    16. @purple_monkfish I‘d be happily like to help out with that xD It’s great to see Naga slowly becoming more popular than when I joined the hobby xD

      Just will take a while for me to get started on that. I still have a succubus and tiefling tail to make first.

      This one has been waiting for that for quite some time to finally be finished:
      [​IMG]FMD wig mania by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr
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    17. tiefling taiiiil! i'd def be interested in that.

      In other news, my Shi body arrived with no warning yesterday lol. So my oooold Li head finally has a body. It's a nice body, double jointed knees and elbows with joints more like Tang so they hold and don't spin like those annoying cups of the older double jointed bodies.

      I'll see about getting comparison pics later if anyone wants them.

      I'm kinda tired and headachy so haven't even started putting this poor doll together. As usual i'm utterly unprepared. No wig, no eyes, nothing in place. Whoops? This always happens to me haha.
      But i'm gonna try to dress my uruhi first. He's finished except for clothes so i'm eyeing up ACBJD for some nice bits for him (how well do the MSD clothes from ACBJD fit the Resinsoul bodies?)
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    18. @purple_monkfish Hey! Congrats on the surprise arrival!!!

      Looks like you’ve got some work ahead of you :D

      As for AC clothes. It depends strongly on what you buy. They have clothes you can order in custom size - in that case they fit the measurements you provide them with - other than that it’s a hit and miss, as they purchased from various makers. With stuff that’s size-adjustable (strings from a corset, pants with belts or a sort of rubber inlay...) you should be ok for the most part.
    19. [​IMG]201811510151913 by sarah noorlander, on Flickr

      I hope that this is allowed but...I made something in paint,its not the best however this is what I want when I buy the zhen sculpt,
      she's going to be my raven girl.
      I want the black parts to be transparent resin.
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    20. I was hoping someone would make her with a darker color scheme! She looks great already! :D