Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. thank you greencoquitea! I'm still doubting about her skin colour though:normal skin or a fantasy colour and if a fantasy colour what fits a raven the best?any ideas would be appreciated.
    2. I really like the normal skin! If I had to pick a fantasy color though, maybe purple? It always blends well with black. But then again black goes with anything so you have a lot of options :XD: Either one I think would fit a raven well.
    3. Dark grey, maybe? Although maybe that would be too dark against the transparant?
      I think grey or purple would work as well.
      For me normal skin doesn't really say 'raven'. It's very light.
    4. regular grey could work well.
      The purple is quite uh.. PURPLE right now lol.

      Dark grey might not be enough of a contrast. Also it's a pain to faceup because it's dark heh.
    5. My (OT for this thread) purple guy is a few years old, so they probably changed the purple again. It seems to get just a bit more purple every few years...

      Of course you could always ask them for a custom colour. I think they still do that?
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    6. yeah my purple from last year is pretty purple, like... WOW night elf purple lol.
    7. I'm not sure what the purple was like before, but my Zhen is a lovely greyish purple.
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    8. oooo maybe they've changed it again. Or it's different for each mix.
      My guy is like.. night elf purple.

      buuut the dark tan body I got is lighter than the older head so hmmm. I also have two tans who are slightly different shades.
      Which is interesting.
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    9. Ooooh~~~ Nice concept <3
      I live doing mock-ups myself. They are such a great reference to visualize your idea -^3^-

      That said, she’s already lovely in that combination.
      If you are going for fantasy maybe the greyish blue? Black raven feathers often have a blueish tinge when the sun shines onto them :3
      (Or tan, because it’s lovely <3)

      As for their purple: The upper body of the Kraken on the previous page is their purple that I think I git at the end if last year/early this year.
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    10. I may have drunk-ordered an An last month. He's really an impressive little guy, even with the single joints (that I may or may not mod at some vague point in the future, because why not.) I love his face! The sculpting around his brow bone and mouth makes him so expressive even while blank. I have so many unfinished doll projects I should be working on, but he may jump to the head of the line.
      First order of business may be finding eyes that don't gap, though I really like this color and iris size for his character.
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    11. He's gorgeous, and so is that resin colour! Is that the light tan?
    12. An is my favourite sculpt. I love it so much I kinda want a second one in a human skin tone <_<
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    13. @sugarbeta If I were to go back in time and buy my first doll new, I'd have gone for An! He's got the sweetest little face. He reminds me of certain Luts sculpts, especially if he has a soft faceup.
    14. I guess it's time to thank drunk you! Those eyes really do look great minus the gapping.
    15. Resinsoul, even if I end up having a long break from the company I always come back. I currently only have my old Li and Yu but I've been itching to get back and get a couple more dolls in the near future hopefully. I'm logged into my Resinsoul account now and am wondering which MSDs I should go for when the time comes.

      I like the elf sculpts a lot and I think Ju would be nice, and Sui on a Tang body. My only concern is if finding clothes for the Tang body will be difficult. Is it difficult finding clothes for that body?
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    16. @Solesa @A Wee Tiefling @Thymeseer He really does have a Luts vibe, doesn't he? He looks pensive. He's actually the dark tan (or what this batch of dark tan looks like, anyway!). He's maybe a half shade darker in person, but it's definitely not as dark as I was expecting. It's still a nice shade, though, and the character is supposed to have a little bit of pallor from poor health, so it works out. And yeah, I'm wondering if maybe a pair of silicone eyes in a similar shade would work. His eyewells are a little different to what I'm used to, and nothing I have on hand really seems to fit.

      @purple_monkfish I totally agree! He's so soulful. Your An hybrid is *amazing* but you know, he might need a friend, lol...
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    17. @manabusama I have a Wu on the Wu body and I think it's similar (or the same) as the Tang body. It's really easy for me to find clothes for him, in fact most standard MSD sizes will be slightly too big and easily fixed with some minor adjustments. He's slim, so to be safe I usually get him bottoms labeled "tights" or that have lots of stretch. He looks really good in mature mini clothing too, especially shirts. I have a lot of button downs for him. The size issue is more down to slimness than proportion. He swims in standard MSD shirts.

      @sugarbeta eye-gaping is the worst! Though those eyes are super adorable on your guy. He looks pensive but not too serious. I've heard good things about those "soft glass" eyes that can conform to the shape of the eyewell. If you can confirm, I'd like to get some more eyes for my Wu (and Song) that aren't fantasy eyes.
    18. @sugarbeta oh interesting! I thought the dark tan would be much darker. I'm looking into getting a resinsoul body for one of my girls and that's pretty much exactly the colour I want :)
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    19. I've got eyeco soft glass eyes in my Yao, and they mush into her weird eyewells with no gapping at all
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    20. @Girrl Yep, those are the eyes I was thinking of! They look great